Electronic cigarette: side effects and alternatives

Compared to conventional smoke, the electronic cigarette is healthier. This common statement is true. However, this does not mean that vaping is harmless. Weedy.fr comes back for you on the electronic cigarette side effects, both in the short and longer term. You will also discover the differences (in size!) between a nicotine e-liquid and e-liquid at the CBD, and as healthier alternatives but equally effective to these products.

Electronic cigarette: better for your health, but to what extent?

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Healthier, the electronic cigarette remains harmful in certain aspects

The electronic cigarette, or E-Cigarette, is widely touted as a healthier alternative to smoking. It would therefore be an ideal transition for those who wish quitting smoking easier. And when it's too difficult, or simply not a wish, it would allow you to keep the gesture and the effects of nicotine at a lower risk since it is presented much less harmful to health than a conventional cigarette. However, and even if all of this is broadly true, it is important to qualify these remarks.

Vaporization Vs. Combustion: definite advantages

We explain in detail in our complete guide to vaping why vaporization is better than combustion. To sum up, a classic cigarette heats up to 900°C and produces more than 4000 toxins, of which at least 70 are carcinogenic. Far from these figures, the electronic cigarette does not exceed much the 200°C and free infinitely less toxins (no more than three according to some studies).

Nevertheless, if they are less or in any case different from those related to combustion, the side effects of the electronic cigarette are not non-existent. Especially since nicotine remains a addictive substance, regardless of how it is consumed.

Side effects of electronic cigarettes: what we know

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Whether due to e-cigarettes or nicotine, side effects of vaping exist

A certain lack of hindsight obliges us to take precautions as to the long-term side effects of e-cigarettes. Presented as safe, it is nonetheless decried by certain scientific studies. The World Health Organization (WHO) notably published a black report in July 2019 claiming that she is unquestionably harmful " and " should not be marketed as a withdrawal aid ". However, between 2012 and 2019, it is estimated that 700.000 the number of French people who have quit smoking thanks to the electronic cigarette. Who says true, who says false, it is not always easy to draw conclusions!

In the long term, therefore, we are not sure what to expect. In the short or medium term, the side effects of vaping are however well identified.

E-cigarette side effects

  • Dry mouth : a fairly common side effect and generally caused by the basic ingredients of an e-liquid, whatever its nature, namely the mixture of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Responsible for the steam, they nevertheless absorb the water naturally present in the oral cavity.
  • Loss of taste: made popular by the covid-19 crisis, the term ageusia was no longer a mystery for many vapers. Indeed, a significant consumption of e-liquids tends to saturate the taste buds which are then no longer able to differentiate tastes. By stopping vaping or at least changing e-liquid for a few days, the taste fortunately returns little by little.

Side effects of nicotine

  • Tiredness : in some users, nicotine increases attention, in others it has a slight sedative effect.
  • Dizzy: Dizziness is common in people who are not used to nicotine and usually goes away with time. In case of vertigo, the dose of nicotine in the e-liquid and/or the settings (value of the resistance in particular) are not suitable.
  • Nausea and stomach pain: gastric problems after a vaping session are generally caused by the intake of nicotine.

Common side effects

  • Cough: it can be due to the tar of the tobacco (for vapo-smokers and former smokers), but also to the quality of the vapor and therefore to the quality of the inhalation (inhalation technique and/or content of the e -liquid).
  • Sore throat: common problem, sore throat can be caused by nicotine, but also propylene glycol or flavors of e-liquid.
  • Headache: common among new vapers and recent ex-smokers, headaches are usually related to the lack of certain substances present in tobacco but not in e-liquids. This is the case with certain alkaloids (nicotine is the main alkaloid in tobacco, but not the only one). Headaches can also be due to a problem of dehydration, again possible because of the e-liquid. If you vape, it is therefore important to drink plenty of water to overcome these side effects.
  • Chest pain : well known to heavy smokers, they can also be caused by vaping (too high heat, too high nicotine level, reaction to an aroma of e-liquid).

CBD e-liquids: relaxation without nicotine

Thanks to e-liquid at the CBD, without nicotine therefore, all the side effects associated with tobacco consumption disappear. More risk of addiction therefore, no dizziness or untimely nausea.

The soothing, pain-relieving and relaxing effects of cannabidiol additionally allow relax and, if necessary, to limit the onset of symptoms commonly associated with withdrawal from conventional cigarettes (anxiety, sleeping troubles, depression, etc.).

However, potential vaping issues persist. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to a possible overconsumption of e-liquid. Throat irritation, vaper's cough, dry mouth and other symptoms that may appear in the long term remain possible and can only be avoided byby quitting vaping.

Some healthier alternatives fortunately exist, with effects at least as interesting.

Healthier alternatives to e-cigarettes

cbd oil as an alternative to the electronic cigarette min

CBD oil is one of the simple and effective alternatives to electronic cigarettes

The advantage of CBD e-liquids lies above all in the rate of assimilation that they offer. Thanks to inhalation, cannabidiol acts very quickly. However, CBD is present in a large number of products derived from legal cannabis, most of which are healthier. Convenient to dose and easy to use,CBD oil is thus an excellent substitute. By sublingual route (place a few drops under the tongue for a few seconds before swallowing), it acts more quickly and allows take full advantage of all the benefits of CBD. Always with a view to relaxation, the hemp infusions allow to combine the soothing effects of cannabinoids with other plants. All without notorious side effects or health hazards.


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