The culture of indoor CBD flowers (indoors) is the one that offers the greatest control over the plant environment.

Very technical process, it requires a great know-how which allows abundant harvests of CBD flowers always the same quality (aromas, effects, size, appearance).

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CBD grown indoors is simply a CBD (cannabidiol) extracted from plants that have grown indoors. This implies that cannabiculturists choose with precision parameters as diverse as the daily exposure time to light, the level of CO2 in the air or even the pH of the irrigation water.

An indoor culture can be done as well earthen or other substrate than above ground cultivation. Some of our indoor CBD flowers are like this grown in hydroponics (hydroculture). The plants then grow without soil, which allows bothsave large amounts of water and more finely control the nutrient intakes.

The culture of outdoor CBD (outdoors) makes farmers dependent on the seasons, the weather and the region. Depending on the variety, hemp needs more or less heat and humidity.

Thanks to indoor CBD cultivation, it is not only possible to produce in larger areas, but also to multiply the harvest. Indeed, outside, it is only possible to harvest once a year.

An indoor CBD plant can grow at any time of the year, for a more regular supply and equally stable quality over time.

Le CBD greenhouse is extracted from legal cannabis plants that have grown in greenhouses and whose production therefore depends, at least in part, on the outside climate.

Compared to the CBD greenhouse, the indoor CBD thus benefits from a finer control of production parameters, in particular concerning the management of the day or night phases and the temperature. Indoors, hemp plants can grow at any time of the year and whatever the weather in the exact same conditions.

Indoor CBD flowers therefore display always the same properties, both in terms of effects and flavors.

Indoor CBD flowers are used in exactly the same way as other types of flowers. Infusion is a simple, healthy and effective method of enjoying their effects.

Start by crumble the desired amount (not too finely), then infuse it CBD flower in a hot liquid for about ten minutes, like a herbal tea. The mixture can then be consumed alone or be used in the kitchen, but always accompanied by a fatty substance (milk for example) which allows the assimilation of CBD.

It is also possible to vaporize CBD flowers indoor, from 170 degrees.

Thanks to indoor cultivation, the CBD rate is easier to control and stable from one harvest to the next. Whatever the mode of consumption, the main effects felt are always those of cannabidiol:

  • feeling of relaxation,
  • pain relief chronic or inflammatory,
  • reduction of stress and anxiety,
  • better quality of sleep.

Another advantage of a raw product like indoor CBD flowers, the CBD is surrounded by other naturally occurring molecules such as hemp, such as other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

Both the aromas and the effects are then more marked.

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