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The more complete the spectrum, the more components there are in addition to CBD

Full Spectrum CBD Vs. Isolate: What Are the Differences?

Faced with the multitude of CBD products now available on the legal market, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Most e-liquids and CBD oils often indicate that they are " full spectrum "," broad spectrum " or one CBD isolate. Nice marketing argument, but what does it really mean and how do you make the right choice according to your personal needs? The answer right away.

The more complete the spectrum, the more components there are in addition to CBD
The more complete the spectrum, the more components there are in addition to CBD

Full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate: definitions

First of all, note that this terminology only concerns products including CBD as an ingredient. It had therefore first to be extracted from the plant material, then incorporated into a cannabis derivative. This is the case for example of a CBD oil Or e-liquid at the CBD. Unprocessed (or minimally processed) products like CBD flowers and pollen are therefore not affected by these spectrum width issues.

In fact, the greater the extraction, and therefore the more the plant is processed, the more the spectrum is reduced. To put it simply, the full spectrum contains theall plant materials that can be extracted (cannabinoids, terpenes), the broad spectrum everything except what we do not want to find in the final product (generally the THC) and the CBD isolate contains only ... cannabidiol.

All this is therefore in the end only one extraction question. Beyond the purely technical aspect, the properties of the product, and therefore its effects on the body, will differ.

Full spectrum CBD extraction

Full-spectrum or isolate CBD oil: an extraction story
Full-spectrum or isolate CBD oil: an extraction story

At first glance, a full spectrum CBD oil or CBD e-liquid is also the most "natural" since it preserves the properties of the plant as much as possible. However, and we are not telling you anything, cannabis is as much criticized as it is praised by the scientific community because of its powerful effects on the body.

Who is primarily responsible for all this commotion? THC, a molecule (or rather a cannabinoid), which makes you high. It is therefore psychoactive, but also addictive. This earned it to be considered by European laws as a narcotic. It is not strictly prohibited since industrial hemp plants containing it less than 0,3% are legally exploitable in France as in the rest of the EU.

Cannabis-derived products, on the other hand, cannot contain THC. Direct consequence, oils and CBD e-liquids full spectrum are prohibited for sale throughout Europe.

Is my full spectrum CBD oil illegal?

Not necessarily. Many products sold in Europe indicate that they are full spectrum, the English version of full spectrum. However, it is often a question of language abuse (and a selling point) to qualify a broad spectrum product. So think about read the list of ingredients before any purchase : THC should be absent.

Broad spectrum CBD oil

Broad spectrum CBD oil helps get rid of THC
Broad spectrum CBD oil helps get rid of THC

Much like a full spectrum CBD oil, the broad spectrum includes as many of the plant's components as possible ... except that it has been stripped of all unwanted elements. In other words, the oil has undergone an additional extraction step, consisting of isolate THC so you can get rid of it. All of the other chemical compounds remain in the product.

The main interest of oils and liquids for broad spectrum electronic cigarettes (sometimes labeled under the English term of broad spectrum) is that it allows keep all cannabinoids considered beneficial to the body. Its effects are therefore more marked, but also wider. At the same dosage, a broad spectrum product may therefore appear stronger. It's not exactly true, but the feeling can be.

Another advantage, and not the least, terpenes are present, just like the flavonoids, which would be particularly excellent antioxidants. This probably partly explains the versatility of these products. Terpenes as flavonoids also participate in the taste and smell of the final product, more marked in the case of a broad-spectrum CBD oil than an isolate.

CBD isolate: CBD and nothing but CBD

Finally, the isolate is, as its name suggests, a pure CBD extraction. Once isolated, cannabidiol is therefore separated from the rest of the liquid, in a finished product whose concentration can reach 99,9% pure CBD. In its pure form, CBD isolate is no longer a liquid, but a dry, crumbly material: CBD crystals.

They can be sold pure, or else incorporated into various preparations depending on the product concerned Associated with a neutral vegetable oil (hemp oil in particular), it becomes a CBD oil. Incorporated into a PG / VG base (propylene glycol / vegetable glycerin), it produces an electronic cigarette liquid rich in cannabidiol.

CBD isolate is therefore the purest form of the product that interests us, but also the most targeted and the lightest, both in terms of effects and taste. On its own, CBD also does not allow you to take advantage of theentourage effect, a synergy caused by the interaction of different cannabis compounds together, but which does not occur once they are isolated.

CBD isolate or broad spectrum: making the right choice

In summary, a broad spectrum CBD product and a CBD isolate can both be of excellent quality. The decision to prefer one or the other must therefore be based on your personal needs, the desired effects, but also your budget.

The benefits of CBD isolate:

  • Cheaper,
  • Less marked taste,
  • Discrete effects,
  • More targeted.

The Benefits of Broad Spectrum CBD Extract:

  • More complete,
  • Taste closer to unprocessed cannabis,
  • Marked effects,
  • Take advantage of the entourage effect.
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