Can CBD calm an aggressive dog?

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Dog owners often have difficulty controlling their animals when they are in the presence of strangers or other animals. The problem often boils down to uncontrolled fear and, by extension, causes excessive aggression. There are simple ways to avoid this kind of case, for example by using an anti-bark collar. The latter will make it possible to stop the barking and therefore to appease the dog. But if the cause of fear and aggression runs deeper, a simple necklace is not enough. Cannabidiol (CBD), renowned for its soothing, anti-stress and relaxing effects in humans then seems ideal for also calm an aggressive dog. But is it that simple? And, if it proves to be effective, how use CBD on an aggressive dog under the right conditions ? This is our topic of the day.
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Sometimes a dog is aggressive, towards a human or another animal. Can CBD Help Her Calm Down?

Aggressive dog: beware of danger

When faced with an aggressive dog, it is better to take precautions. Before understanding and dealing with animal aggression, you must first know get down and put others to safety. Once the crisis of aggression has passed, the situation will be more conducive to communication (admittedly non-verbal) and to understanding your dog. Faced with an aggressive dog, some precautions should be taken:
  • Keep calm,
  • Do not look the dog in the eye, this could be taken as mistrust,
  • Do not scream,
  • Don't try to attack or block the dog,
  • If possible, stay still until the dog is interested in something else,
  • If you have a defensive object (stick, bag, umbrella), do not try to use it against the dog or wave it in the air, just place it in front of you at ground level as protection element.
  • Once the situation has stabilized, move away little by little, without running or losing sight of the dog (running could wake up his hunting instinct a little more).
If the aggressive dog is yours, the next step is to fix the problem so that your dog feels better and the whole family feels safe.

Can CBD calm an aggressive dog?

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CBD acts on the nervous and immune systems of dogs

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a constituent of cannabis that has no no psychotropic effect. It is one of the most well-known cannabinoids and can be produced from several varieties of cannabis. Although clinical trials in human health have shown that it may have pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is not (to date) known to have a calming effect on animals. If your dog is aggressive towards other animals or humans, therefore, CBD will not immediately calm him down or cause him to be overly aggressive. On the other hand, it has very interesting properties which can, if not erase aggressiveness, help calm it down and regulate other factors that can cause it.

How can CBD help an aggressive dog?

By being active on their endocannabinoid system, CBD has effects on animals. It can thus be useful to an aggressive dog in different ways:
  • By doing, in some cases, lower fever thanks to its antispasmodic properties.
  • By contributing to reduce some pain that can cause aggression, especiallycanine osteoarthritis.
  • As in humans, in reducing stress and / or anxiety which can also encourage aggressive reactions.
  • Associated with hemp oil, in soothing any itching (allergies, fleas, other parasites and skin problems).

How to use CBD on a dog?

If you decide to use CBD to improve the daily life of your dog and your family, you must first take into account that CBD is not a medicine. It should therefore be seen as a means of providing comfort, but not as a treatment. However, there is a risk ofDrugs interactions. It is therefore strongly recommended to speak to a veterinarian before giving CBD to an animal, especially if your dog is under treatment. You must then choose a quality product, for which you will be sure that it does not contain THC, the psychoactive molecule of cannabis. This is the case of CBD oils from our shop, extracted cleanly, from legal varieties of hemp and regularly tested to ensure their legality. Then only remains the question of dosage. Dogs are lighter than us humans and therefore do not need the same doses. Prefer one low concentration CBD oil (up to 5% CBD). The ideal dosage is difficult to identify due to lack of scientific documentation on the subject. Initial studies nevertheless suggest a dose of two milligrams of CBD per pound, once or twice a day.

Why is or does a dog become aggressive?

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An aggressive dog is above all a dog who feels badly, physically or mentally.

Dogs are naturally affectionate animals, gentle with children as well as adults and playful. They are not aggressive for pleasure but for manifest a malaise. Usually, an aggressive dog is afraid, wants to protect his territory, his puppies or just does not feel well (pain, disease). To prevent a dog from becoming aggressive, the best solution is always to educate him from an early age so that he knows how to behave with others. Once socialized, you should have no problem. If aggression suddenly shows up in a previously calm dog, there is definitely a problem. It can be pain, illness, stress and the first reaction to have is to consult a veterinarian who can diagnose this type of problem. Thereby CBD should be used as a tool, an aid in reducing dog aggressiveness, not as a miracle solution. However, he remains a potential ally to accompany you in this sometimes difficult stage of life with his animal.