CBD isolate: when to choose it and how to use it?

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If you are interested in cannabidiol (CBD), you have probably already noticed a more or less clear name on the packaging of certain products: " CBD isolate ". The word speaks for itself: if CBD is isolated, it is alone. But what does that actually mean? Should we favor this kind of derivatives or on the contrary avoid them?

What does this mean for the consumer and, in a very practical way: how to use cannabidiol isolates ? The answer right away.

CBD isolate definition

In a CBD isolate, cannabidiol is the only cannabinoid present

CBD isolate is, as its name suggests, a pure CBD extraction. Once isolated, the cannabidiol is therefore separated from the rest of the plant, in a finished product whose concentration can reach 99,9% pure CBD. In its pure form, CBD isolate comes in the form of a dry, crumbly material: CBD crystals.

They can be sold pure, or else incorporated into various preparations depending on the product concerned. Associated with a neutral vegetable oil (hemp oil in particular), it becomes a CBD oil. incorporated into a PG / VG base (propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin), it produces a liquid for electronic cigarette rich in cannabidiol.

CBD isolate is therefore the purest form of the product that interests us, but also the most targeted and the lightest, both in terms of effects and taste. Alone, CBD does not allow you to enjoy theentourage effect, a synergy caused by the interaction of different cannabis compounds together, but which does not take place once they are isolated. It does, however, ensure that CBD is the only cannabinoid present in the finished product… which has quite a few other benefits (we'll get to that in a bit).

You may also have noticed that the term CBD isolate is opposed to those of broad spectrum and full spectrum.

Broad spectrum, full spectrum and cannabidiol isolate: differences

First of all, note that this terminology only concerns products including CBD as an ingredient. It had therefore first to be extracted from the plant material, then incorporated into a hemp-derived product. This is the case, for example, of a CBD oil or a CBD e-liquid. Unprocessed (or minimally processed) products, such as CBD flowers et CBD pollen are therefore not affected by these questions of spectrum width. Or, more precisely, they are de facto full-spectrum products (nothing removed).

In fact, the greater the extraction, and therefore the more the plant is processed, the more the spectrum is reduced. To put it simply, the full spectrum contains theall plant materials that can be extracted (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids), the broad spectrum everything except what we do not want to find in the final product (generally the THC) and CBD isolate only contains… cannabidiol.

All this is therefore in the end only one extraction question. Beyond the purely technical aspect, the properties of the product, and therefore its effects on the body, will differ.

Benefits of cannabidiol isolate

Cannabidiol isolate

The extraction must be more thorough to isolate CBD from other cannabinoids

In a CBD isolate, cannabidiol is the only cannabis-derived molecule present in the product. Other components can nevertheless be used, very often oil which promotes the dissolution and assimilation of CBD by the body. The main advantage is therefore to focus on the effects of CBD, while getting rid of the other components of hemp.

A 100% legal CBD product

The CBD marketed in Europe is systematically extracted from hemp plants authorized by European laws, in particular because of their extremely low THC content (0,3%). In this case, we speak interchangeably of CBD cannabis, legal cannabis or hemp. But if cannabis in general still frightens many, it is because of its high effects and the risk of addiction that its consumers incur. Two consequences due to the presence of THC.

Even though CBD poses none of these risks (it is 100% legal, non-addictive et Non-psychoactive), some people prefer to make sure that the molecule is well isolated and that they take no risks.

Be careful, a full spectrum oil is not necessarily illegal! Many products sold in Europe claim to be full spectrum, the English version. However, it is often a language abuse (and a selling point) to qualify a broad spectrum product. So think about read the list of ingredients before any purchase : THC should be absent there or, in any case, below 0,3%, the legal limit throughout the European Union.

Nevertheless, the assurance of having isolated CBD is a strong argument for some consumers, especially in the discovery phase of cannabidiol.

When to choose a CBD isolate?

There are several reasons for choosing a CBD isolate. Among the most common are people who recognize themselves in one of the following situations:

  • Make a first purchase for learn about the effects of cannabidiol,
  • Finding a CBD product that works but not too expensive,
  • Make sure you don't have no trace of THC,
  • Avoid the earthy taste of hemp (CBD crystals have no particular taste or smell since the terpenes and flavonoids, responsible for the taste, have been removed),
  • Will of create your own CBD products and recipes,
  • Use a highly targeted product (only the effects of CBD interest you).

Once the decision to choose a CBD isolate has been made, all that remains is to choose the right derivative.

What are the different CBD isolate derivatives?

There are countless CBD isolate products on the market, from CBD food our CBD cosmetics through drinks or more eccentric products. However, some are more common and offer more interesting effects than others. Here are the main ones:

  • Pure CBD: mainly crystals.
  • CBD isolate oil: acclaimed by customers, CBD oil is very easy to use, store and dose.
  • CBD isolate e-liquids: for those who smoke or vape, they allow you to take advantage of the soothing effects of CBD and reduce or stop your tobacco consumption.

Their use is in any case quite simple.

How to use a cannabidiol isolate?

CBD isolate

A cannabidiol isolate is ideal for creating your own CBD derivatives

By definition, a CBD isolate contains only CBD. Sometimes it comes in its pure form. This is mainly the case with CBD crystals. It is therefore extremely concentrated: generally around 99% pure CBD. Other products like CBD crumble are also very concentrated in cannabidiol (90% and more). It is therefore very easy to know how much CBD you consume: the entire weight of the product, or almost. On the other hand, it is necessary to ensure that measure quantities correctly at the risk of seeing the effects differ quite widely.

Do not panic however, the side effects of CBD are few and quite rare. he is also impossible to overdose on CBD. In case of excessive consumption, it is usually enough to wait a few hours to no longer feel the effects.

Regarding products using a CBD isolate as an ingredient, which is particularly the case for certain CBD oils and e-liquids, the concentrations can vary widely (from 5% to more than 30% depending on the range). It's up to you in this case to choose concentration and dosage most appropriate to your current needs. To help you, we have provided a complete guide that explains how to find the right CBD dosage, especially if you use oil. We also explain how well choose your electronic cigarette and your CBD e-liquid.

Using CBD crystals is at least as easy.

How are CBD crystals consumed?

The easiest and fastest way is to consume your crystals by sublingual route, placing the desired amount directly under the tongue. To facilitate assimilation, it is recommended to leave them at least 30/45 seconds in the mouth before swallowing.

Very versatile, CBD crystals are also a great way to to cook (see our CBD recipe ideas) or create your own homemade CBD products (see our ideas for use your CBD crystals easily).

One piece of information in particular should be remembered to properly use your CBD isolate: CBD does not dissolve in water, but in fat. They say he is soluble. You can therefore very easily make your own CBD oil by dissolving the crystals in a vegetable oil of your choice. Simply place the oil and crystals in a bain-marie to maintain moderate heat and you're done!