CBD creams: effects on the body, products and composition

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During the day, the skin suffers (cold, temperature, sun, etc.). The


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A CBD balm for the face and body


The CBD creams flourish at resellers of cannabis products as incosmetic industry. We lend in fact many virtues of cannabidiol, a molecule extracted from hemp. It would notably be good for the skin. It is thus found in the form of moisturizer or of Soothing cream, most often with the addition of other components such as oil, CBD or not. Back to the composition, benefits and potential effects of his creams, as well as some tips for making the right choice.

Why use a CBD cream?

CBD cream

The human body and the hemp plant have more in common than it seems

CBD creams base their composition on a very specific component: the cannabidiol. Naturally present in large quantities in cannabis plants, CBD is indeed a molecule which interacts easily with our organism. The human body also secretes molecules very close to the cannabinoids of cannabis, called in our case endocannabinoids.

So we all have CB1 and CB2 sensors, forming our endocannabinoid system (SEC). These sensors are respectively located in our nervous system and our immune system. By synthesizing CBD, they are responsible for its effects on the human body.

Using a CBD cannabis cream therefore allows you to take advantage of its virtues (soothing, relaxation, hydration). The advantage of the cream is that it is easy touse locally, to act only on the areas concerned. However, users of CBD creams can look for different effects.

What are CBD cream users looking for?

CBD sport cream

CBD creams can help with recovery after sports

As mentioned just now, the main practical benefit of CBD creams is their topical application. Two types of effects can then be sought. The first is an action on the surface which acts directly on the skin. The second goes more in depth by treating for example the muscles and joints.

Be careful though: CBD is not not legally recognized as medical treatment. It is therefore in no way sold as a therapeutic treatment and its users must use these products with full knowledge of the facts. If you consider theuse of CBD creams for their effects on the body, it is highly recommended to talk to a doctor beforehand. Only a healthcare professional can advise you on suitable doses and recommend to you or not the use of such products.

Types of CBD products for the skin

Above all, users of CBD creams look for three types of action: maintain their skin in hydration (daily care) or regeneration (anti-aging), relieve skin lesions (psoriasis, acne, eczema) or help their body in sports. CBD would indeed act in particular as a natural anti-inflammatory and can therefore be applied in massages.

The different types of CBD products on the market include:

  • Maintenance creams: face and body care, CBD creams for tattooing
  • Cosmetics: anti aging creams, exfoliating
  • Restorative creams: lip balms, foot and hand care
  • Care creams: CBD creams to relieve eczema, acne or Psoriasis
  • Balms and creams for athletes: to relieve cramps or prevent aches

CBD oil and creams: the winning duo


Thanks to liposomes, CBD creams penetrate more easily through the skin

CBD is a molecule that acts naturally on the body. However, it is possible to both optimize its effects et facilitate its penetration into the body. You just have to combine it with a fat body, as'oil. This is where liposomes take all their interest.

The liposomes are artificial vesicles mainly consisting of fat cells. Together, liposomes naturally create protective structures in which it is possible toencapsulate other components to protect them. In the case of CBD creams, the cannabidiol molecules are thus protected by the liposomes, which allows them to better penetrate through the skin. Once in the body, they pass more easily through the membrane of the intestine to be redistributed in tissues and cells in need.

Composition of CBD cannabis creams

Many CBD creams now include liposomes. However, these two ingredients are not the only ones to be used. This is in particular what makes the strength of a CBD cream compared to pure CBD. However, not only fat is added to it, but also other active ingredients. If the liposomes allow better efficiency on all layers of the skin, vitamins promote healthy cell multiplication. This is particularly the case for the vitamin A commonly found in the list of components of a CBD cream. This is also the case withFatty acids promoting autoimmune health.

For its CBD creams, Weedy.fr has thus taken the time to carefully select the ingredients accompanying cannabidiol, always with the aim of offering the best possible quality to its customers. Our CBD day moisturizer thus associates CBD withsweet almond oil (soothing), at beurre de karité (hydrating) and wild chamomile (anti-inflammatory and healing).

Choosing the right CBD creams

How to choose a CBD cream depends above all on the individual. Everyone is different. Also, a cream that works on someone for a specific problem does not guarantee that it will work for someone else. The various studies interested in the possible recognition of cannabis for cosmetic or medical purposes also tend to draw the same conclusions. Not everyone reacts to cannabinoids the same way. Some organizations are therefore very receptive to CBD when it is not suitable for other people.

These initial responses from the scientific community explain in part why most European governments are still cautious about the properties of cannabis. It is therefore highly recommended to see a doctor if you are considering using a CBD cream to relieve a medical condition.

If you take the plunge, the most important thing is to ensure the quality of the CBD cream that you are considering buying. Then consult their Ingredients carefully. Hemp is a plant whose culture requires little water and does not require no pesticides. So prefer the products from organic farming. The planet and your organization will thank you. Also make sure you can trace the origin of the plants as well as their cannabinoid content. As a reminder, any product containing more than 0,2% of THC is illegal in Europe. Any serious seller should therefore provide you with the analysis results corresponding to the products he sells.

How to use a cannabidiol cream?

There are different types of CBD cream, designed for different types of use (massage cream, moisturizing balm, day cream, night cream, muscle relaxer, etc.).

So the best advice we can give you is always to read the user guide of your product before use, and to respect the recommendations of the laboratory which developed the recipe.

About the CBD face creams, it is recommended to warm a small quantity of cream in the palm of your hand for a few seconds in order to thin it. Then apply it from the center of the face (nose, chin) outwards (temples, forehead).

For deep hydration, do not hesitate to stimulate blood circulation by gently penetrating your CBD cream using small circular movements.

With a body balm or cream, apply the product on the affected area, but also on its periphery. If your goal is to reduce skin irritation or relieve pain, this will ensure that you treat the entire area.

There is also no risk in putting CBD cream on the whole body. However, avoid the eye area, mucous membranes and open wounds (cuts in particular).

Finally, be patient : CBD creams are full of virtuous properties, but not a miracle product! It is quite normal to have to wait a few days before seeing the first results.


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