CBD sun products: as useful in protection as in after-sun?

As we know, cannabidiol (CBD) is soothing, as much for our muscles as our mind and even our skin. The proof is that CBD has long been found in moisturizers, cosmetics and acne treatments. Today, these are the CBD sun products which are beginning to surge onto the market, both in protective cream that after-sun solution (especially against sunburn). The reason for the arrival of these new products? CBD is said to have anti-UV properties. The team of Weedy.fr returns today to what we already know about potential benefits of the combination of hemp oil and sun.

Hemp oil and sun products: a logical combination?

Are CBD creams going to be the stars of our summer?

Are CBD creams going to be the stars of our summer?

Nothing could be nicer than relaxing in the sun, with a good book or a cold drink in your hand. However, in the event of prolonged exposure, beware of sunburn! Specifically, our skin burns when it is exposed to UVB rays emitted by the sun. In the short term, the sensation is unpleasant: redness, tingling, burning sensation. In a few days, one to two weeks in the worst cases, our skin renews itself however and the sunburn is only a bad memory. In the longer term, however, the risks are much greater: UVA this time promote the appearance of certain cancers, cause allergic reactions as well as premature aging of the skin.

It is therefore essential to protect yourself from the sun's ultraviolet rays. This is where hemp oil comes in, since it is said to have anti-UV properties.

Hemp oil is anti-UV

According to one 2002 study jointly conducted by researchers from the British Columbia Agri-Food Research Center (Canada) and the National Agronomic School of Montpellier, hemp oil is said to have a natural sun protection factor of 6. In the clue jargon, we are talking about SPF6, for Sun protection factor. In terms of sun protection, this would place hemp oil in category 1, or low SPF, encompassing sunscreens of SPF 6 to 10.

These results have at least two consequences:

  • Spreading on CBD oil is not enough to protect yourself from any risk of sunburn.
  • However, the plant presents a real potential to develop solar products with hemp oil.

This last statement is all the more true if we associates with hemp seed oil the soothing properties of CBD. Let's dig a little deeper in that direction.

CBD sunscreens and other prevention products

Will CBD help strengthen the protection of natural creams?

Will CBD help strengthen the protection of natural creams?

The best defense is often attack. Against sunburn and other adverse effects linked to exposure to UVA and UVB, the best strategy to adopt is therefore to protect your skin. With its ability to protect itself from the attack of the sun, the cannabis plant can help us do this. Thus, not only the cannabis oil (extracted from the seeds) has a protection index but, associated with CBD, it also contributes to a continuous hydration of the skin. Indeed, the fatty acids assimilated by our skin come to nourish it. The others, which remain on the surface, act as a barrier to the heat of the sun. The whole by letting vitamin D pass, essential to our body and filtered by many solar chemicals on the current market.

Organic Sunscreens Vs. Chemicals

As we have mentioned, the protection index of a hemp oil is estimated at 6, a relatively low protection therefore, which means that this oil is not enough to protect effectively and durably UV. However, we must also note an important point: the natural sunscreens on the current market cannot achieve performance as high as “chemical” sunscreens. Pending further studies, a question therefore remains: should we opt for a CBD sunscreen combining cannabis oil and the traditional chemicals of sunscreens or can we see in cannabis oil an opportunity to develop a 100% natural sun product and as effective as the most effective creams of the moment? The future will certainly tell us.

CBD hemp oil to soothe the skin after sun exposure

CBD Could Help Our Skin Heal After Sunburn

CBD could help our skin to heal after prolonged exposure to the sun

When you have not thought about protecting yourself from the sun, opted for a protection factor that is too low or forgot to renew your sunscreen, the inevitable sunburn is coming. Then again, hemp oil and CBD can be of great help. And this time, we know a little better how that is possible:

  • CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm the pain and itching,
  • CBD helps reduce skin irritation and has been used for a long time as acne treatment,
  • CBD oil, by definition fatty, nourishes the skin and therefore contributes to its repair,
  • The antibacterial properties of CBD allowavoiding certain infections that could attack the burnt skin,
  • Its antioxidant properties contribute to fight against the proliferation of free radicals in the body.

Calm a sunburn with CBD hemp oil

If you have been sunburned, the most important thing is to hydrate you. This is true for your skin, but also for the rest of your body, so drinking a little more water than usual is not a bad idea! As for your skin, any CBD balm, cream or lotion can be applied directly to redness. A CBD hemp oil may also be suitable for relieving sunburn. Think of wash your skin beforehand with clear water, this will make it easier for CBD to enter cells. You can then renew the application as often as necessary, at least until the first coat has penetrated. In a few days, you should no longer be bothered by your sunburn!