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E-liquids in the form of CBD have been around for several years and are now very successful. They are among the most preferred modes of consumption by CBD buyers. The reason ? Ease of use and a democratization of this type of products which makes it possible to obtain them quickly and easily, at attractive prices.

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Why vape and, more specifically, why choose a CBD e-liquid? The most obvious answer is quite simply for its effects. There are several reasons that can lead users to opt for an electronic cigarette filled with liquid rich in cannabidiol. Some want to get rid of a tobacco addiction, others soothe pain and still others get back to sleep. CBD indeed has many virtues.

E-liquid and CBD, what effects to expect? How do they present themselves when they are associated? A brief overview effects provided by a CBD e-liquid and potential benefits of the product.

What are CBD e-liquids?

What are CBD e-liquids?

You are all familiar with electronic cigarettes that allow smokers to gradually reduce their nicotine consumption. Today there are alternative solutions to this type of vaping: e-liquid and CBD can be combined.

First, what is CBD? CBD is simply the abbreviation of " cannabidiol », A molecule of the cannabinoid family. Discovered in 1963, this molecule is naturally present in the hemp plant. If CBD is starting to be fairly well known today, it is another cannabinoid that has so far been on the rise: THC.

This substance, responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis, is of course illicit and prohibited for sale and consumption in most countries in Europe but also in the world. Addictive, the THC molecule can cause significant side effects : nausea, vomiting, paranoia, even in extreme cases uncontrollable attacks of violence or suicidal states.

Hemp is a complex plant that includes multiple varieties. Some strains will have high levels of THC, and others will have high levels of CBD. Varieties with a high THC level are prohibited and cannot be grown. The THC level is also very controlled in varieties of plants cultivated for the CBD industry: these should not have more than 0,3% THC.

CBD e-liquids are used with your usual electronic cigarettes.

CBD e-liquids are used with your usual electronic cigarettes.

A molecule with many virtues

The advantage of CBD is its complete absence of astounding effect. It is also not addicting and does not have any major side effects. Its absence of psychoactive effects has moreover been confirmed by numerous studies and also by the Interministerial Mission to Combat Drugs and Addictive Behaviors (MILDECA). 

On the contrary, CBD would have many beneficial effects on the sleep, pain and stress. The cannabidiol molecule globally allows the consumer to feel general well-being. CBD has yet to unlock all of these mysteries. Many medical and scientific studies are underway today to determine all the benefits but also the possible contraindications to its consumption.

E-liquids and CBD: opinions on their effects

First we need to understand that the effects of a CBD e-liquid are closely related to its components. The basis is the same as for a mixture for a classic electronic cigarette. This base is simply a mixture of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). The PG / VG ratio is expressed as a percentage. He often approaches 80/20 for e-liquids with CBD, but can be different (60/40 or 70/30 for example).

The set is available in different dosages to meet individual needs. The most consumed dosage is 400mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle. Our CBD-based e-liquids are certified THC free, nicotine-free, diacetyl-free, alcohol-free, animal extract free. Those whose concentration is greater than 600 mg / 10 ml are considered as boosters and should not be consumed alone, they will have to be diluted.

So that the taste and the molecule are not denatured, it is essential to vaporize CBD at low temperatures. The material to choose for the vaper should have a very high resistance and a low watt battery.

What are the effects of CBD e-liquids?

What are the effects of CBD e-liquids?

The effects of a CBD e-liquid will manifest themselves differently. Thus, the PG causes thehit effect, that tightening of the throat so characteristic of the action of smoking. he also strengthens the aromas and therefore plays an important role when vaping flavored liquids. VG on the contrary softens the sensations et promotes steam production, and therefore smoke. Depending on your vaping habits and the desired taste, different compositions may more or less suit you.

Then comes the CBD, who is the star of CBD e-liquid. These three ingredients are sufficient for the composition of a cannabis CBD e-liquid. Occasionally terpenes are added. This is'natural hydrocarbons of the plant enhancing the taste. It simply means that the e-liquid will have a natural cannabis taste and not just artificial flavors. Any other ingredient (alcohol, butane, nicotine, solvent, etc.) has no place in a pure CBD e-liquid.

E-liquid and CBD: what are the advantages and benefits for their consumers?

Vaping accelerates the effects of a CBD e-liquid

Vaping accelerates the effects of CBD

Vape e-liquid with CBD provides advantages and benefits widely recognized by its consumers. Vaping CBD is above all a guarantee ofappeasement. It provides the feeling of relaxation, while getting rid of the smell, addiction and psychoactive effects of marijuana. All, of course, staying legal since only THC is the subject of legal bans, in France as in the other countries of the European Union penalizing certain uses of cannabis.

The CBD e-liquid is therefore discreet and odorless, if not the one chosen for the aromas. It also does no irritation or redness of the eyes. Likewise, the pupils of its consumer do not exhibit any particular dilation. he is also easy to use and to transport.

Finally, the CBD e-liquid, by its mode of use (theinhalation) allows obtainingquick effects. This is explained by the good bioavailability of the CBD molecule absorbed by inhalation. In medicine, bioavailability is defined as the amount and rate at which an ingested product enters the general circulation. In inhalation, the bioavailability of cannabidiol amounts a priori to 20%, more than two and a half times that of oral intake (8%). However, the figures may vary depending on the users and their consumption habits. Still, this is one of the ways of taking CBD that provides the fastest effects.

To summarize, the many studies on cannabidiol would allow us to highlight some effects of CBD e-liquid, effects which have yet to be proven:

  • CBD has relaxing properties because it would reduce feelings of anxiety related to stressful situations;
  • Some researchers are beginning to think that cannabidiol could have a therapeutic use in the treatment ofepilepsy but also psychoses;
  • It seems to have and calm skin extremely interesting. In addition, consuming CBD contributes to the headache relief thanks to its effect analgesic.

What positive effects does CBD provide? Why vape CBD?

The effects sought in a CBD e-liquid are generally the same as those sought in other high CBD products. Cannabidiol is indeed worth its reputation for the virtues that are attributed to it. It would thus allow calm anxietydecrease stress and D'soothe pain. These calming properties are therefore logically sought by people seeking to get out of a period of stress, find sleep or improve their daily life in the face of chronic pain.

European, and therefore French, legislation prohibits the marketing of products derived from cannabis plants with a THC level exceeding 0,3%. The expected effects of a CBD e-liquid are therefore in no way psychoactive. What is commonly known as high is therefore not on the list. impacts experienced by consumers of e-liquid CBD.

Finally, and again unlike THC, cannabidiol does not cause no dopamine release. Consequently, and even if in-depth research remains to come, it does not lead a priori no addiction. On the contrary, it can, through gesture and sensations, help to separate from an addiction to cigarettes or joints. Because one of the other effects sought in a CBD e-liquid is the sensation of natural hit, all without nicotine !

cbd e-liquid

Effect n ° 1: stop smoking (nicotine and / or THC)

The first desired effect in a CBD weed e-liquid is often to to quit smoking classic, even joints. In both cases, cannabidiol is a molecule which, thanks to its soothing effects, can naturally help you. Many studies have indeed focused on its weaning ability which, good news, would act just as well on THC, produced by the same plant, as nicotine, mainly produced by tobacco.

Smokers, of any product whatsoever, can therefore gradually replace the classic cigarette by the electronic cigarette, and at the same time replace substances harmful to their health (nicotine, but also tar and other chemical additives present in tobacco) by a cleaner product that does not cause combustion: the e-liquid cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol has anti-addictive properties. It can therefore effectively help people who want to get rid of their nicotine addiction and quit smoking.

Vaping with e-liquid in the form of cannabidiol would therefore be effective in helping heavy smokers to stop their tobacco consumption. This beneficial effect is also linked to the relaxing properties of CBD.

Effect n ° 2: get rid of daily stress

Another highly sought after effect of CBD e-liquids is the relaxation. Cannabidiol could indeed, by acting on our endocannabinoid system, influence our production of anandamide. By modulating our emotions in particular, this neurotransmitter plays a direct role in our diet. It also acts on our motivation and our pleasure. In summary, he contributes to our relaxation and can therefore facilitate the relaxation of our body, both physically and mentally. In this sense, CBD e-liquids may well have the effect of relieving us during temporary stressful periods.

The most important advantage of consuming light cannabis in e-liquid form is that it is inhaled and therefore absorbed more quickly by the body. Indeed, its bioavailability (difference between the proportion of molecule consumed and the proportion of molecule actually absorbed), is much better compared to other types of consumption. Thus, a stressed, anxious or even anxious person can benefit from the relaxing effects very quickly after vaping. Relaxation and relaxation will then be possible.

The same is true for people suffering from headaches or migraines. Vaping cannabidiol would relieve pain faster.

CBD e-liquids allow you to get rid of everyday stress

Effect n ° 3: promote muscle relaxation

Following the same logic, and always thanks to its influence on our production of anandamide, a cannabis CBD e-liquid can have the effect of promoting the muscular relaxation of its user. This property leads to a development, rather in the form of balms and ointments, however, of the taking of CBD in sports. Considered a invaluable aid to muscle relaxation and in the absence of known known side effects, the World Anti-Doping Agency has also spoken out in favor of the use of CBD in sport, including at a professional level.

Effect n ° 4: find sleep more easily

Thanks to its richness in cannabidiol, an effect of the CBD e-liquid is ofact directly on our sleep. This action is done by naturally regulating our circadian cycle, understand our "internal clock". More simply, CBD would help restore our natural perception of the phases of day and night. Beyond sleep well, it also means fall asleep faster, enjoy more restful sleep, and therefore also to be more active and in better shape during the day. At the end of the day, this is an effect that can also easily be achieved thanks to the light cannabis infusions.

These are just the Most commonly sought after effects of CBD e-liquids by users. Legal cannabis is also believed to have anti-inflammatory, antidepressant and many other benefits that the scientific community has yet to discover.

Effect n ° 5: Original and pleasant flavors

E-liquid and CBD can offer pleasant flavors : surprising taste of white grapes, forest fruits and sweet wine or delicious flavor based on grapes, violets and fruity aromas. We can see that the manufacturers of CBD-based e-liquids compete in inventiveness and imagination to offer varied and original tastes and flavors for everyone's pleasure. These products are permitted through the use of terpenes which are natural hydrocarbons extracted directly from vegetable resins. We can also find on the market e-liquids in CBD form without terpenes which makes them almost similar from a taste point of view to traditional e-liquids.

e-liquid cbd flavors

Effect # 6: Steam doesn't smell of cannabidiol

When the vapor is exhaled, it will not have a specific hemp smell. We will be able to detect some aromatic notes in the air but which remain for a very short time and which above all do not impregnate the clothes, the skin or hair. Clearly, it will not be possible to guess that the vaper is using CBD just by standing next to him.

Understanding the vocabulary of CBD e-liquid

THECBD e-liquid in France is above all an e-liquid, that is to say a mixture intended for electronic cigarette. Like any slightly technical product, it comes with a vocabulary that is not always easy to master. We explain to you what makes up a CBD e-liquid, the different dosages and products on the market as well as what influences its quality.

The lack of perspective from electronic cigarettes often means that they are potentially dangerous. One of the arguments most commonly heard from the uninitiated is that their makeup is unclear. In fact, an e-liquid requires very few ingredients. Only two components are indeed necessary for the realization of a classic e-liquid.

Choosing your CBD e-liquid includes taking into account its composition and vaping habits

Choosing your CBD e-liquid includes taking into account its composition and vaping habits

The first element that is found in a CBD e-liquid, and the one generally present in larger quantities is propylene glycol, often abbreviated as PG. Propylene glycol is often criticized for entering into the composition of toxic products (brake fluid or even antifreeze). Yet it is also and mainly used in cosmetics and in the food industry. The first name it under the code E490, a usual component of soap or toothpaste. Others call it E1520, a food additive that thickens sauces and intensifies the taste of yogurts. In e-liquids, it allows produce the sensation of hits, and therefore cause a feel closer to the classic cigarette to its user. In addition he reinforces the taste.

The second ingredient necessary for the realization of a liquid refill is the vegetal glycerine, abbreviated as VG (For vegetable glycerin). In pharmacology, it is used as moisturizing and lubricating. In food, it is called E422 and it is used above all asemulsifier. While propylene glycol gives the sensation of a hit in the throat of the vaper and accentuates the taste, vegetable glycerin softens the sensations at the same time as she increases the amount of smoke. Together, they therefore make it possible to create a balance. Light cannabis e-liquid is generally characterized by a PG rate above 60% inspection and an VG rate below 40%.

Some e-liquids also contain water, alcohol in tiny amounts, but also sometimes nicotine or even flavors. The composition may differ slightly depending on the ranges and brands. This allows you to vary the pleasures and sensations during your consumption.

Effects of CBD e-liquids: can they also be harmful?

It is not uncommon to hear that hindsight on CBD e-liquids is not enough to really know all the potential side effects on the consumer. This is not entirely false, but the point must nevertheless be qualified. First, let's focus on the good news. We will then have plenty of time to be critical of the effects of e-liquids.

CBD has no known side effects

Unlike its cousin THC, CBD is not neither psychotropic (no high effect) nor addictive. On the contrary, as we mentioned a little above, it could well help to speed up the cessation of cigarettes or joints rich in THC. It also does not present no other notorious side effects known, or major allergic reactions. At most, and in the case of very large doses of CBD, some consumers have complained of having a dry mouth or a slight feeling of nausea. If any effect of a CBD e-liquid is undesirable, then CBD is certainly not the culprit.

cbd has no known side effects

Side effects for e-liquids?

According to the information portal Cancer Environment, "The irritant or toxic effects of the components of the e-cigarette are significantly lower than those of tobacco provided that it is used exclusively". The main reason for this is the lower heating temperature, contributing to limit the number and the dangerousness of the toxins released. However, the WHO also published, in January 2020, a report affirming that the electronic cigarette does indeed have harmful effects on the body, although it is too early to know the long-term implications. The negative effects would be particularly important on adolescents since the brain does not finish its development until around 25 years old, and could suffer from exposure to electronic cigarettes. However, WHO itself balances its report by recognizing the positive effects of e-liquids, including CBD e-liquids, in the case of smoking cessation.

We must therefore consider the electronic cigarette for what it is: a device with varied effects, above all useful to facilitate the transition from smoker to non-smoker. To take the least possible risks, it is therefore imperative to to choose the right CBD e-liquid depending on the desired effects. A few customer reviews and tips for making the right choice should help you make the decision that best suits your needs.

E-liquid CBD: some customer reviews

I really like the taste, I'm very happy with it Benjamin “Benjamin A”

Pleasant experience, pleasant taste, to be redone !! “Benoit C”

Completely in line with my expectations, both in terms of product quality and delivery time. Also in line with the offer. Completely recommendable. “Lionel F”

At the top I have never seen such excellent products at these prices. normal that it is often out of order .. first come first served ok weedy wants to serve the best quality at the best price but I really hope that you will always be able to ensure your stocks. because if you get there, you will win over all the customers in the market, that's obvious. “Faid Z”

I am very happy with my purchase, my order arrived very quickly, well packaged in a neutral package. The products are obviously of quality, thank you Weedy 🙂 “Neka”

Choose quality e-liquids

You are strongly advised to choose e-liquids based on cannabidiol from quality. We must therefore seek information on its origin and origin of cannabidiol. The ideal is to trust brands recognized for their seriousness in the manufacture of bottles. After purchase and use, these must be stored protected from light as well as in a cool and dry place in order to preserve all their qualities.

More and more people are attracted by the vapotage based CBD e-liquids. There is no coincidence: benefits provided by the natural properties of the molecule cannabidiol, legal cannabis, are accentuated and accelerated by its inhalation.

Adapting your electronic cigarette for the vape of CBD

An adapted electronic cigarette enhances the pleasure associated with choosing an adapted CBD e-liquid

A suitable electronic cigarette enhances the pleasure of choosing a suitable CBD e-liquid

Vaping CBD with complete peace of mind doesn't just mean knowing how to choose the right CBD e-liquid. Indeed, the device also plays an important role in the process. The models of electronic cigarettes are also diverse and varied. In principle, any of them allows the vape of CBD. In fact, however, some electronic cigarettes are more suitable that others. The choice of their power, resistance and capacity, will indeed depend on the experience. In any case, rest assured: a high-end and expensive model is not necessary.

The extraction of cannabidiol is a complex process that has a high cost. A CBD e-liquid is therefore, in equivalent quantity, more expensive than a classic e-liquid. In addition to that, it causes a fairly marked hit. The hit is this sensation which constricts the throat of the vapoteur during inhalation. He is responsible for the feeling close to smoking classic that vaping can cause. For these two reasons, and because CBD has a calming effect, the goal is not to produce a lot of smoke. Indeed, it would use a lot of product and strengthen the hit, already pronounced with this type of liquid.

It is therefore advisable to prefer a moderate power associated with resistance not too low. A power of 30 watts is then more than enough. Resistance can be adjusted between 0,6 and 1 Ohm, or even beyond, according to your desires and vaping habits. Keep in mind that the higher the resistance, the tighter the vape. If the amount of steam is insufficient, you can gradually reduce it until you get the production that suits you best.

Choose the taste of your CBD e-liquid

Choosing the right CBD e-liquid is also choosing its tobacco taste like here, melon, fruit or hemp-min

Choosing the right CBD e-liquid also means choosing its taste: tobacco like here, melon, fruit or even hemp

Once the technical details have been settled, flavors. From the most neutral to the most exotic taste, passing through aromas of blond tobacco or melon, there are CBD cannabis e-liquids for all tastes. Sure, we offer best products to our customers, among whom a wide selection of CBD liquid refills.

Since propylene glycol enhances the natural flavors of cannabidiol, our products contain a high amount (usually 80%). To respect the French and European legal framework, they are also guaranteed without THC. Finally, the health and well-being of our customers first and foremost, our liquid refills do not contain neither nicotine, nor diacetyl, nor alcohol. Visit our store now to discover the entire range!

CBD e-liquids for all tastes

Among our selection and the products acclaimed by our customers is of course the CBD e-liquid Super Skunk. This CBD e-liquid 200 mg and 400 mg generally surprises the taste buds with its earthy, fruity and fresh taste, ideal for enjoying a moment of relaxation. This amazing taste is enhanced by a neutral PG / VG balance.

You can find other essential flavors in our shop. Lemon Kush thus stands out as a real sweet and tangy pleasure, full of energy. L'Amnesia Haze explores all other horizons by recalling peppery and herbaceous notes whose fruity aromas will remind you of the best sativas. The Ketama Full spectrum finally offers a delicate but pronounced scent of pollen. Thanks to its full spectrum, it lets you enjoy all the benefits of a CBD vape, also including the complementary effects of other cannabinoids and especially CBG. The aromatic bouquet is reinforced by the natural presence of terpenes and flavonoids.

Do not hesitate to consult our shop, there are some for all tastes !

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About CBD E-Liquids

How to properly store your CBD e-liquid?

CBD e-liquids store better in the dark

CBD e-liquids store better in the dark

CBD hemp is a so-called photosensitive molecule. That is to say, it does not support light. This is also why does not deliver as cannabidiol e-liquids packaged in tinted bottles. However, the only risk is to lose in effects and aromas, there is therefore no major problem to consume an e-liquid that would have dragged on a sunny corner of the table a little too long. In order to enjoy your product for as long as possible, however, be sure to store the vial in a dark, dry and cool place when you are not using it.

To find out more, you can at any time consult our complete guide on how to store your CBD cannabis, whatever the product used (liquid refill, oil, flowers, crystals and resin/pollen).

Is it possible to get behind the wheel after a CBD vape?

Even if there is no law clearly ruling on the possibility of driving after taking CBD, he is recommended not to do it. Non-psychoactive, cannabidiol nevertheless induces a form of relaxation that could potentially slow down certain reflexes. In the absence of in-depth studies on the subject, and pending more convincing data, it is therefore better to play it safe and space out the vaping and driving sessions.

Do Police Tests Detect CBD E-Liquids?

No ... under conditions to make sure to buy a quality CBD e-liquid, without any trace of THC! Indeed, current tests, especially those used in routine road safety checks, only look for two molecules: THC and THCA (the acidic form of THC). By systematically checking the composition of your CBD e-liquid before purchase and turning to a serious reseller such as, you thus limit the risks and do not risk unpleasant surprises in the event of an unexpected test.

What can we expect from French legislation in the future?

Legalization of cannabis could lead to big profits for France-min

Legalizing cannabis could lead to big profits for France

In France, the législation towards cannabis-derived products still matters among the most severe in the West. However, the cannabis could represent up to 1,5 billion turnover annual. Cannabidiol, if it is not affected by the current legal framework (unlike THC), however, is still the subject of debate. However, it increasingly arousesinterest of the powers in place. In April 2019, French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe hinted that the Government was ready to consider the use of therapeutic cannabis in France. The Medicines Agency (ANSM) has also authorized an experiment on the subject taking place throughout 2019.

Widely postponed, in particular because of the Covid-19 epidemic, the two-year experiment and extended to 3000 people suffering from chronic pain, must finally extend from March 2021 to spring 2023.

A CBD e-liquid with maximized effects on Weedy. Fr

In order to ensure our customers the consumption of high quality products, the team of selects the best CBD products for its customers. Whatever effects you are looking for in a CBD e-liquid, you will find what you are looking for in our shop. They are guaranteed nicotine-free, alcohol-free, butane-free and, of course, THC free. We finally guarantee un rapid dispatch, in a neutral envelope synonymous with the most great discretion.