CBD percentage: what level of CBD and THC in France?

When we love, we don't count. So much so that consumers are looking for cannabis-derived products with always less THC and always more CBD. However, cannabis is not a product like any other: it is a plant, a living species that cannot be controlled at will.

It is clear that cannabis growers can work miracles and that the number of varieties rich in CBD continues to increase, with ever more interesting rates.

But, by the way, what is the CBD percentage naturally created by a plant? What level of THC in CBD? What are the most concentrated products and, above all, how to understand this ratio to achieve the desired effects ? This is what we explain to you right away.

What is the THC level in CBD?

The percentage of CBD in a legal cannabis plant can hardly exceed 20%.

The percentage of CBD in a legal cannabis plant can hardly exceed 20%.

The maximum legal THC level in a CBD product is 0.3% in France and in Europe.

The ratio of CBD naturally contained in the plant can vary widely depending on the variety. There are thus strains of cannabis sativa almost devoid of cannabidiol (<1%), while others are around 20%. However, for CBD, the average is usually below 10%, with more and more varieties between 10 and 15%. A few rare others today hover around 20%, which are the strongest CBD plants on the modern cannabis market.

It is also important to remember that cannabinoids, and therefore CBD, are not evenly distributed throughout the plant. They are so primarily concentrated in the trichomes, small sticky vesicles that adorn the cannabis flowers. The stems, leaves and seeds thus contain much less CBD than the flowers.

CBD rate in France: choose it well according to the desired effects

Depending on the effects sought in the consumption of CBD, a higher or lower dosage of cannabidiol may be useful. Thus, while the lowest doses are generally sufficient to relax or to fall asleep more easily, it is generally necessary to resort to a higher dosage to hope relieve chronic pain. It should be noted that the percentage does not make the dosage on its own, everything is ultimately a question of ratio. It is entirely possible to obtain the same result by using a small quantity of a very concentrated product, or a larger one of another, less concentrated. Opting for a higher or lower CBD level can nevertheless make it easier to take.

Generally, each large family of products contains a percentage of CBD that is specific to it.

Percentage of CBD in the main products derived from legal cannabis

  • CBD flowers: raw product par excellence, a flower generally contains between 2 and 15% CBD, more rarely around 20%.
  • Pollen and CBD resin : pollen and resin represent the same type of product, with the difference that pollen is less concentrated (6 to 15%) and therefore generally drier than resin, more sticky and rich (12-20% CBD, up to 28% for certain special resins such as Nepal Cream).
  • CBD oil: mixture of vegetable oil and CBD extract, a CBD oil can potentially contain the percentage of cannabidiol that you want. However, they are generally located between 5 and 30% CBD.
  • CBD e-liquids: here again, the percentage can vary at will, or almost. In the particular case of e-liquids, the quantity of CBD is generally indicated in milligrams, for example 200 or 400 milligrams per 10 milliliter bottle.
  • Wellness products (creams, patches): in the case of cosmetics and other well-being products, CBD is one ingredient among others and is above all there for its soothing, nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties, in combination with other principles assets. We usually stay below 5% CBD.
  • Cannabis-derived superproducts (MoonRock, Blue MoonRock): it is almost impossible to have more than 20% CBD in a flower… unless you dip it in CBD oil and then roll it in CBD crystals. Superproducts like these can cause CBD percentages to skyrocket. The MoonRock rosin, for example, goes up to 25% of CBD. The Blue Moon Rock she exceeds the 80%.
  • Concentrates: a concentrate is the purest form of a cannabinoid, extracted and sold as a crystals or crumble, for a record CBD percentage of 99%.

Percentages of CBD oils: understand them to use them well

cbd oil for endometriosis

Oils are unquestionably one of the most used and appreciated derivatives by consumers. However, it is not always easy to decide how much to use, however at the beginning. There are finally few things to know to use them well:

  • A 10 milliliter bottle of CBD oil contains an average of 200 drops.
  • To know the total amount of CBD in the bottle, simply multiply the capacity by the percentage
    • Example 1: 10mL x 10% = 1g (1000mg)
    • Example 2: 10 mL x 20% = 2000 mg
  • To know the weight of CBD in a drop, simply divide the weight by the number of drops
    • Example 1: 1000 mg / 200 = 5 mg of CBD
    • Example 2: 2000mg / 200 = 10mg

Finally, be aware that it is recommended not to exceed a daily dose of 70 milligrams of CBD, all products combined. Whatever the desired effects, do not exceed, for example, 7 drops of a 20% oil (variable according to weight).

CBD and THC levels: what the law says

legal rate of CBD and thc

Between economic issues and public health, the heart of justice balances

European legislation is strict and oversees the use, production and sale of hemp whether it is CBD or THC. THC hemp, or recreational cannabis, is completely prohibited for sale and consumption. All derivatives containing THC are thus prohibited. This law also includes a derogation relating to products devoid of narcotic properties. It concerns the use of hemp in industry, whether textile, automotive, food processing, cosmetics, etc. A list of authorized varieties has therefore been drawn up by the health authorities. Seeds and fibers are the only parts that can be used as raw material. CBD is not prohibited.

The THC content is thus subject to strict controls regarding the seeds and fibers used. The maximum THC content of 0,3% (the EU has already accepted an increase to 0,3%) is therefore not the maximum content authorized in the final product as one might think, but in the original plant.

To sum up, hemp is authorized if and only if:

  • The plant used is part of the list drawn up by the health authorities.
  • Only seeds and fibers are used.
  • The seeds and fibers used do not contain more than 0,2% maximum THC (0,3% expected in 2023).
  • The finished product does not contain THC.

However, the percentage of CBD is not limited.

Artificially increased percentages of CBD?

cbd rate increased

It is sometimes difficult to trace the origin of cannabinoids in certain products

CBD molecules and THC molecules are naturally produced by hemp plants in greater or lesser quantities. Thanks to the'hybridization, it is nevertheless possible to select certain strains for their richness in CBD and their virtual absence of THC. By crossing the strains, it is possible to gradually obtain new strains, meeting the standards in force. This does not prevent certain brands that care little about the quality of their products from offering artificially inflated rates.

Why prefer products without inflated CBD levels?

cannabis cbd

One of the main arguments in favor of CBD is that it is a natural product.

Some CBD shops lie to their customers by displaying CBD levels much higher than reality. Others, however, use a questionable technique: the artificial addition of CBD. So, to increase the CBD level, cannabidiol powder is mixed with ethanol and sprayed directly on the hemp flowers. This is a questionable practice and one that could pose a problem in the long term because nothing indicates that the addition of ethanol is 100% safe for the health of consumers. Some producers, however, argue that ethanol evaporates and is only present in the form of traces in the finished product, but then does the added CBD remain and is it really necessary?

Recent scandal stirred the CBD sphere, opposing Super Green Shop (Belgium) to all these sellers who practice the artificial increase in the percentage of CBD.

“So don't get sucked in by these kind of dishonest new traders for whom selling is more important than advice and information. Insist on seeing lab tests. Either they will not be shown to you, because the advertised rates are different. Either you will be shown a test whose result has been artificially altered by spraying weed CBD crystals to increase the levels ”.

Tests also minimize the THC levels in the weed, which is completely prohibited and slips you (unintentionally!) As an illegal user.

Maximum CBD rate, 0% artificial cannabinoids: the guarantees Weedy. Fr

Our shop Weedy. Fr undertakes to offer you only products that are 100% natural, 100% legal and without risk to your health. However, other stores do not guarantee this and if your mouth, tongue or lips itch after consumption, you may have doubts about the artificial addition of cannabidiol. This addition distorts the product and lowers its quality. Don't make the mistake twice and turn to derivatives guaranteed without the addition of artificial CBD. The THC level is always clearly displayed and the tests freely available.