You want to buy CBD flowers in France at the best prices ? We have selected for you the best varieties and aromas of any type : Sativa / Indica, Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse…

Always with a THC level less than 0.3%, CBD flowers come from the hemp plant. Without any psychotropic effect, they are mainly used for their soothing properties. Their high cannabidiol content promotes relaxation by stimulating the immune system.

You can consume our best CBD flowers in infusion, in vaporization and even in cooking.

CBD crumb mix


Weedy presents a mix of crumbs and micro-flowers from our best varieties of CBD. Best value for money guaranteed!


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  • ↓70%
    moon rock indoor cbd

    Moon Rock CBD indoor

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  • -70%
    Moon rock Ice

    Moonrock Ice 34-36% CBD

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  • img zkittlez watermark

    Zkittlez CBD Indoor Hydroponics

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  • img widow watermark

    White Widow CBD Indoor Hydroponics

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  • img jack watermark

    Jack the Ripper (Jack Herer) CBD Indoor Hydroponics

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  • amnesia haze indoor cbd

    Amnesia Haze CBD indoor

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  • nyc diesel hydroponics

    NYC Diesel CBD Hydroponics

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  • super lemon haze indoor hydroponics

    Super Lemon Haze Indoor Hydroponics

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  • pineapple indoor hydroponics

    Pineapple CBD Indoor Hydroponics

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  • caramel candy indoor cbd

    Caramel Candy CBD indoor

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  • green gelato cbd indoor

    Green Gelato CBD Indoor

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  • remedy cbd indoor

    Indoor CBD Remedy

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  • harlequin indoor cbd

    Harlequin CBD indoor

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  • super silver haze indoor

    Super Silver Haze CBD indoor

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  • royal cheese indoor cbd

    Royal Cheese CBD indoor

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  • mix cbd crumbs

    Mix CBD Crumbs

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  • lemon crumb mix3

    CBD Lemon Crumb Mix

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  • small buds strawberry indoor

    Small Buds Strawberry Indoor

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  • grinder3

    Weedy CBD grinder

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  • pistachio cbd indoor

    Pistacchio CBD Indoor

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  • purple punch cbd indoor

    Purple Punch CBD Indoor

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  • cannatonic indoor cbd

    Cannatonic CBD indoor

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  • discovery box

    The Discovery Box: 5 Premium varieties

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  • orange bud greenhouse

    Orange Bud CBD Greenhouse

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  • Banana kush

    Banana Kush CBD indoor

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  • cookie kush indoor cbd

    Cookie Kush CBD indoor

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  • strawberry haze indoor

    Strawberry Haze Indoor

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  • bubble gum indoor cbd

    Bubble Gum CBD indoor

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  • super skunk outdoor cbd

    Super Skunk CBD Outdoor

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  • Weed Therapy CBD

    CBD Greenhouse Therapy

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  • lemon skunk outdoor cbd

    Lemon Skunk CBD Outdoor

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  • sweet karma outdoor cbd

    Sweet Karma CBD Outdoor

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CBD flowers are simply cannabis buds rich in cannabidiol and harvested from a legal variety. This therefore means that the variety of the CBD flower has been specially selected for its richness in CBD and the virtual absence of THC (<0,3%).

Once the flowering cycle has been reached and the CBD flowers have reached maturity, they are harvested then dried and finally packaged so that they can be sent to you.

The interest of CBD flowers lies in the fact that they are covered with trichomes, small vesicles containing in particular cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids : it is thanks to them that you can benefit from the effects and aromas of cannabidiol.

Let's put an end to the suspense right away: smoking CBD flowers, even if they are legal, remains prohibited. On the other hand, it is possible to consume them as a vaporization or an infusion. Rich in colors and smells, they also make original decorative items for some collectors. Using CBD flowers is very easy :

  • Spray CBD Flowers: place the desired amount in the tank of your vegetable material vaporizer then follow the manufacturer's recommendations for use to enjoy the vape.
  • Infuse CBD Flowers: coarsely chop your flower then place a spoonful in simmering water for about ten minutes. Consume with a fatty substance (whole milk in particular) to take advantage of the effects of CBD.
  • Using CBD flowers in the kitchen: in the dishes of your choice, you can add crumbled flowers as a garnish.

Weedy.fr is committed to favoring the healthiest and most environmentally friendly types of cultivation for its CBD hemp flowers. We thus promote natural agriculture, without chemical treatment or additives. Depending on the variety and the properties sought, different cultivation methods are used:

  • Grown indoors (indoor): for CBD flowers of identical quality, harvest after harvest.
  • hydroponics: for maximum control of nutrient intake and terpene production. This is the case of our Pineapple Hydroponics.
  • Grown outdoors (activities): to take advantage of the sun's contribution.
  • Greenhouse cultivation (greenhouse): the best of both worlds, between plant protection and natural lighting.

We obviously find the effects of CBD through the use of quality CBD flowers. Some of the most common include: relaxation, muscle relaxation, soothing of certain pains, easy falling asleep and better quality of sleep.

CBD flowers are also distinguished since they are an unprocessed product, therefore containing cannabidiol, but also all the cannabinoids and other molecules naturally present in the plant.

They therefore also make it possible to take advantage of the entourage effect, involving wider and more pronounced effects than when consuming a legal cannabis isolate.

More than varieties, certain families of CBD flowers are particularly well-known and appreciated by consumers. Among them, we mainly find CBD Haze, Skunk, Kush et Diesel.

If you want to test CBD flowers belonging to the most known and consumed varieties, you can turn to our Super Lemon Haze, NYC Diesel, Banana Kush, Super Skunk, Amnesia Haze, Cannatonic ou Remedy just to name a few.

A lover of cannabidiol superproducts, Moon Rocks (CBD flowers coated with CBD oil and pollen) are made for you!

To be legal in France, CBD flowers must contain a authorized THC level (0,3%). This is the case for each of the CBD flowers offered for sale on the store. Weedy.fr, whatever the variety selected. To ensure this, regular checks are carried out by third-party laboratories and the results are always communicated to you, directly on the page dedicated to the product concerned.

This assures you of buying legal CBD flowers, with no psychoactive or addictive effects or any notorious side effects. Just be sure to space out the use to allow time for the effects to appear.