Do you want to try your hand at vaping CBD? Discover the different flavors and the products that have the most effect up to 400mg of CBD. We have selected for you the best varieties and types of CBD: Skunk, Kush, Amnesia, Full Spectrum ...

The addition of CBD to e-liquids allows enjoy all the benefits of CBD in a simple way, directly in his e-cigarette. Even better, cannabidiol has anti-addictive properties.

Vaping CBD e-liquids can therefore effectively help people who want to get rid of their nicotine addiction and quit smoking.

The most important benefit of vaping CBD e-liquid is that it is inhaled and therefore assimilated more quickly by the body.  

Vape Kit CBD: 5 Flavors to choose from


Do you want to consume cannabidiol with your electronic cigarette? Our CBD vape kit is a fast, simple and effective way to achieve your goal.

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    Vape Kit CBD: 5 Flavors to choose from

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In recent years, a new way of smoking has emerged: the vape of CBD.

CBD e-liquids are used with electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, and allow you to produce the famous vapor that escapes from your vapers and which consumers like so much. This new way of smoking has allowed many smokers to slow down or even quit smoking altogether.

When we know the devastation that tobacco wreaks on health, it is a fact that is not negligible. By retaining the gesture and virtues of hemp while getting rid of its bad sides, the e-liquid is also essential as an effective way to quit smoking cannabis with THC.

Electronic cigarettes for CBD or not are available today in several forms. Despite everything, all have a cartridge to receive the e-liquid, a rechargeable battery, a resistance (also called atomizer) and a light indicator. Once the CBD e-liquid has been placed in the cartridge, the resistance will heat the liquid and cause it to evaporate.

A CBD e-liquid is distinguished by a high cannabidiol content incorporated into what would otherwise be a simple blend for conventional electronic cigarettes.

Adding CBD to e-liquids allows you to enjoy all the benefits of CBD in a simple way, directly in his e-cigarette.

The e-liquid CBD allows to preserve the gestures of the smoker while getting rid of its most harmful aspects. It also and above all allows you to take advantage of the calming sensation provided by the CBD.

A CBD e-liquid allows in particular to:

  • Take full and rapid advantage of the effects of CBD (soothing, relaxing and painkiller)
  • Maintain the smoker's gesture
  • Drastically reduce the number of toxins inhaled compared to a cigarette and a joint (benefits of inhalation over combustion)
  • Discover many flavors, including some cult cannabis strains, legally

The first essential step for buy your CBD e-liquid is then understand their needs. Indeed, there are many products, characterized by a composition, concentration and very different tastes. Everyone also reacts in different ways.

So a customary cannabinoid user, the active ingredients of the hemp plant, will withstand and respond to potentially higher doses of CBD. a novice user will be more receptive and will vape at lower concentrations, at least initially.

There are indeed very varied concentrations, which will involve actions more or less fast and long

First of all, there are low to high concentrations who can easily use pure.

Up to 100mg, i.e. a dosage of 10 milligrams of CBD per milliliter of e-liquid, the concentration is considered low. Depending on your vaping needs and habits, these e-liquids can be used occasionally or regularly and their effects are mild.

From 300 or 400 mg, the reactions are greater, but also faster. You should not use them too often and be careful not to vape for too long. Sessions of  15 minutes seem to be a reasonable indicative duration.

 a 500mg CBD e-liquid has a strong concentration destined for a occasional use.

Beyond these concentrations, it is customary that we no longer speak of e-liquid with CBD but of CBD booster. From a dosage of 600mg of CBD, the CBD e-liquid should therefore not not be used pure.

Generally speaking, a daily dose of 70mg of CBD is considered reasonable. So always start with a relatively low dosage in order to get used to the molecule and see its effects.

Nothing prevents you from then gradually increasing the dose until you find the ideal dosage for you.

Short answer: there are very few side effects incurred while vaping CBD, especially at a reasonable dose.

To understand the possible side effects of vaping CBD, it is nevertheless useful to break down the different elements involved:

  • CBD Side Effects: they are rare, not very dangerous for health in the vast majority of cases and appear above all for high doses. It is then possible to notice symptoms such as a dry or pasty mouth, stomach aches or headaches. Be careful, however, in the event of treatment: there is a risk of drug interaction, especially with certain antidepressants.
  • Side effects of other e-liquid ingredients: a CBD e-liquid needs no other ingredients than cannabidiol, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. These last two ingredients can sometimes lead to irritation of the respiratory tract. The other ingredients should be avoided, starting with nicotine. It is not only highly addictive, but can also cause nausea, abdominal cramps and coughing.
  • Side effects of vaping: the vape produces infinitely less harmful toxins than combustion, it nevertheless produces some. There is a risk of throat and mouth irritation, coughing, nausea and headache. This is why vaping CBD is not recommended for people who do not already vape or smoke.

No, a CBD e-liquid containing only CBD in addition to the traditional propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin base (PG/VG) cannot make addicted. The explanation for this is simple since cannabidiol is a so-called non-addictive molecule. At most, it can lead to a form of addiction. It takes place when the body gets used to the presence of the active ingredient and no longer reacts or no longer reacts as much to its effects. It is nevertheless possible to get out of the habit by spacing out the doses and reducing the concentration.

It is nevertheless possible to be addicted to an e-liquid in general, and whether or not it contains cannabidiol. Two molecules are the main culprits: THC and Nicotine.

THC is a cousin of CBD, also naturally produced by hemp plants. It is nevertheless psychoactive (it is he who is responsible for the high effects of marijuana), addictive and considered a amazing. As a reminder, a hemp derivative can only be marketed if the plant contains less than 0,3% THC. E-liquids containing THC are therefore by definition prohibited in France.

Nicotine is completely legal since it is ubiquitous in cigarettes. Permission to consume it does not make it less dangerous and it is highly addictive. Moreover, if the addiction to cannabis is close to that of alcohol (3 to 5% of consumers), nicotine explodes the records by placing itself at the third place of the most addictive substances (behind heroin and cocaine).

Several studies mention the ability of CBD to facilitate withdrawal from certain substances. It's true for thealcohol and for the cigarette (nicotine), but this would also be true for THC and therefore for stop smoking cannabis. The feedback from people who have quit smoking abounds in this direction: yes, CBD has, in many cases, helped them to reduce and then quit smoking.

The first reason for this is chemical since CBD, by acting on our endocannabinoid system, has the ability to soothe us. It has a direct impact on withdrawal symptoms, such as stress, difficulty sleeping properly, irritability or appetite dysregulation. CBD acts on all these aspects and a few others, which makes the withdrawal period less delicate.

The second reason is purely physical. We know well theimportance of the gesture for smokers. In the period of withdrawal, it is difficult to do without the habit of putting a cigarette to your lips. A common recommendation is to keep your hands busy. A CBD e-liquid allows you to keep this reassuring gesture until the brain no longer needs it.

CBD e-liquids can therefore be a great help for those who wish to quit smoking. This is not a miracle recipe, however, and the willingness to quit remains the most important element. If you are in this situation, do not hesitate to make yourself accompanied by a health professional.

Legally, there is no no prohibition to drive after consuming CBD. The legislation authorizes the molecule purely and simply, without any indication of when to consume it. However, this is not the case with all the components of cannabis and it is important to take a few precautions.

If you are not 100% sure of the composition of your CBD e-liquid, do not take the wheel right after a session of vape. If it contains THC, even if it's only traces, it could not only make a drug test positive, but above all lead to behavioral changes that are not compatible with driving.

If your CBD e-liquid contains a cannabidiol isolate, good news, this means that no other cannabinoids are present in the mix, including THC. If he is at broad spectrum, other virtuous components of hemp are present, but still no THC. It is nevertheless recommended to space out the vaping sessions from the driving time. Ideally use your CBD e-liquid when you have arrived at your destination or a few hours before driving.

To drive safely and avoid trouble during checks, choose your CBD e-liquid carefully and keep the packing box with you. carefully selects its e-liquids upstream: no unpleasant surprises and a clear indication of theabsence of THC and nicotine.

Yes, a CBD e-liquid can help with stress. Numerous scientific researches have highlighted the ability of cannabidiol to act on our endocannabinoid system (ECS) as well as on the serotonin production. This neurotransmitter, sometimes nicknamed the happiness hormone, acts in particular in the management of mood, our emotions and the feeling of well-being. Although not recognized as a treatment (clinical trials are underway), CBD is widely used to reduce stress and anxiety states. For smokers, it can also help reduce withdrawal stress.

Another advantage is that it does not entail no major side effects. It is nevertheless recommended to talk about your desire to consume CBD to your doctor, especially in the event of treatment (it can in particular interact with certain antidepressants).

Be careful though, CBD e-liquids are primarily intended for people who already smoke and/or vape. If this is not your case and consider the CBD against stress, other products are more recommended, such as oils or infusions in particular. They have the advantage of releasing no toxins since they are consumed without combustion and without vaporization.

In case of doubt or question, our team is available every day of the week to inform you and advise you on the best CBD derivative for your particular needs.

CBD is a natural soothing and relaxing agent that can help you sleep better. Not only does it act on the quality of sleep (deep sleep, easier falling back to sleep during the night), but also on the causes of insomnia. It is also true that the poor quality of sleep is due to a period of stress, anxiety episodes or pain.

A CBD e-liquid has the advantage of offering, thanks to inhalation, excellent bioavailability. By taking advantage of a vape session at the end of the day, a maximum amount of the CBD present in the liquid passes through the body very quickly (just a few minutes). You feel the effects quickly, for an almost instant feeling of relaxation.

Whatever the desired effect of the CBD, it is nevertheless good to remember that the electronic cigarette, even if it is much less harmful than a classic cigarette or a joint, still releases some toxins with heat. A CBD e-liquid can therefore help you sleep better if you already vape, but it shouldn't be your first choice if you're not. offers you CBD oils specially designed for the night, products rich in CBN (recognized for its interest in better sleep) as well as special relaxation infusions.

Using a CBD e-liquid in your electronic cigarette is no different from a classic e-liquid.

It suffices for this to fill the reservoir with CBD e-liquid (bottom, top or side filling, depending on the model), to heatAnd then vapoter.

Short vaping sessions with a tight draw are ideal.

The main particularity of CBD e-liquid is its mode of intake: the vape (inhalation). Compared to ingestion for example, it offers a good better bioavailability (the amount of product reaching the bloodstream in its original form).

Direct consequence, the effects are faster and appear only a few minutes after taking. the feeling of relaxation is then almost immediate and he is easier to adjust dosage only after the ingestion of a CBD oil for example which sometimes requires one to several hours before feeling the effect of the CBD.

If you don't smoke or vape yet, CBD e-liquid isn't the best way to get started (CBD herbal teas and oils are notably healthier). If you vape anyway and/or wish to reduce your nicotine intake (or stop smoking cannabis), CBD e-liquids are however highly recommended.

In France, and in the majority of European countries, the consumption of THC is strictly prohibited.

However, hemp being used in many industries, it is subject to strict exceptions which allow its use. Authorized hemp varieties do not contain more than 0,3% THC. Beyond that, the plant is prohibited from cultivation and marketing.

The products offered in your shop are guaranteed in full compliance with this law. 

We only offer the highest quality products. Our CBD e-liquids are guaranteed without THCwithout nicotinewithout diacetylalcohol-free, and without extracts of animal origin. The CBD contents displayed on the bottle are of course also certified.

Order your CBD e-liquids in complete safety and discretion on our website.

At the time of this writing, THC-free CBD e-liquids are as well perfectly legal in France. They are also in the rest of the European Union. If in doubt about the legality of a CBD derivative, do not hesitate to ask your seller for the analysis results: the THC level is there.

The best CBD e-liquid is not the same for everyone. The first rule is therefore to trust yourself and not hesitate to test new derivatives if you feel the need or desire. The most important element in the choice is the e-liquid quality, for obvious health reasons. Beyond this aspect, almost anything is possible!

To ensure the quality of your CBD e-liquid, start by choosing a reseller serious and recognized on its marketas an Weedy.Fr. This assures you that the products available for sale have been carefully selected and that no harmful or illegal ingredients are present. After all, a CBD e-liquid only needs three ingredients: CBD quality, vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). A 80%/20% PG/VG ratio is ideal and acclaimed by most consumers. A ratio of 70%/30% is also very common.

Then think about taking an interest in the concentration. IF you are new to cannabinoids, a low concentration is recommended, as are fairly short vaping sessions. You can then, if the need arises, gradually increase the concentration and/or the duration of the sessions.

Once these criteria are taken into account, it's up to you to experiment with the different tastes, whether cult hemp varieties (Amnesia, OG Kush, White Widow) or more classic flavors (fruits of the forest, for example). was one of the very first legal cannabis specialists in France. OUR longevity and thousands of positive reviews of our customers speak for us. It also encourages us to reinforce this a little more every day. cannabis market expertise modern by constantly renewing our range of products. All are carefully selected to meet the needs of our customers while making them discover the new products of the moment.

In addition to many CBD e-liquids, you can also equip yourself with all the vaping accessories useful for your consumption. For beginners and seasoned users alike, our vape kits, portable vaporizers, grinders, and other accessories make your everyday use easier.

On a very practical level, we have created a well-oiled system that offers you many advantages:

  • A wide range of CBD e-liquids and vape accessories regularly renewed
  • Fast delivery (48 to 72 hours on average)
  • Discreet and neutral packaging
  • Regular promotions and destocking offers
  • 100% legal products (with supporting certificates of analysis)
  • The assurance of being delivered (any package lost on the way is returned free of charge)
  • An advisory team at your service
  • Loyalty points to obtain exclusive discounts

Good news, the date indicated on an e-liquid is a DLUO, that is to say a deadline for optimal use. This means that it is best to use it during this time frame, but there is no danger in using it later. For simplicity : a CBD e-liquid does not expire ! Its properties simply risk being altered. This is true for the CBD as for the possible aromas present. However, some good storage habits should be adopted to enjoy its effects and aromas for as long as possible.

CBD is a photosensitive molecule: its properties decrease when exposed to sunlight for too long. The first good habit to adopt is therefore to keep your CBD e-liquid (and your electronic cigarette when its tank is full) protected from light (in a cupboard out of reach of children, a bag or even a pocket) and of course properly closed.

It is also recommended not to expose your CBD e-liquid to excessive heat, always with the aim of not altering the properties of the cannabinoids. Cold has the advantage of blocking the degradation process. A temperature 18-20 degrees (or even less) is therefore ideal.

On average, a properly stored CBD e-liquid retains its aromas for 18 months while propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are stable for two to three years. Once opened, it is ideal to vape your CBD e-liquid within 6 months, but you don't take any risk in completing it after that.

The price of an e-liquid depends on several elements, the main ones being the quality of ingredients, market specifics of the moment, the sales volumes and margin made by the seller. This is also true regardless of the product.

In the specific case of vape products, the main difference between a classic e-liquid and its CBD equivalent is obviously the presence of cannabidiol in the list of ingredients. CBD is not a raw product but a molecule that must first be extracted from the hemp plant and separated from undesirable elements (mainly THC). This process requires a precise know-how and the state-of-the-art equipment. Add to this that it takes a lot of plants to obtain a quantity of CBD isolate large enough to make an e-liquid effective, this pretty easy to explain the price difference.

Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which form the basis of e-liquids, are fairly inexpensive products, so this is the CBD price that most influences the final price of a CBD e-liquid. The difference in the effects is nevertheless glaring, which completely justifies the popularity of cannabidiol vape products. To respect all budgets, ensures a constant market watch by systematically offering products at the best quality price report.