You want to buy CBD flowers in France at the best prices ? We have selected for you the best varieties and aromas of any type : Sativa / Indica, Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse…

Always with a THC level less than 0.3%, CBD flowers come from the hemp plant. Without any psychotropic effect, they are mainly used for their soothing properties. Their high cannabidiol content promotes relaxation by stimulating the immune system.

You can consume our best CBD flowers in infusion, in vaporization and even in cooking.

CBD crumb mix


Weedy presents a mix of crumbs and micro-flowers from our best varieties of CBD. Best value for money guaranteed!


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    Weed Therapy CBD

    CBD Greenhouse Therapy

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  • strawberry haze indoor

    Strawberry Haze Indoor

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  • Pistachio

    Pistacchio CBD Indoor

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  • remedy cbd indoor

    Indoor CBD Remedy

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  • tangie cbd outdoor

    Tangie CBD Outdoor

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  • sour diesel cbd greenhouse

    Sour Diesel CBD Greenhouse

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  • gorilla cbd outdoor

    Gorilla CBD Outdoor

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  • ginger haze cbd greenhouse

    Ginger Haze CBD Greenhouse

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  • candy fruit cbd greenhouse

    Candy Fruit CBD Greenhouse

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  • fruit tonic cbd outdoor

    Fruit Tonic CBD Outdoor

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  • banana kush indoor hydroponics

    Banana Kush Indoor Hydroponics

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  • green gelato cbd indoor

    Green Gelato CBD Indoor

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  • girl scout cookies

    Girl Scout Cookies Indoor

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  • img zkittlez watermark

    Zkittlez CBD Indoor Hydroponics

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  • img widow watermark

    White Widow CBD Indoor Hydroponics

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  • amnesia haze indoor cbd

    Amnesia Haze CBD indoor

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  • nyc diesel hydroponic cbd

    NYC Diesel CBD Hydroponics

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  • super lemon haze indoor hydroponics

    Super Lemon Haze Indoor Hydroponics

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  • pineapple cbd indoor hydroponics

    Pineapple CBD Indoor Hydroponics

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  • caramel candy indoor cbd

    Caramel Candy CBD indoor

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  • harlequin indoor cbd

    Harlequin CBD indoor

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  • mix cbd crumbs

    Mix CBD Crumbs

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  • cbd lemon crumb mix

    CBD Lemon Crumb Mix

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  • small buds strawberry indoor

    Small Buds Strawberry Indoor

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  • grinder3

    Weedy CBD grinder

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  • purple punch cbd indoor

    Purple Punch CBD Indoor

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  • cannatonic indoor cbd

    Cannatonic CBD indoor

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  • discovery box

    The Discovery Box: 5 Premium varieties

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  • orange bud cbd greenhouse

    Orange Bud CBD Greenhouse

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  • cookie kush indoor cbd

    Cookie Kush CBD indoor

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  • Bubble Gum - CBD-min cannabis flowers

    Bubble Gum CBD indoor

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  • super skunk outdoor cbd

    Super Skunk CBD Outdoor

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  • lemon skunk outdoor cbd

    Lemon Skunk CBD Outdoor

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  • sweet karma outdoor cbd

    Sweet Karma CBD Outdoor

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CBD flowers are simply cannabis buds rich in cannabidiol and harvested from a legal variety. This therefore means that the variety of the CBD flower has been specially selected for its richness in CBD and the virtual absence of THC (<0,3%).

Once the flowering cycle has been reached and the CBD flowers have reached maturity, they are harvested then dried and finally packaged so that they can be sent to you.

The interest of CBD flowers lies in the fact that they are covered with trichomes, small vesicles containing in particular cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids : it is thanks to them that you can benefit from the effects and aromas of cannabidiol.

Interestingly, only the female plants produce flowers rich in cannabinoids. This explains why most cannabis growers prefer to grow female plants. They are the ones that make it possible to extract CBD, other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. THE male flowers they produce pollen.

Let's put an end to the suspense right away: smoking CBD flowers, even if they are legal, is strongly discouraged. This is because burning releases toxins that are harmful to health, which goes against the many benefits of cannabidiol.

It is however possible to consume them in vaporization or infusion. Rich in colors and smells, they also make original decorative objects for some collectors. Using CBD flowers is very easy :

  • Spray CBD Flowers: place the desired amount in the tank of your vegetable material vaporizer then follow the manufacturer's recommendations for use to enjoy the vape.
  • Infuse CBD Flowers: coarsely chop your flower then place a spoonful in simmering water for about ten minutes. Consume with a fatty substance (whole milk in particular) to take advantage of the effects of CBD.
  • Using CBD flowers in the kitchen: in the dishes of your choice, you can add crumbled flowers as a garnish.

In all cases, avoid extreme temperatures that alter the properties of cannabinoids. A 170 degree spray is ideal for both effects and aromas, but no need to exceed 200 degrees!

Weedy.fr is committed to favoring the healthiest and most environmentally friendly types of cultivation for its CBD hemp flowers. We thus promote natural agriculture, without chemical treatment or additives. Depending on the variety and the properties sought, different cultivation methods are used:

  • Grown indoors (Indoor CBD): for CBD flowers of identical quality, harvest after harvest.
  • hydroponics: for maximum control of nutrient intake and terpene production. This is the case with our Hydroponic Pineapple.
  • Grown outdoors (CBD outdoor): to take advantage of the sun's contribution.
  • Greenhouse cultivation (CBD greenhouse): the best of both worlds, between plant protection and natural lighting.

All cultivation methods have their specificities, so there is no no ideal cultivation method nor fundamentally better than the others. In general, the contribution of the sun and the open ground promote the development of aromas.

On the other hand, it is easier to control the characteristics of the flowers indoors or in hydroponics.

No, CBD is not addictive. Cannabis has a bad reputation for being addictive, but it's important to dispel misconceptions. It is true that marijuana can be addictive, it is nevertheless much weaker than other authorized substances. This puts black market cannabis more or less on the same level as alcohol and in any case lower in the ranking of addictive substances than nicotine. Moreover, only THC is psychoactive and addictive. It is therefore he who confers the high effects of cannabis and which makes the risk of addiction real. CBD flowers, with their tiny THC level (less than 0,3% according to European legislation), do not carry this risk of addiction.

CBD flowers, like all legal products enriched with CBD, therefore do not make you addicted. Also impossible to overdose on CBD. On the other hand, it is possible to develop a certain form of addiction in case of excessive consumption. In this case, the body gets used to the presence of the molecule and reacts less to its effects. Too high doses also increase the risk of side effects (digestion problems, headaches, pasty mouth mainly). Space out doses and/or reduce concentration usually suffices to remedy this.

The answer to this question can be summed up in three words: quality, serious, price.

Weedy.fr is a specialist in the cannabis market, established for a long time on the French market. Pioneers in the sector, we know every corner of this market and ensure continuous monitoring. It allows us to keep abreast of current legislation and current trends. On this basis and our legal cannabis expertise, we constantly select, sort and develop new products of the best quality, the main objective of which is always to satisfy the desires and needs of our customers.

For our CBD flowers, we always favor a environmentally friendly agriculture and work with local producers located in Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and Spain in particular. All of our products are also subject to regular quality checks carried out by third-party organisations. The analysis results are made available to you.

In addition to our CBD flowers, a range of accessories (grinder in particular) is regularly updated. Everything is sent to you under neutral fold, in one vacuum pack, delivered to your home or to a Relay Point within 48 to 72 hours (on average).

The quantity to buy depends directly on your needs and consumption habits.

The simplest is usually to start with a small quantity. All our CBD flowers are available for purchase from 1 gram, which allows you to gently discover the effects and different ways of using CBD flowers. Small quantities also allow test several varieties in order to understand their preferred tastes and aromas. To help you in your choice, we have designed a discovery box with one gram of five different varieties.

Once your needs and tastes are well defined, it is more interesting to order more grams of your favorite flowers in order to take advantage of our decreasing rates. Depending on the variety, you can for example save 50% on the price per gram by ordering 10 grams instead of one.

Well-preserved CBD flowers can easily be used at least six months after receipt of the package. For that, close the bag tightly after opening or place them in an airtight container that is not too big and very dry and that you will keep away from direct light and excessive heat. Beyond the expiry date, and in the absence of traces of mold, CBD flowers can still be used. Their aromas and effects simply fade over time.

It is therefore quite possible to buy several grams at once.

CBD is a THC antagonist. This means that, despite an extremely close molecular structure, the effects of the two molecules complement each other and are often opposed. So while THC gets you high, CBD is deemed to be an antipsychotic. While THC can cause paranoid episodes, CBD on the contrary seems to have neuroprotective effects.

CBD is also studied for its ability to facilitate weaning to certain addictive molecules. This would concern both alcohol and nicotine and therefore THC.

CBD has here the first advantage of relieve certain withdrawal symptoms such as nervousness, stress and anxiety related to lack, sleep problems or increased appetite. It also has the advantage of allowing you to keep the gesture of the smoker if you opt for a vaporizer of vegetable matter loaded with CBD flower crumbs. This way of taking produces far fewer toxins than combustion, whether it is a classic cigarette or a joint.

Once the gesture is no longer a necessity, it is possible to move on to even healthier derivatives than flowers and e-liquids. It is thus possible to use CBD patches, to stick directly on the skin, CBD oils or even infusions. All of these products can help you wean off THC more easily and quickly.

Although CBD flowers are 100% legal, the subject remains taboo for some people. To preserve everyone's privacy, we carefully package all of our CBD flowers in vacuum pouches which avoid any suspicious smell. The envelope or package (depending on the size of your order) is completely neutral for total discretion. No logo, no indication of the content are present.

Once your order has been validated, you have access to our secure payment module. Your order is then prepared as soon as possible and under 24 hours (open days). As long as it has not been prepared, you are otherwise free to make changes. Once the package is shipped, you receive a tracking number by email.

The delivery is done by Colissimo, with a shipment from France directly to your home or to a Relay Point under 72 hours (on average). Weedy.fr also delivers in 15 European countries, to meet all your needs. If your package is lost or damaged, we will send you back the missing or damaged products free of charge (after tracking the package or finding the damage).

The shipping costs are offered to you anyway from 40 euros of purchase.

Our CBD flowers come from different origins, in particular depending on the variety and their method of cultivation (indoors, outdoors, hydroponics, in greenhouses). Indeed, the "terroir" plays a direct role in the quality of CBD flowers, which need enough heat and light to fill up with cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Inside, the needs are different and the place of production can then be selected according to different criteria, one of the main ones being the expertise of the cannabis growers and the technicality of the methods and equipment available.

Some varieties are thus, for example, particularly cultivated in Piedmont (Italy), on the heights of Lake Maggiore at more than 1000 meters above sea level. The unique sunshine of these exposed hillsides, the oxygen content specific to these alpine heights and the purity of the air are all criteria that give character to these flowers with unique aromas and properties.

Generally, Weedy.fr favors CBD flowers grown in Europe according to cultivation methods that respect the environment (no GMOs, pesticides or traces of heavy metals). The origin of the flowers is indicated on the product sheet of the variety in question. In particular, they can come fromItaly, Switzerland, ofSpain or Portugal.

To preserve both the environment and your health, favor CBD flowers from environmentally friendly agriculture such as those sold by Weedy.Fr. Many other criteria help you make the choice of quality and meet your needs.

  • Type of crop: an outdoor culture concentrates the perfumes thanks to direct exposure to the sun, an indoor culture and/or in hydroponics allows a finer control of the production parameters, the greenhouse is an interesting compromise.
  • Flavors and fragrances: each variety of CBD cannabis has its particularities. You are free to choose between the earthy, fruity, tangy, chocolate or pungent notes of the different varieties.
  • Visual: the visual of a CBD flower is not just an aesthetic criterion. A fresh flower tends to have brighter colors. Hints of blue, purple, orange pistils and shiny trichomes are a sign of freshness. The aromas will only be more developed and the effects marked.
  • Indica, sativa or hybrid: The differences in genetics are a little less pronounced in terms of effects when it comes to CBD cannabis. However, a sativa strain is generally more energizing while an indica is more soothing. Hybrids allow you to find interesting in-betweens.
  • CBD rate: the intensity of the effects is very different between flowers at 6%, 8%, 10%, 12%, 14% or 16%. Start with the lowest concentrations then test higher rates if necessary to find the one that suits you best.
  • Other cannabinoids: CBD is not the only cannabinoid with virtuous properties! It is particularly possible to find flowers naturally rich in CBG, reputed to be a good muscle relaxant.

In the wild, a cannabis plant generally contains much more THC than CBD, yet the second most widely present cannabinoid in the plant. With time and mastery of domestication, humans have nevertheless gradually understood how select certain varieties for their special qualities, including their effects and therefore the cannabinoid levels.

With science helping, there are now many varieties of cannabis very rich in CBD (up to 12%, 14%, 16%, or even more) and containing only traces of THC. This makes them completely legal (a plant is only allowed if it contains less than 0,3% THC).

These numbers may seem random but they are actually easy to understand. Thus, the CBD level can be reduced to the amount of cannabidiol for a given weight. So, one gram of 10% CBD flower contains, in all, 100 milligrams of cannabidiol. The rest is made up of other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and, of course, plant matter.

When you are in the period of discovering CBD and its effects, it is advisable to start with a low level (6% or 8% for a CBD flower For example). With the habit and according to your needs, you can then gradually increase this rate until you achieve the desired effects.

We obviously find the effects of CBD through the use of quality CBD flowers. Some of the most common include: relaxation, muscle relaxation, soothing of certain pains, easy falling asleep and better quality of sleep.

CBD flowers are also distinguished since they are an unprocessed product, therefore containing cannabidiol, but also all the cannabinoids and other molecules naturally present in the plant.

They therefore also make it possible to take advantage of the entourage effect, involving wider and more pronounced effects than when consuming a legal cannabis isolate.

Depending on the desired effects and the time available, CBD flowers have the great advantage of allowing many types of use (vaporization, infusion, cooking, making DIY products). They are the least processed CBD-rich product on the market and therefore one of the most versatile.

More than varieties, certain families of CBD flowers are particularly well-known and appreciated by consumers. Among them, we mainly find CBD Haze, Skunk, Kush et Diesel.

Each family has its particularities:

  • Haze: sativas with lemony and spicy aromas.
  • Skunk: potent strains with pungent and earthy aromas.
  • Kush: fruity and soothing varieties which evoke flowers and tropical fruits (banana, pineapple, mango).
  • Diesel: energizing strains appreciated by the highly stressed.

If you want to test CBD flowers belonging to the most known and consumed varieties, you can turn to our Super Lemon Haze, NYC Diesel, Banana Kush, Super Skunk, Amnesia Haze, Cannatonic ou Remedy just to name a few.

A lover of cannabidiol superproducts, Moon Rocks (CBD flowers coated with CBD oil and pollen) are made for you!

To be legal in France, CBD flowers must contain a authorized THC level (0,3%).

They must also belong to a authorized variety of hemp. The rule is also the same in each of the member countries of the European Union since supranational law prevails over French legislation.

Each of the CBD flowers offered for sale on the store Weedy. Fr follow all these rules, regardless of the variety selected.

To ensure this, regular checks are carried out by third-party laboratories and the results are always communicated to you, directly on the page dedicated to the product concerned.

This assures you of buying legal CBD flowers, with no psychoactive or addictive effects or any notorious side effects. Just be sure to space out the use to allow time for the effects to appear.

On paper, CBD flowers are 100% legal. With the naked eye, however, it is impossible to distinguish them from black market cannabis flowers (marijuana). It is therefore not recommended to travel with CBD flowers. If you manage to prove the absence of THC, nothing should happen to you in case of control. However, the verification can be long and you will certainly have to comply with a screening control in addition to the analysis of your flowers. This is neither pleasant nor quick and you could also arrive much later than expected or miss your plane, including in countries where cannabis is legal.

In countries where cannabis remains illegal, the penalties incurred can be much higher. Leave them at home! In case you stay in France or within the European Union and do not take the plane, we recommend that you find out about the different countries crossed and always keep the original packaging. The wisest thing to do in case of doubt is to contact the competent authorities (customs). The simplest thing is to move around without your flowers andbuy or order on site if local law allows.

Weedy.fr delivers to you in France, But also in 14 other European countries. Delivery is fast, plain and secure, making it arguably the easiest way to enjoy quality CBD flowers while travelling!

Since December 2022, the Council of State has completely lifted its reservations on the marketing of CBD. CBD flowers are therefore completely legal and no indication of consumption has not been announced. This means that you are allowed to use them whenever you want. However, some precautions are necessary.

If you have a road safety check, CBD is not tested unlike THC or, more precisely, its acid form: THCA. No need to have consumed large quantities to give a positive test, traces may be enough. Problem, CBD flowers, even legal ones, can contain up to 0,3% THC. If you have just consumed, there is a positive control risk.

For legal reasons such as out of respect for the lives of others and for your own safety, it is recommended that you do not drive and use legal cannabis flowers too close together. Prefer for example use your flowers after driving, once you arrive at your destination. If you have already used your flowers, wait a few hours before driving. In case of doubt, it is possible to obtain screening self-tests. They are not infallible but allow you to limit the risks and to have peace of mind.

CBD is a molecule very well tolerated by most consumers. She is no longer nor psychoactive (it does not cause high effects) nor addictive (no risk of becoming addicted). Its side effects are therefore rare and, in the vast majority of cases, minor.

For a healthy person, the main side effects involve problèmes digestifs (stomach aches, diarrhoea), nausea, headaches, the dry or mushy mouth feeling and / or a feeling drowsy. However, they appear rarely and mainly in case of heavy consumption. If you notice any of these symptoms, temporarily stop using your CBD flowers until the effects wear off. You can then try again by lowering the dose and/or spacing out the intakes further. This is enough most of the time to feel more side effects.

If you have a health problem, a medical advice is highly recommended. CBD can indeed be contraindicated in the presence of certain treatments (antidepressants and certain treatments for thyroid problems in particular). THE blood, heart and arterial problems may also contraindicate the consumption of CBD flowers and other hemp derivatives.

CBD is not not a sleeping pill or a direct sedative. However, it has many qualities that help to benefit from a better sleep. If the exact link between cannabidiol and sleep has not been demonstrated, the many opinions of its users leave no doubt as to its potential.

It can thus contribute to:

  • Regulate the circadian cycle (the sleep cycle, notably upset by the blue light from our screens)
  • Induce a feeling of relaxation that promotes sleep
  • Reduce stress and anxious states that pollute the mind at bedtime
  • Promote falling asleep
  • Facilitate falling back to sleep when waking up during the night
  • Relax the muscles
  • Relieve certain pains which can also disturb the quality of sleep

To take advantage of these effects, it is recommended to consume CBD in a quiet place, shortly before bedtime. For this you can for example infuse the desired amount of CBD flowers in hot milk. If you prefer water, add a fatty substance to the mixture (milk or vegetable drink). It is indeed the fat that allows the assimilation of cannabidiol by the body.

Yes, thanks to the soothing properties of cannabidiol, CBD flowers can help reduce stress.

The reason CBD works so well on our bodies is because we humans and mammals in general have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is made up of CB1 and CB2 receptors scattered throughout the body. Cannabinoids in general and CBD in particular target them through the nervous system. By interacting with these receptors, CBD would be able to make the sensation caused by stress less present and to relieve our nervousness and certain anxiety disorders.

To act against stress and anxiety, it is better to use the CBD flowers in infusion. This is the gentlest and healthiest mode of intake since, unlike vaporization, it does not release toxins under the action of heat.

For a relaxing and anti-stress herbal tea, coarsely grind the desired amount of flowers, then infuse it for a few minutes (no more than 8 to 10 minutes so as not to release too much bitterness). The presence of a fat body in the mixture (whole milk, cream, vegetable drink) is essential in order to properly assimilate the CBD and benefit from its relaxing effects.

The Endocannabinoid System, Abbreviated SEC, is a set of receptors (CB1 and CB2) scattered throughout the body. He's there why cannabinoids have an effect on the human body : etymologically, endocannabinoid means “cannabinoid naturally produced by the human body”. The cannabinoids produced by cannabis are indeed very close to molecules that we produce naturally.

After using CBD flowers or another derivative, the molecules associate with the receptors. To put it simply, imagine a CBD molecule as a key and an ECS receptor as a lock. Due to their similarity, the first is able to interact with the second and open the door to the effects of cannabinoids.

CBD is particularly compatible with receptors CB2, mainly concentrated in our immune system, spleen and gastrointestinal system. THC, on the contrary, pairs with receptors CB1, present in our brain and our nervous system. They are particularly involved in the processing of emotions and influence our memory. These specificities thus partly explain why CBD is soothing and why THC has high effects.

Cannabis indica, cannabis sativa… the descriptions of CBD flowers follow each other and are not alike. Don't worry, it's not that complicated. The first thing to know is that all CBD flowers belong to a same plant family : Cannabis or hemp is the same thing. Within this species there are several subspecies, determined by the physical characteristics of the plants (the phenotype, if your biology lessons aren't too far).

Le Sativa cannabis thus originates from equatorial regions, such as Jamaica. He recognizes himself by his long, thin light green leaves and its plants with very tall stems (1m80 on average, but potentially several meters high). Its flowers are long, slender and fluffy. They are generally chosen for their energizing side which promotes creativity, concentration and creativity.

Le weed indica is sometimes nicknamed Indian hemp since it is native to the Himalayas. Its plants are much lower and bushier than the Sativa, with a tendency to bush. His flowers are round and dense and its dark green leaves. On the aroma side, we find a higher rate of myrcene (a terpene) than for sativas, which gives indicas menthol and lemon aromas features. Indicas are generally chosen for their very relaxing side ideal for relaxing, soothing pain or promoting sleep.