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Infused only the hemp is bitter-min

Light cannabis infusions: what effects for what dosage?

After a legal saga full of twists and turns (and probably not yet over), the European Union has agreed to recognize the light legal cannabis, as long as the THC level in the plant does not exceed 0,2%. Many products rich in CBD then invaded the market. First in the form of extracts (oils, pollens and CBD crystals in the lead). Now more and more in combination with other components. If cookies, energy drinks and other sweets seem more fun than useful in the search for any effects, there is a product that could well allow its consumers to enjoy the beneficial effects of cannabidiol (CBD), while also enjoying its combination with other ingredients. It is of course light cannabis infusions, usually sold as mixtures.

But then, what exactly do we know about effects of hemp infusions ? What can its association bring to other plants? How? 'Or' What dose them, to take advantage of what effects?

This is precisely what we detail in this article.

Effects of light cannabis infusions: what we know

Whole milk enhances the effects of a CBD-min infusion
The effects of CBD infusions are more marked in the presence of a fatty substance such as milk

A light cannabis infusion, by definition, uses legal cannabis. It is therefore low in THC (the European Union sets the limit at 0,2% THC in the plant), but on the contrary rich in cannabidiol. This involves at least two things:

  • theabsence of THC ensures that hemp infusions are not neither addictive nor psychoactive, in the sense that they do not provide no hovering effect.
  • la high CBD content allows you to take advantage of the effects of the molecule, which we will detail in a moment.

If scientific research still has a long way to go (and funds to obtain) before it can fully know the effects of cannabinoids, and more particularly those of CBD infusions, some elements are however already known and proven.

For starters, light cannabis infusions allow you to less heat the product than other modes of consumption (smoke, vaporization). Plant matter is therefore less attacked and also retains cannabinoids in their acid form. In the case of cannabidiol, this means that an infusion contains both CBD (a so-called neutral molecule that acts on the human body) and CBDA. Initially considered as inactive on the body, recent research suggests its potential effectiveness in the treatment of pain as well as nausea. Out, heated to 145 ° (when it is, for example, smoked), CBDA is transformed (in particular into CBD), losing at the same time some of its effects.

It has also long been known that CBD, like other cannabinoids, is fat soluble, and therefore is more easily assimilated by the body if they are associated with a fatty substance. Add milk, butter orCBD oil to its infusion therefore allows increase the effects.

Effects sought from consuming CBD cannabis tea

Light cannabis infusion and relaxation-min
Cannabis CBD Infusion Can Help You Relax and Focus Better

CBD is above all recognized for its soothing effects. Its consumption is thus generally accompanied by the search for an improvement in its daily standard of living, thanks to better comfort. This is made possible by the ability of CBD to bind to receptors in our endocannabinoid system (ECS), directly affecting our immune system and nervous system.

Therefore light cannabis infusions could allow different effects.

Relaxation and better attention

A classic infusion on its own already allows relax. By combining the plants usually used in the form of hemp tea, this feeling of relaxation can be enhanced. The intervention at the level of the nervous system also allows to benefit from a best attention since both mind and body relax.

Pain relief

Cannabis is recognized as potential pain relief facilitator. This applies to everyday problems, such as headaches, but also for some chronic pain, which tend to calm down after consuming a CBD cannabis infusion.

Calming the digestive system

The receptors of the endocannabinoid system intervene in particular in our perception of hunger and pain. By activating them, the CBD present in the infusion can participate in the regulation of these sensations. This has an impact in particular on the level of feeling nauseous.

Reduction of anxiety

A less restless mind tirelessly results in a more relaxed body, and an individual less prone to anxiety. After all, what better way to get rid of everyday stress than a comforting herbal tea?

Better internal balance

Among the many properties lent to CBD, we find its ability to act as antioxidant. Antioxidants are generally used in order to limit the accumulation of free radicals, associated with cellular aging.

Help falling asleep

Cannabis infusion CBD promotes sleep-min
CBD infusion before bed helps fight insomnia

Finally, CBD is widely used in order tohelp its consumers sleep well. Here again, the ability of hemp infusions to promote relaxation directly influences another aspect of our well-being: sleep. It also seems that it can promote drowsiness by helping our body to be more in tune with the natural cycles of day and night.

What dosage to take advantage of the effects of a CBD infusion?

The lack of extensive studies on light cannabis infusions implies some unknown optimal dosage to get the most of its effects. However, it is important to remember that CBD does not present no known major side effects. He no longer owns no hovering effect.

So there is no major contraindication to its consumption. It is however recommended to always start with a light dosage, then gradually increase the dose until desired effects are obtained. You will only consume what you need and at the same time avoid putting too much strain on your body and wasting the product.

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