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CBD wax, also called CBD wax or CBD crumble, is one of the products on the market with the highest concentration of CBD. Discover the selection of CBD wax in your e-shop Weedy.

CBD wax is made from hemp
CBD wax is made from hemp

What is CBD? What is the difference with THC?

CBD is a substance found naturally in hemp plants. It is part of the cannabinoid family, as well as another type: THC. Cannabinoids act on receptors in the central nervous system and the peripheral system. They also act on certain organs and on the immune system.

The big difference between the two compounds is in their effects. THC (or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is a psychoactive molecule which will give you a feeling of euphoria and make the consumer "hover". It is the substance that is responsible for the harmful effects of cannabis. Its consumption is prohibited in France and in most European countries.

CBD (or tetrahydrocannabinol) is not psychoactive. It helps bring relaxation and calm but does not have the drawbacks of a hard drug. You control these effects. - benefits of CBD are many. It relieves stress, pain and more promotes sleep.

The big difference between CBD and THC comes from dependence on these molecules. THC puts the consumer in a total addiction to its effects, dragging them into a vicious cycle: the more THC I consume, the more I need it. CBD has no harmful effects and is not addictive. Studies on CBD to date prove that it does not represent any danger to health and could even in the long term be interesting to accompany the drug treatment of certain pathologies.

What is CBD wax?

CBD wax is a CBD product made from hemp and is in the form of a hardened wax ("wax" means "wax" in English). The CBD wax is composed of crystallized CBD oil. This wax is obtained by a closed circuit extraction process. Once heated to low temperature, CBD oil is whipped to remove any solvent residue. The result is a very dry and very crumbly wax.

CBD wax is known to be one of the most concentrated forms of CBD with dosages ranging from 10% to sometimes more than 80% of CBD. This comes from the extraction process. So with very little product, you can enjoy all the benefits of CBD at most.

CBD wax contains CBD but also other cannabinoids in negligible quantities, as well as terpenes naturally present in the hemp plant. It is a product that is steadily gaining popularity for this reason.

Is CBD wax legal?

The CBD wax offered in your shop Weedy is 100% legal
The CBD wax offered in your shop Weedy is 100% legal

The law is clear regarding THC products: they are prohibited. No sale, no consumption, no production is possible under penalty of severe legal proceedings. This firmness of the law comes from the proven harmful effects on the body and the brain produced by THC. It is considered a narcotic, a hard drug.

The problem with CBD is that it comes from the same plant as THC. However, as we explained earlier, it has no harmful effect on the body. Similarly, the hemp plant is not only used for these two types of molecules but also for other properties. Thus, different industries use hemp to produce paper, cordage, fabrics and many other things.

To help distinguish CBD hemp from THC cannabis, the authorities have drawn up a list of varieties of plants authorized on the market. These raw materials should only contain 0,2% THC in accordance with French legislation to avoid confusion (in comparison, cannabis contains at least 15% THC).

The CBD wax offered in your shop is therefore guaranteed in accordance with the law. The hemp plant from which it comes contains no more than 0,2% THC. So you have the right to buy it and use it.

How to use CBD wax?

The use of CBD wax does not seem to flow naturally, especially for neophytes. So now that you have your pot in your hands, what to do with it?

CBD wax is used in two different ways.

The first way is inhalation. To inhale the CBD wax, you can practice "dabbing" (dabbing) as our Anglo-Saxon friends call it. It is the most popular method (even if it may seem unusual at first) because it allows instant vaporization of the product. Do not worry, you will quickly take the helping hand. Apply very little wax on a very hot surface (a glass or ceramic bowl heated with a blowtorch for example) then let the inhalations act.

CBD wax can also be inhaled into your CBD e-cigarettes, once transformed into e-liquid by heating it.

The second way to consume CBD wax it is simply mixed with food or drink. You can add it like any other ingredient in your recipes and pastries. To do this, mix the CBD wax with another fatty substance.

As previously announced, CBD wax is one of the most concentrated products in CBD. Pay attention to your dosages: don't get your hands too heavy. Also take care never to consume it pure and in its solid form.

Where to buy CBD wax in France: your e-shop Weedy

Your e-shop Weedy offers you a wide range of CBD wax of the “Plant of life” brand, a brand founded in 2010 in the Netherlands and which is now based in Spain. Their almost 20 years of experience make this brand a safe bet. Our products are 100% certified. Our CBD wax has a rate of 66% of CBD. They are delivered in a syringe which facilitates their transport and allows a better resistance to UV. These packaging are recyclable.

our e-shop Weedy is 100% secure: order with confidence.
Our e-shop Weedy is 100% secure: order with confidence.

Weedy offers the following fragrances:

  • Cookies
  • Pineapple
  • Bubble Gum
  • Sour Diesel
  • Mango Kush
  • Blueberry

For any question relating to our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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