CBD oil for cats: can they be given cannabidiol?

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Cats are animals that like routine and are, therefore, easily stressed in the event of the unexpected. CBD being a natural soothing, but also a painkiller recognized and widely used by humans, the question naturally arises: can you give cbd oil to a cat ? If yes, under what conditions and for what effects ? Focus on the effects of CBD in cats and the precautions for using it safely.

What is CBD oil and why give it to a cat?

cbd to relax a min cat

CBD oil has soothing and pain-relieving effects on the cat

CBD oil is generally a vegetable oil blend (often hemp orMCT oil) and cannabidiol (CBD). It is primarily used for effects of CBD, deemed painkiller, de-stressing, relaxing and anti-depressant. The oil is only present to allow the product to be used easily and to better assimilate the CBD, which mixes well in the fat, but not in the water or the saliva.

Why give cannabidiol to a cat?

Like humans, cats have a endocannabinoid system (SEC), a set of sensors disseminated throughout the body and sensitive to cannabinoids, including CBD. A cat can therefore enjoy effects similar to those we experience. Giving CBD to a Cat can be considered for:
  • Reduce stress and/or anxiety: for example to facilitate a trip, a move or any other stressful situation for the animal.
  • Relieve joint pain: osteoarthritis affects older cats or those who have suffered joint trauma. CBD would relieve the pain induced and thus regain some comfort and mobility.
  • Avoid sleep disturbances: A stressed or depressed cat may not have a normal sleep cycle. CBD could help him sleep better.
Warning: whatever your reasons for wanting to give cannabidiol to your cat, keep in mind that it is not a treatment. Before taking action, always speak with a veterinarian who knows the general state of health of your animal. He will be able to advise you, prescribe a suitable treatment if necessary and possibly help you find the right dosage of CBD for your cat.
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Cannabidiol can notably reduce the stress of a cat during a move or a trip

Can CBD oil for cats be dangerous?

There is no known reason to believe that CBD is harmful to cats, nor for that matter to dogs or humans. A 2019 study [link in English] has shown in particular that the administration of a dose of 2mg of CBD per kg every 12 hours in healthy dogs and cats did not appear to have any clinical consequence on their health status. However, the sample for this study was relatively small and larger scale testing has yet to be done. There is also no no known cases of CBD overdose, even if it is important not to overdose the product in order to avoid its few side effects (pasty mouth, digestive problems and headaches mainly). Finally, we can think that, as in humans, there is a risk ofdrug interaction if the cat is under treatment at the time of taking CBD, all the more reason to consult a veterinarian beforehand.

CBD vs. Cannabis

Be careful not to confuse CBD and cannabis. Isolated CBD does not pose a risk to the cat, but cannabis does, which contains THC. So make sure to do not give marijuana to an animal, or of smoking cannabis near a cat. We also provide you with a complete guide on the CBD for animals. It explains in detail the benefits and precautions to know before giving CBD to an animal.

How to choose CBD for cats?

cbd oil for cats easy to administer min

A special cat CBD derivative is more adapted to its needs and easier to administer

Before giving CBD to a cat, it is important to systematically check product quality and their composition (no additives, dyes, traces of pesticides or other chemicals). It is also essential to choose a derivative guaranteed without THC (CBD isolate or broad-spectrum product). This involves only using derivatives like theCBD oil and never raw product (CBD flowers, infusions, resin, pollen are to be banned for animals). For your cat, Weedy.fr has developed a suitable CBD oil recipe. Depending on the weight and needs of your animal, you can turn to our CBD oil for cats 3% or our cat CBD oil 5%. Both are very simple to use and administer to cats thanks to their fish flavor that cats love.

What is good for me is it good for my cat?

No not necessarily. Cats and humans have a lot in common due to the fact that both of our species are mammals. The fact that we all have an endocannabinoid system illustrates this well. This common point means that the effects of CBD are similar in humans and cats, but also on dogs or horses. However, our organizations also present notorious differences, starting with an obvious fact: our size. An average sized human weighs 68 kilograms. A domesticated cat weighs on average 4 to 5 kg. Obviously, this varies between individuals and races. Nevertheless, it is unthinkable to use the same CBD oil in the same way on a human and on a cat, simply to avoid an obvious overdose. The CBD derivatives specially designed for cats are therefore to be preferred. Their concentration is specially designed for our hairballs, but also other aspects of the recipe such as the aroma or sometimes the packaging.