Can you take CBD every day? Usage tips

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After a turbulent start with the general public, cannabidiol (CBD) has been firmly established on our shelves for several years. Everyone has understood that it is not neither dangerous, nor addictive, nor psychoactive. That's why it's completely legal.

But is there a risk in take CBD every day ? From when do you take too much CBD and, moreover, when should you consume it?

Answers right away.

Taking CBD Everyday: Risky or Helpful?

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CBD can be included in a daily routine, without major danger

There is no known risks of taking CBD every day. It is therefore quite possible to add CBD to your daily routine. Even better, regular use is even recommended since it takes the body a little time to get used to the molecule and its virtuous effects.

On a daily basis, CBD is a natural stress reliever which allows release the pressure, sleep better and relieve some pain chronicles. Nothing prevents it from being used occasionally, for example in the event of transient pain or to benefit from its ability to relax the muscles, for example before or after physical activity.

How long can CBD be taken?

There is no maximum duration recommended during which you can take CBD. A single consumption, however, may not produce the desired effects. It is therefore recommended to start with a relatively low dosage and to repeat the dose for a few days before drawing conclusions.

If necessary, it is always possible to gradually increase the dosage, either by increasing the amount consumed or by using a CBD oil of higher concentration.

When is the best time to take CBD?

Most CBD users prefer to take it in the morning when you wake up, as an accompaniment to their breakfast, or in the evening at bedtime. This allows, respectively, to start the day relaxed or rather to relax before the night.

CBD not being not a sedative and does not cause a psychoactive effect, it can nevertheless be consumed at any time of the day. Some needs may also involve taking CBD oil or another derivative several times a day, without risk of drowsiness. The important thing is therefore to find the time that best suits your daily routine.

Can I take my CBD while eating?

Yes, no problem. It's even a good idea! CBD is a lipophilic molecule: it does not dissolve in water but loves fat. This is why it is always recommended to add a fat to your CBD infusion and that CBD oils, already high in fat, are also popular.

By taking your CBD while eating, you associate it with the lipids naturally present in food and thus increase its bioavailability (the amount of product passing through the body and the speed at which it takes effect).

What are the dangers of taking too much CBD?

Good news: taking too much CBD does not lead to the risk of overdose

From the same plant (hemp), CBD is a very different cannabinoid from its cousin THC. He thus does not present no risk of overdose, no psychoactive effects and does not cause no risk of addiction. However, some side effects may occur, especially at high doses.

Risks associated with CBD consumption

CBD Side Effects Contraindications

· Dry or mushy mouth


· Headache

Mild diarrhea or constipation

· Stomach aches

Reduced appetite

· Fatigue

· During pregnancy

In case of cardiac pathology

In case of arterial problem (tension in particular)

With certain treatments (including certain antidepressants)

In case of blood problems (CBD has an anticoagulant power)

These risks are relatively rare, mostly not very dangerous for health and appear more often in case of high dosage. The gastrointestinal problems mentioned are moreover rather a danger of CBD oil than cannabidiol itself. The fat is indeed more difficult to digest for some people. In the event of the appearance of symptoms that may evoke the side effects of CBD, stop using it for at least 48 hours.

It is also important to talk about his desire to take CBD to a healthcare professional. Remember that it is not a treatment, but simply a natural medium to find a certain comfort of life in various situations.

Let's dwell for a moment on the few specific situations that may advise against the use of CBD on a daily basis.

When not to take CBD?

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It is not recommended to take CBD every day during pregnancy

In France, as in many other countries around the world, CBD is not recognized as a medicine. There are quite a few CBD treatments using its properties, in particular against infantile epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, but they remain rare and subject to conditions. CBD should therefore not replace conventional treatment.

On the other hand, it can be an interesting supplement, which should however only be considered after discussion with your attending physician, general practitioner or specialist.

It is all the more important to talk to a healthcare professional about your desire to take CBD if you are already undergoing treatment, including if it concerns conditions other than those you wish to relieve with CBD. There is indeed a risk ofdrug interactionIncluding with certain antidepressants or hormone treatments whose Levothyrox (medicine for thyroid problems).

In addition to the pathologies mentioned above (heart, arterial and blood problems), it is also not recommended during pregnancy et breastfeeding, even if the lack of hindsight does not make it possible to prove a possible danger. The situation is similar for the CBD for kids sinceno short or long term side effects has not been highlighted. The sale to minors is however not authorized, by precautionary principle.

Discuss your desire to take CBD regularly with a doctor, especially in case of treatment