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Buy CBD cannabis legally online

Increasingly popular, the many CBD products are now available for sale online. Several questions often come up from users: is it legal to buy CBD? Can you buy CBD cannabis online without taking any risks and without ending up in prison? Find out with us the many CBD products you can buy 100% legally.

buy CBD cannabis

What is CBD?

CBD, from its scientific name cannabidiol, is one of the many organic compounds in hemp, a plant also known as cannabis or marijuana. CBD is extracted from the resin or the head of the cannabis plant. So what is the difference with the use of recreational cannabis? Buying CBD cannabis is legal because cannabidiol differs from the other organic compound in cannabis: THC. It is this molecule that acts on the brain and causes a change in consciousness and sometimes even in consumer behavior. It is this molecule that makes "stone". THC is prohibited by law because the disorders it can cause endanger the consumer: paranoia, high anxiety, suicidal desire, etc. It is also an addictive substance which leads the occasional consumer into a vicious circle and gives rise to the need for this substance on a daily basis.

CBD is far from all that. Indeed, if today we can buy CBD cannabis legally it is precisely because CBD has no negative psychoactive effects on the consumer. No harmful side effects could be noted. Its toxicity is very low. Unlike THC, it has an immediate relaxing effect that can help calm anxiety and depression. It acts on multiple ailments such as inflammation, nausea or even anxiety. In addition, there is no risk of addiction and the substance does not present any danger according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Today, it is possible to buy CBD online legally and in multiple forms. So what does the law say about selling CBD cannabis?

Buying CBD cannabis: what does the law say?

buy CBD legally

In France, the sale and purchase of recreational cannabis is prohibited and is strictly punishable by law. It is therefore forbidden to cultivate, sell, consume it and even simply have it in its possession. In France, the use of narcotic drugs is punishable by one year in prison and a € 3750 fine. Trafficking is punishable by 10 years in prison and a fine of up to € 7.

In fact, products that contain cannabidiol seem to be included in this law because they come from cannabis. However, you can buy CBD cannabis legally because products containing CBD are covered by a derogation relating to the use of hemp. Indeed, this authorization allows traders and manufacturers to use hemp for the textile and food industry, in the paper mill and even cosmetics. Furthermore, CBD products are not considered drugs. Moreover, they must not contain any psychoactive property and therefore have a THC content of less than 0,2% at the time of their manufacture (the rate of 0,2% concerns the plants and not the finished product) as mentioned the Ministry of Health. The use of CBD cannabis is therefore firmly framed by law and checks are common in the CBD industry.

At the end of 2018, the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines (ANSM) also raised the idea of ​​being able to "establish a global framework for [the] use for patients in France" of therapeutic cannabis.

These questions are still burning and new laws should be able to best regulate the uses of CBD and medical cannabis, thereby increasing the supply of products available online.

Buying CBD cannabis legally: the different types of products

Buying CBD online legally is therefore possible. Today, the available offer is substantial and can therefore be suitable for the majority of consumers. It is also this wide offer that has led medical, legal and health authorities to make the day on the regulations related to the use and sale of CBD cannabis.

Buy CBD legally in e-liquid for e-cigarettes

Today the electronic cigarette has conquered its audience. The number of vapers continues to increase in France, allowing some people to quit smoking completely. This weaning tool is also popular thanks to the very diverse range of products it offers: attractive taste, attractive budget compared to the price of a pack of cigarettes, various models of electronic cigarettes, etc.

It is in e-liquid that CBD experienced its first successes and has given rise to a real boom in recent years. CBD in the form of e-liquid allows you to take advantage of CBD benefits. It can also be recommended for THC cannabis users so that they can wean themselves off it.

The e-liquids containing CBD are not all equal. CBD levels vary from simple to double, without ever exceeding the standard in force. Our advisers will answer your questions and your doubts about choosing the right product.

buy e-liquid cbd

Buy CBD legally as a flower or resin

CBD flowers and resins, unlike cannabis, are not intended to be smoked. The combustion that comes from these products is very unhealthy and involves significant respiratory risks. It is not at all its purpose and we strongly advise you not to divert its use.

The marketing in France of these products begins timidly because the confusion that can exist with THC cannabis is strong. In neighboring countries and especially in Switzerland, these products are common. The resins are edible. It is possible to add them in cake recipes or in yogurts. As for the flowers, they can be consumed in herbal tea, infused in milk. To find out more, you can consult our article on CBD flowers.

Buy CBD legally in the form of oils, wax or crystals

Buying CBD legally is possible as an oil. Hemp oil has been sold for years in pharmacies and drugstores, under the form of food supplements. Pour a few drops under your tongue to take advantage of these benefits. It is also possible to use it in cooking. To learn more about CBD oil, you can consult our article on this subject.

Wax is one of the most concentrated products in CBD. Heated at low temperature to extract the active ingredients, the wax has a dry and crumbly texture. Its use is primarily food. You can mix it with a hot drink, as you would with honey.

Crystals as for them are versatile products which are suitable for multiple uses. Crystals are among the purest products and generally contain the highest levels of CBD. You will be able to create your own e-liquids for electronic cigarettes. You can also dilute them in a fatty substance (butter, oil) to prepare cakes or other pastries. Some devices will also allow you to use them as a spray.

Buying products containing CBD is therefore legal and the offer is constantly expanding. Our shop offers a wide choice and we answer all your questions to help you make the best choice.

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