Can you overdose on CBD?

We read it frequently, and rightly so: CBD is a molecule which, even if it is extracted from cannabis, is neither psychoactive nor addictive. It is also said to be devoid of known notorious side effects. However, one question is less frequently addressed: is it possible to make a CBD overdose ? Beyond the very possibility of taking too much CBD, from what quantity can we speak of (too) high dose of cannabidiol ? This is what we explain to you in this article.

No, you can't overdose on CBD

you can't overdose on cbd min

Whatever the mode of consumption, no case of CBD overdose has ever been reported (smoking remains prohibited)

By definition, an overdose (or overdose) is the consumption of an excessive dose of a certain substance (usually a drug), with the risk of causing death. To start, le CBD is not a drug, or even a narcotic. No case has also been reported for which consumption of CBD would have directly endangered the health of a consumer, nor caused death.

Among those responsible for known overdoses, on the other hand, we find Drugs (heroin, cocaine, amphetamines), thealcohol (whose symptom is alcoholic coma) and pharmaceuticals including certain anxiolytics and painkillers (morphine, codeine).

Le THC can lead to heavier side effects (delirium, rapid heartbeat, vomiting), but no fatal overdoses were observed. A few rare cases of deaths involving marijuana use exist. However, no direct causal link has been established and, if the active ingredients of marijuana played a role, it seems more likely that it was only a secondary role by worsening a pre-existing condition (heart problem in the subject in particular).

Short answer to a complex question: you can't overdose on CBD cannabis, whose THC levels are too low to risk an overdose anyway (0,3% THC max within the EU for legal cannabis).

Risks of CBD Overdose

CBD, even in high doses, is not toxic. However, it can lead to the appearance of certain side effects. However, they generally disappear on their own once the cannabidiol has been digested, a few hours after taking it.

Main risks in case of CBD overdose

  • Diarrhea,
  • Vomiting,
  • Drowsiness,
  • Pasty mouth.

When is a dose of CBD too high a dose of CBD?

too high dose of cbd min

The human body can tolerate very high doses of CBD

Good news for all CBD lovers, it takes (a lot) a lot of CBD to reach too high a CBD dose. Even if the scientific literature is still thin on this subject, a 2017 study [link in English] provides us with the first elements of an answer. The study is interesting in that it crosses new data with preliminary studies carried out in 2011, particularly in the context of the administration of high doses of CBD, for chronic use. Doses ranging up to 1 milligrams per day have thus been shown to be well tolerated by humans.

For comparison, an entire bottle of our organic hemp oil with 20% CBD, one of the most concentrated, contains in all and for all 200 milligrams of CBD. The risk of accidentally reaching a dose of 1 milligrams is therefore close to 500.

Still on the subject of high doses of CBD, a 2016 study [link in English] was interested in the action of CBD on epileptic seizures children, in particular suffering from Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes. The initial dose of 5mg/kg/day gradually increased to 50mg/kg/day in patients who tolerated it.

Properly dose your CBD

For maximized effects, it is important to find the right dose of CBD

Thus, overdosing your CBD is unlikely. However, taking more CBD than absolutely necessary can lead to a form of addiction in the body, which will require more and more CBD to feel its effects. the CBD price is also relatively high. Limiting yourself to what is necessary is therefore recommended, both in terms of its effects and from a purely economic point of view. It is therefore recommended to start with a small amount and then increase gradually until the desired effects are achieved.

If the reading the label of your CBD product does not give you precise indications, you can for example start with a dose of 10 to 20 milligrams of CBD the first days, then increase as needed by 5 to 10 milligrams per day. Our dedicated guide to the subject also helps you determine the ideal amount of CBD for your needs.

There are reports of cases of CBD overdose on the Internet. How is it possible ?

Whether on the Internet or by word of mouth, there are rumors that die hard. Some have even become urban legends and some of them evoke cases of CBD overdose. When you dig a little deeper into this type of case, you usually come to the conclusion that the person concerned had used other substances, voluntarily or not. The risk of a product being labeled as CBD but hiding something else does indeed exist, especially when its origin cannot be traced. It may then contain other ingredients, often of poor quality.

On this subject, we warn you against the synthetic products, whose synthetic cannabis, unfortunately common in the United States and occasionally spotted in Europe.

To ensure that you are not taking any risks, it is advisable to only buy CBD cannabis from serious dealers, ensuring the traceability and legality of their products. This is the case of, a pioneer in the sale of quality CBD in France and Europe. If you want to consume CBD without risk, while ensuring total control of the list of ingredients used, our online store offers you a diversified and regularly checked range.