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CBD and food, between trend and actual food intake

We are far from the scoop, the cannabidiol, or CBD, is everywhere. After having frightened the crowds for a while, it is now starting to take hold in our daily lives. Nothing surprising therefore to see it now invade our plates. But what are the exact links between CBD and food ? If it is taken from a plant naturally rich in vegetable proteins and fatty acids, he sometimes seems to be a prisoner of marketing trends. Back on the use of CBD in our kitchens.

Why use CBD in food?

Cannabis cookies
Integrating CBD into food seems to promote its assimilation by the body

Le hemp, plant from which the CBD, is a complex plant, with many beneficial effects on the body. Its seeds in particular are widely used in cosmetic, but also in the kitchen since they are considered a healthy food. They do contain a large amount of vegetable proteins (more than a third of their weight) which, in addition to being naturally rich in amino acids, are equally gluten free. Thanks to this, hemp is perfectly digestible. It is more rich in omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, fatty acids essential to the body that we are however unable to synthesize naturally. It is therefore important to ensure an adequate intake in our diet.

The consumption of hemp products therefore makes sense. Why however prefer to use it in food rather than ingesting it separately, like some food supplements ?

A scientific study published in November 2018 in the CNS Drugs review was specifically interested in certain issues concerning CBD and food. In addition to showing that such consumption presents non-existent to moderate side effects, but never severe, it also highlighted that the quantity of CBD absorbed by the tissues of the body is greater during a high fat meal. Consume CBD during a meal would therefore facilitate its assimilation by the body at the same time would promote its effects by adding it to an isolated socket.

Fashion effect or real effects?

More and more scientific studies tend to show the exact effects of CBD on the body. Even the famous and respected scientific journal Nature published, as early as 2011, that cannabidiol would in particular allow reduce anxiety. However, the scientific community is still struggling to agree on the useful dosages and the amount from which the effects begin to operate. Each individual is unique anyway and it is normal that everyone reacts differently in the presence of a molecule, as natural as it is, like CBD.

In countries where medical cannabis is authorized, the dosage of CBD for pathologies such as schizophrenia, epilepsy or simply anxiety amounts to several hundred milligrams per day. Another study, however, has lowered these figures by noting an initial improvement in the vigilance of certain patients. from 15mg of CBD per dose.

Considering that a CBD lambda soda contains about 5mg of product, it is clear that certain products currently marketed appear more to meet a trend only to meet real welfare needs. In these cases, CBD is just one ingredient like any other and is likely to not get no effect. This in no way takes away its exceptional properties, but nevertheless sounds the alarm by calling for consumers to be vigilant about the derivative products they decide to buy or not.

CBD and food: cannabidiol foods on the market

Beverages, sweets, ice creams, CBD is now invited to our table

With legalization of cannabis in several American states, then full legalization, including for recreational use in Canada, the Western market was quickly invaded by derivatives. In France, Belgium and Luxembourg, European law prevails. Cannabis therefore remains considered a narcotic when its rate THC exceeds 0,2%. CBD is therefore not affected by law. Many products produced across the Atlantic or in Swiss Logically begin to make their appearance on European soil.

It is therefore clear that manufacturers have a vivid imagination, so much CBD and food seem to get married in many different ways. The sweet things especially have the wind in their sails. This makes it relatively easy to get candies, lollipops, chocolate bars and CBD ice cream. In particular, the American giant Ben and Jerry's was talked about by announcing an exclusive CBD ice cream, ready to be released as soon as the addition of CBD in food and drink is authorized in the United States at the federal level.

Depending on the brands and countries, it is also possible to find all kinds of drinks (soda, beer, energy drinks), cupcakes (brownies, cookies) and various mixes for infusions.

Cooking with CBD

Cooking with CBD requires some precautions for use

If there are so many CBD cakes and sweets, it is above all thanks to their high fat content and their sugar content. On the one hand, sugar hides wonderfully the earthy and bitter notes characteristics of cannabis derivatives. On the other hand, cannabinoids mix particularly well with fatty substances. In cooking, it is used directly in the form ofoilOr crystals, the purest form of CBD. However, cannabidiol lends itself to all kinds of preparations, salty as sweet, and are all relatively easy to use in the kitchen.

If you want to mix CBD and food andincorporate into your favorite recipes, just favor her infusion in fatty elements such as butter, lard or oil. On the contrary, CBD will have a hard time mixing with a white wine sauce or beer. Aqueous liquids are in fact not very conducive to its incorporation. Also take care to dose sparingly, in order to master the effects as much as the taste of your dish.

Finally, be sure to keep your CBD oil in good conditions. Cannabinoids prefer to be stored cool and protected from light. Also avoid overheating your cooking oil so as not to accidentally get rid of its active components.

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