Do you want to taste a CBD infusion ? We have selected premium products for you in order to take full advantage of all the benefits of CBD : relaxation, detox, vitality, sleep and much more.

A cannabidiol infusion is a set of organic hemp leaves to immerse in hot water. The mixtures are prepared by hand, in order to guarantee the highest level of quality to our customers.

The recipe is carefully thought out beforehand and tested to benefit from the virtues of CBD, without sacrificing taste.

These CBD hemp infusion herbal blends are all from 100% natural agriculture, guaranteed without pesticides and without additives.


What could be better than a good herbal tea to relax in times of stress? This is especially true with the infusion of CBD hemp. Green Garden, specially designed to relax your body and mind.

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A CBD infusion, also called CBD herbal tea ou hemp tea, is simply made up of organic dried hemp leaves. It can be used like any infusion and allows enjoy the aromas and soothing effects of CBD.

Infused in hot water like a classic tea, hemp leaves provide herbaceous and bitter aromas. However, most consumers turn to this type of herbal tea to take advantage of the soothing effects of cannabidiol. In this case, it is necessary to add a fat: it is this which allows the assimilation of CBD by the body.

It is recommended to combine hemp with other ingredients within the same mixture for infusion: this allows both to obtain more interesting tastes and tocombine the benefits of different plants present in the mixture. This is the case with CBD infusions Weedy.fr, in which each ingredient is carefully selected.

A CBD infusion is used like any other herbal tea. For an optimal experience with ease, place one to two tablespoons of the mixture in a large mug, for example using a classic tea infuser, and cover with simmering water. You can also use our glass teapot, our glass water bottle with infuser or our insulated water bottle.

To release a maximum of aromas while avoiding developing too much bitterness, remove the cannabidiol infusion mix after eight to ten minutes.

Add a fatty substance for an optimal assimilation of cannabinoids (a cloud of milk for example): it's ready!

Depending on the plants, fruits or flowers present in your mixture, it may be advantageous not to use boiling water, but rather at 85 or 90 degrees. You can also cold brew, longer (about 30 minutes). Remember to read the label of your infusion: it usually indicates the ideal temperature!

An organic CBD infusion is drunk and therefore goes through the digestive tract. To feel its effects, you have to wait for digestion to begin, which can take more or less time depending on the organism.

The digestive route is slower than the sublingual route (CBD oils under the tongue in particular) and than inhalation. The latter is the fastest, but also the least healthy. To promote the passage of CBD from an infusion into the body, it is important to combine a fat (whole milk, cream, butter for example).

It is possible that the effects of a CBD infusion will not be felt until afterone to two hours. However, you will enjoy it for several hours (on average two to six hours). If you do not feel the effects quickly, then there is no point in increasing the dose too quickly!

In everyday life, the terms infusion and herbal tea are often used interchangeably. The important thing is after all that one understands what one is talking about and the two terms can easily be used as synonyms. In theory, however, there is a difference between the two.

A infusion is above all a preparation technique. It consists of infusing plant matter (leaves, flowers, fruits, vegetables, roots) in a liquid to extract soluble components. They have both effects (appeasement in the case of CBD in particular) and aromas (herbaceous, bitter, hazelnut for hemp).

La CBD herbal tea, on the contrary, is a drink (hot or cold). It can be the result of a hemp infusion, but not only. It is also possible to obtain a CBD herbal tea by decoction and maceration. For a decoction, the plant matter is first placed in cold water, then boiled for a few minutes to extract as many molecules as possible. Prepared in this way, hemp nevertheless gives off a lot of bitterness. For a maceration, the hemp is soaked in water at room temperature for a fairly long period (from 30 minutes to a few hours). Again, a lot of bitterness can be released.

THECBD infusion is therefore the mode of preparation of a CBD herbal tea recommended.

By soaking plant matter in hot (or cold) water, you extract its soluble principles. The goal is obviously to take advantage of the properties of hemp, CBD and other materials present in the mixture, as well as their aromas. The problem is that any undesirable compounds present on the plant can also end up in your cup and then, a few minutes later, in your body.

For this reason, it is advisable to choose ingredients from 100% natural agriculture such as those present in the mixtures sold on Weedy.Fr. All our ingredients are like this from organic farming et guaranteed free of pesticides, GMOs and heavy metals.

Finally, remember to choose the composition of the mixture for infusion in order to take advantage of the combined effects of different plants. CBD is well known for its soothing, pain relieving and relaxing effects. This is why it promotes relaxation and helps to sleep better.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the energizing blends (ginger, goji berries), detox (green tea, eucalyptus, lemongrass), quiet night (natural rooibos, vanilla) or even natural defenses (lemon balm, black pepper, clove, cardamom). And don't forget the taste, it's what will make you get the most out of your CBD infusion!

For The quality of our productsour hemp expertise and reliability of our deliveries !

Weedy.fr is one of the pioneers of legal cannabis in France and Europe. These long years of following the market, researching new products and developing our own recipes have allowed us to establish a solid reputation and satisfy several thousand customers.

All our products are like this selected with great care, according to strict and varied criteria which concern their composition, their method of cultivation, their effects and their price. Hemp infusions Weedy, for example, are prepared by hand using ingredients from organic farming and according to recipes developed by us. Each offers a original and delicious taste and is based on the combination of plant materials whose combined effects are interesting (special mixture quiet night, detox or natural defenses for example).

In addition, we offer you a range of accessories practical and elegant (teapot, tea bottle, etc.). Everything is packed in envelope or neutral cardboard and shipped by Colissimo for a average delivery between 48 and 72 hours. All this is offered to you at a Excellent value, with regular promotions and renewal of the range.

The benefits of CBD infusions are the effects of cannabidiol. By consuming one of our herbal teas, you can count on a pleasant feeling of relaxation, ideal pour soothe the body and the mind. CBD infusions also have the advantage of not being excessively heated (as opposed to smoked) and therefore also containing CBDA, complementary to CBD.

The great advantage of CBD infusions is their particularly gentle mode of consumption. Not only is it perfectly healthy, but it also contributes directly to the effects experienced. This little ritual of herbal tea before bedtime or in the middle of the day with a book, music or simply in peace promotes relaxation.

The main effects sought are as follows:

  • Relaxation and better attention.
  • Pain relief.
  • Soothing of the digestive system.
  • Help to fall asleep.
  • Reduced anxiety.
  • Better internal balance.

Yes, it is quite possible to consume CBD hemp tea regularly! Since CBD is not psychoactive, you can also consume it at any time of the day. If you are new to the product, start with, for example, one or two cups a day, increasing the frequency of consumption if necessary to achieve the desired effects.

It is only recommended to wait 1h30 to 2h between two cups, to allow time for the effects to appear. There are also no contraindications to a daily consumption of CBD infusion.

As an indication, it is recommended not to exceed 70 milligrams of CBD per person per day. This quantity nevertheless remains to be adapted to the morphology, the consumption habits and the needs of each one. In any case, this leaves plenty of room to enjoy a cup of herbal tea regularly.

Weedy.fr undertakes to offer for sale only meticulously selected products. Our organic CBD infusion blends therefore contain ingredients guaranteed without pesticides or additives. Hemp comes from legal varieties, certified by the European Union (EU), with a strictly controlled THC level and still below the maximum authorized (0,3% within the EU).

In order to enjoy the virtues and aromas of your cannabidiol infusion for as long as possible, consider close the package well after use and to the keep away from light and humidity.

Your cannabidiol herbal tea packet usually indicates a BBD (for best before date). This means that the taste and effects of the mixture are the best during this time. There is nevertheless no health risk if you continue to drink it after the date, the properties and aromas will simply gradually diminish.

There is no official recommendation as to how much CBD herbal tea to consume each day or per serving. A maximum daily dose of 70 milligrams of CBD per person is nevertheless a good general guideline. This already makes a nice amount of infusion. Quantity obviously variable depending on the dosage of your mixture and the amount of material infused in the hot water.

If you discover the effects of cannabinoids, it is recommended to start with a low dosage (a cup at the end of the day for example). You will be able to discover the effects of cannabidiol gently and assess your tolerance. No need to worry: it is generally very good! After a few days, if you feel the need, you can gradually increase the dose.

It's up to you to see what suits you best and adjust as needed. In general, however, you should have no problem if you consume two to three large cups of CBD infusion daily. Do not force the doses if you do not feel the need, your body could get used to the presence of CBD and, therefore, react less. There is however no risk of overdose.

When to consume your CBD infusion?

Good news, a CBD infusion can be consumed at any time of the day or night. Cannabidiol is indeed neither a stimulant nor a direct sedative. It also does not cause any hovering effect, which makes it possible to use it at the time of your choice.

The most common use is in the evening shortly before bedtime. The CBD infusion then allows both to have a good time conducive to relaxation (with a book, a film or music for example) and to go to bed relaxed. This is obviously the time favored by all those who take cannabidiol to sleep better (falling asleep and quality of sleep).

In the morning is also a privileged moment to consume a hemp infusion. As an accompaniment to breakfast, the sufficient intake of fat then allows good assimilation of cannabidiol, which penetrates more easily and in greater quantity into the body.

Finally, nothing prevents you from consuming your cannabidiol herbal tea during the day as soon as the need arises, and why not overnight if you are prone to insomnia.

Cannabidiol infusions are often touted as an effective remedy for sleep problems. It is true that CBD contributes to better sleep since it can help you to:

  • Regulate the circadian cycle (the sleep cycle, particularly confused because of the blue light from our screens)
  • Promote rapid sleep
  • Improve the quality of sleep during the night
  • Reduce stress
  • Deep relaxation
  • Relax the muscles
  • Relieve certain pains

To achieve these effects, however, it is necessary to systematically add fat to the infusion (CBD does not dissolve in water). Several days can also be useful before the effects set in, so a little patience is required.

It is also good to remember what CBD is not, that is to say a treatment in general and a sleeping pill or a sedative in the context that interests us here. So, if CBD helps to find a better quality of sleep by acting on the CB1 and CB2 sensors of our endocannabinoid system, there remains a natural product.

If you suffer from insomnia, anxiety problems or any other health problem, see CBD as an ally, but not as a substitute for conventional medical monitoring. The two must live together.