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Buy CBD in France while staying legal

Since spring 2018, many CBD products, this soothing molecule of cannabis, have appeared on the French market. E-liquids for electronic cigarettes, cosmetic products, capsules, their shape and the desired effects are diverse. On the user side, demand continues to increase. The regulations are not always clear, however. Here are our tips for buy CBD in France legally.

Know Before You Buy CBD in France

Buying CBD in France deserves to be informed beforehand about the products
Buying CBD in France deserves to be informed beforehand about the products

First of all, remember that only CBD-based cannabis products are authorized in France. CBD, acronym for cannabidiol, is indeed a non-psychoactive molecule, that is to say that does not involve any planing effects. On the contrary, we are looking for soothing effects, which appear to act on stress and pain. CBD thus directly opposes THC, another well-known molecule from the cannabis plant. It is one of the drugs and strict regulations frame it accordingly.

Within the European Union (EU), there are fairly substantial disparities between countries. Depending on where you live in Europe, you may not be allowed to buy the same kind of product. European law takes precedence over national laws, however. In France, the framework voted by the European Parliament therefore prevails. It implies that only plants of c (also called cultivated hemp) whose THC level is less than 0,2% can be grown and then used for legal commercial purposes.

From these legal plants, a multitude of products are created. All have different modes of use and desired effects. There are for example many oils, especially used in cosmetic purposes. They are also excellent food supplements thanks to their natural richness in omega 3 and 6. CBD is finally used in e-liquid for electronic cigarettes or cosmetic. Internationally, the marketing of CBD products for mass distribution is becoming more and more concrete.

Where to buy legal cannabis

In stores

It exists different options to buy CBD in France. The first one that comes to mind is often the traditional shop. By going there, it allows you to see the products "in real life" before making a decision. The staff is also there to advise on the varieties and doses recommended according to the desired effect. However, there are still few physical stores, and not all of them allow you to take advantage of expert advice. Some of them call themselves coffee shops. They are however far from these Dutch cafes where the purchase and consumption of cannabis is possible on site, including for recreational purposes. France strictly condemns this practice.


Thanks to online sales, you no longer have to go in search of a store near you. Buying CBD in France online allows Shipping home, whether you are in Paris, Lyon, Marseille or the smallest of the French villages. The Internet now makes a large number of tools available to verify the expertise and seriousness of an online store. It is a first necessary step before the purchase to ensure that the company you want order a CBD product respect the law and offer quality.


We have seen it, not all European countries have the same legislation. Globally, the disparities are even greater. If you decide to buy cannabis products while traveling, make sure they are legal in France before crossing the border. We remind you that the THC level authorized in the plant is 0,2%. It is the same as in Germany but less than in Italy or Switzerland. The Netherlands unsurprisingly offer stronger products for sale, they are in no case legal in France.

Buy CBD online from France

Buying CBD online from a trusted dealer is quick and secure
Buying CBD online from a trusted dealer is quick and secure

With a sometimes vague legal framework, for both users and resellers, the advantages of buying legal cannabis online are obvious. It is indeed about the most simple, flexible and complete option. By ordering on the Internet, you make sure you can check the seriousness and the professionalism of a shop before making your choice. Geographic proximity is no guarantee of quality, especially when we talk about new products on the market. In addition, many resellers are surfing the trend without having any real expertise.

It's important to always ensure the seriousness of the company behind the site on which we wish to order. Once this step is over, Buying CBD Online Avoids Travel. It also saves the consumer from having to fold at an opening hour or day. There are many products offered online on sites run by professionals, their origin is traceable and they are generally delivered quickly and discreetly.

The guarantees of Weedy for your CBD purchases

Buy CEn France, buy CBD on is synonymous with quality and legality BD in France deserves to be informed upstream about the products
In France, buy CBD on stands for quality and legality is a site run by professionals. We know the cannabidiol sector perfectly. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to offer our customers the best products, traceable and respectful of European law. Our boutique offers a selection CBD oils, CBD supplements and CBD e-liquids who can accompany you on a daily basis. We guarantee you in all circumstances:

  • Respect for French legislation: Weedy only sells products with a THC level of less than 0,2%.
  • Flexibility: you can order our products at any time, every day of the week.
  • Speed: you receive your CBD products at home, by priority letter. Our average delivery time is between 24 and 72 hours. Thanks to the tracking mail, you know at all times where your order is and when you will receive it.
  • Security : in the event of problems during transport, we send your order back to you free of charge. The tracking number is authentic and allows us to know the status of the delivery.
  • Discretion: all of our packaging is neutral. We thus make sure not to arouse the interest during the transport and guarantee you to remain discreet near your entourage.
  • Quality: we provide as much as possible the test results and certificates of analysis for our CBD products. You can thus know the rate of the various cannabidiols. The tests also indicate the exact variety of the plant, the laboratory and the name of the supplier.
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