How to make homemade CBD cannabis oil with crystals?

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It is not uncommon to read that CBD crystals are a great way to save money while enjoying the effects of CBD. Certainly, but it is still necessary to know how to use them and, above all, to understand their differences compared to a commercial product. One of the simplest and most effective applications of crystals is to make your own CBD cannabis oil. Why ? How? 'Or' What ? Detailed answers in this article!

Why make homemade CBD cannabis oil?

make homemade cannabis oil

There are some benefits to making your own CBD oil

DIY enthusiasts (do it yourself) and other DIY enthusiasts certainly do not ask the question, as the prospect of creating a product with their own hands rather than buying it ready-made is exciting. Beyond this obviousness, which is not necessarily for everyone, a few other advantages stand out in making your CBD:

  • Composition control: making your CBD cannabis oil is first and foremost about mastering the composition and quality of ingredients.
  • Tailor-made concentration: by dosing your own CBD, it is possible to create the oil at the perfect concentration for your specific needs and desired effects.
  • savings: making your own oil allows you to drastically reduce costs, we'll come back to that in a moment.

How is CBD cannabis oil made?

CBD oil trade generally consists of extract naturally produced CBD by the cannabis plant, then to associate it with a vegetable oil base. It is often organic hemp oil orTCM oil (Medium chain triglycerides), derived from coconut oil. Three extraction modes are then distinguished.

  • Oil based extraction: a fast extraction method, easy to set up and safe for those responsible for handling. The major disadvantage is the shelf life of the finished product, which depends largely on the oil used.
  • Solvent-based extraction : often an alcohol. It is a very simple and less expensive extraction, it is however more dangerous since the solvents may explode at the time of extraction and there is always a small amount in the oil.
  • CO2 extraction (super or sub-critical): the preferred method when possible since it is safer and purer (it removes in particular chlorophyll). However, it is more technical and expensive.

Easy recipe for making CBD

Most of the recipes found on the Internet or even those used by manufacturers use cannabis buds to produce their CBD oil. It is indeed in the flowers that the trichomes are found, and therefore the majority of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Yet each of these recipes requires the use of one of the extraction methods detailed above. More or less complex, they are not not always easy or possible to reproduce at home and require, in the best case, to acquire specific material and a minimum of theoretical knowledge in order not to take any risk.

It is however possible to take a shortcut and thus very easily create your own CBD oil at home, without purchasing any material or taking any risk. Cannabidiol crystals are indeed the purest form of CBD, with purity levels typically exceeding 99%. This is particularly the case of 99% CBD crystals de, available in boxes of 500mg and 1g.

make cbd oil with crystals

How to make CBD cannabis oil from crystals?

  1. Deciding on the concentration of CBD oil
  2. Choose a good quality vegetable oil (olive or organic hemp for example)
  3. Pour 500mg of CBD crystals into a clean, dry container
  4. Add the desired amount of oil
  5. Mix the mixture until you can no longer perceive the crystals
  6. Pour the produced CBD oil into small brown glass dropper bottles
  7. Indicate the expiry date on the bottles (the same as the oil)
  8. Store the oil away from light, heat and children

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How to measure the concentration of your CBD oil?

In a dropper bottle, CBD oil is very easy to dose

In a dropper bottle, CBD oil is very easy to dose

Dosing CBD crystals requires a high precision scale capable of displaying milligrams, which most kitchen scales do not. On the other hand, it is easier to manage its concentration by measuring the quantity of oil, using a scale to the nearest milliliter or a simple measuring glass.

You are lost ? The team of has done the calculations for you, based on a 500mg complete crystal box (rounded values).

Concentration of CBD oil

Amount of oil to use in the recipe









Knowing that a box of crystals of 500mg costs a little less than 20 € and that a 10% quality CBD oil bottle around fifty euros (for 10mL), this simply means that making your CBD from crystals amounts to at least 12 times cheaper than buying an equivalent amount of cannabidiol oil commercially.

Why then do distributors of cannabis products continue to sell so much CBD oil? Quite simply because most consumers find their way there. Explanations.

Commercial CBD Cannabis Oils: Benefits

make homemade cbd - buy CBD oil in stores

Commercial CBD oil is generally more complex and effective than homemade CBD oil.

If CBD oils in France show such a big difference in price compared to what can be obtained so easily at home, it is quite simply because the processes, and therefore the end result, are different. Cannabidiol oils or hemp oil high quality are based on a supercritical CO2 extraction, involving the use of a large volume of flowers, but also state-of-the-art equipment that is particularly expensive to buy and maintain.

The oils thus produced are therefore acrylic powder since they make it possible to take advantage of all the cannabinoids present in the plant, and therefore of the famous entourage effect. The effects produced are thus more varied, but also potentially more powerful. They are finally easy to dose, with products of minimal and intense concentration, very easily available online in bottles of5% CBD oil, 10%, 15% ou 20%.