You want to buy CBD resin online and at the best prices ? We have selected for you the best varieties : OG Kush, Lemon Haze, Amnesia Haze, Charas...

With a concentration level of 0,3% THC, our CBD cannabis resin is 100% legal in Europe. Recovered from the hemp flower, the resin, or CBD pollen, is best known for its relaxing properties. Use it in your infusions, your salads, your bath or to perfume your interior.

So enjoy natural effects of CBD resins, from natural agriculture that respects the environment.

Hash Rosin 24-26% CBD


Le Rosin HashWith its 24-26% CBD, is one of the most concentrated resins on the market. She combines power, quality and fruity aromas.

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The CBD pollens and resins are the legal form of what is colloquially called the hashish. It is simply a trichome extraction, small sticky balls located on the surface of hemp flowers and containing in particular cannabinoids, including CBD.

This sticky material is then pressed. When the concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids is particularly high, the pellet thus formed is very sticky : We are talking about CBD resin. When the concentration is a little lower, the dumpling is drier and more crumbly : we are talking about CBD pollen.

The use of different types of resins and flower pollen is already very common in traditional Chinese medicine. for its stimulating and immuno-defensive properties. CBD pollen is therefore one way among others to consume cannabidiol and thus benefit from these natural effects.

Since only the trichomes are removed and then compressed, pollens and resins are among the least processed (and therefore most natural) cannabidiol-rich derivatives on the market. They exist more and more large number of concentrations and varieties, what makes them very versatile.

Just like CBD flowers, CBD resins and pollens are perfectly legal, but nevertheless prohibited for consumption by combustion: it is therefore not not possible to smoke them. Their uses must remain strictly food.

Both, however, lend themselves perfectly to the vaporization which will allow you, in addition to avoiding the harmful aspects of smoke, take full advantage of the aromas offered by the variety from which your pollen or CBD resin was extracted.

If you already smoke or vape, grind the desired amount of pollen or resin then use it in the vaporizer of your choice at approximately 170 degrés. Start with short vaping sessions, then adjust as needed. If you don't vaporize, prefer a healthier mode of use, such as infusion.

The best way to consume CBD pollen is to break it down and then add it to your infusions accompanied by a fatty substance, but why not also on your salads, or for a relaxing effect, in your bath. You can also enjoy its particular smell, earthy with subtle citrus notes, to perfume your interior in a delicate way.

There are different methods of extracting the resin, depending on the product sought and the means available. The main ones are:

  • Sieve extraction: the sieve is used to separate the trichomes containing the resin from the rest of the plant matter. Once sorted, they still need to be heated and kneaded, often by hand, to achieve the desired consistency. This is an artisanal method that is suitable for small quantities.
  • Dry extraction: the main method used by professionals. It consists of freezing the flowers, then beating them in order to separate the different elements. It is well suited for large quantities and allows you to obtain a high quality resin.
  • Ice-o-Lator: it is also a cold extraction, which makes it possible to preserve the properties of the cannabinoids as much as possible. The trichomes are bathed in ice water and then dried to produce a hash with a very creamy texture and easy to crumble. Ice-o-Lator is one of the purest resins on the market.
  • Rosin: Rosin is one of the most concentrated resins on the market (up to more than 25% CBD). It is extracted hot, but without any solvent, which allows it to extract all the resin from the CBD flower while maintaining high quality. Its texture is very sticky and its effects powerful.

Not everyone agrees on the difference between pollen and resin. Some claim that these are two names for the same product, others that the name depends on the extraction technique (with a sieve for the pollen, with a few minutes of heating for the resin). What must be remembered is that the effects and modes of use of pollen and resin are the same. In both cases, it is moreover a extracting trichomes from female cannabis flowers.

In general, the CBD pollen has powdery texture and fairly light color pulling on the young, the green, the brown or the red according to the varieties. Due to its finesse, it lets less trichomes and plant debris through. It is therefore easier to crumble et less sticky than a resin. It is sometimes found in everyday language under the names of kif, kief or skuff. It has nothing to do with the pollen produced by male plants which are visited by bees during pollination.

La CBD resin meanwhile has a soft and sticky texture as well as a dark (brown, burgundy or almost black depending on the variety). This texture is due to the concentration of trichomes, pressed together and slightly heated to obtain a homogeneous paste. This is commonly referred to as hash or hashish. Its CBD concentration is generally higher.

The best product is simply the one that suits you best! feel free to order several varieties in small amounts at first to test your cannabinoid tolerance, textures and aromas that you prefer. Also test different modes of use (infusion, cooking, vaporization in particular) in order to understand your preferences and what best meets your needs and desires.

La pollen quality and resin is always the first aspect to consider (clean extraction, derivatives extracted from hemp plants from environmentally friendly agriculture, no superfluous ingredients in particular).

Here are some other points to consider:

  • Texture: Some people love the creamy, sticky texture of some resins while others find the powder created by crushing pollen easier to use.
  • Variety: each variety of CBD hemp has its own aromas, scents and tastes.
  • Extraction method: there are big differences in texture and concentration between a classic resin, a Moonrock Rosin and an Ice-o-Lator. Again, your desires and needs prevail.
  • Product practicality: the sticky texture of the resin is practical in infusion, but less so in cooking where the powdery texture of the pollen is interesting. If you are a fan of homemade and want to create your own CBD oils or e-liquids, the purity of CBD crumble is also very practical. It's up to you to adapt your choice to your needs!

Technically it is possible to smoke CBD resin. Legally, it's not really allowed… but not forbidden either. For health reasons, however, it is very strongly not recommended to smoke CBD resin.

Indeed, with combustion, some materials change their composition. In doing so, toxins are released and they are harmful to health. These toxic products can have serious consequences on the respiratory tract, in addition to increasing the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and cancer.

To find the sensations as well as the power and speed of the effects of the smoke, it is on the other hand possible to vaporize CBD resin. Cannabinoids always enter the body through inhalation, resulting in excellent bioavailability. On the other hand, there is no combustion and the number of toxins released is thus drastically lower (vaporization involves a temperature of 170/200 degrees on average against 800 for a cigarette).

This mode of use is therefore less dangerous than combustion, but not healthy for all that. If you can, turn to gentler techniques likeinfusion (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and the ingestion.


CBD pollens and resins contain a particularly high content of cannabidiol and therefore benefit from its effects (relaxation, muscle relaxation, skin soothing, relief of certain pains, reduction of anxiety, better quality of sleep particular).

Directly extracted from light cannabis plants, they also contain other cannabinoids with beneficial effects naturally present in the plant (including CBG, CBC and CBN) as well as terpenes et flavonoids, reinforcing the effects at the same time as they confer all the interest of the aromatic bouquet of a variety.

CBD pollen is often less popular than other products. It's an interesting form though. to enjoy all the benefits of CBD.

For those who are looking for derivatives with powerful effects (for a deep feeling of relaxation or to relieve pain, for example), there are also special pollens and resins such as Ice-o-lator, Moon Rock, Rosin Hash or Bubble Hash.

Legal CBD cannabis pollen or resin is a product that has been extracted from a plant of hemp certified by the European Union and therefore containing a low level of THC (0,3% maximum). This is the case for all the products present on the shop Weedy.com.

Each resin, each pollen or any other derivative sold on our shop is:

  • 100% legal
  • Strictly selected for its intrinsic qualities (quality, effects, taste and aromas)
  • Regularly checked
  • Extract from hemp plants belonging to the official list of authorized varieties
  • Carefully packaged and shipped neutral

In order to ensure the exact composition of the products purchased on our shop, you can also freely download analysis results, regularly delivered by third-party laboratories. For optimal use, be sure to space your takes.

To preserve the taste and effects of your CBD resin for a long time, it is finally important to close the package well after use and keep it in a cool, dark place.

So be sure to order your CBD pollens and resins legally on our site. Weedy.com.

The use of CBD pollen should not be taken lightly. Avoid taking it if you are pregnant and must drive. The relaxing effects of CBD can cause some people to fall asleep. Also be careful if you have allergies to certain flower, tree or grass pollens.

Like any natural product, CBD pollen should not be taken lightly. So be sure to keep your products out of the reach of children and pets. Also make sure to close the box for better conservation.

Weedy.fr is theone of the first companies to have believed in the legal cannabis market in France and participated in its development. Over the years, we have acquired a solid reputation and satisfied thousands of customers. By buying your CBD resins and pollens from us, you know that you are going through a serious seller who offers you quality products, has a Excellent value and offers you many guarantees.

By trusting in Weedy.fr, you get:

  • CBD derivatives 100% legal and regularly tested by third-party organizations
  • Interesting and decreasing prices according to the quantity ordered
  • A range of accessories that facilitate your daily use (grinder, teapot, water bottles)
  • Advice from CBD cannabis specialists, directly online or by telephone every day of the week, in addition to a blog with several hundred articles (CBD news, tips for use, news, recipes, points on the legislation and more)
  • Fast shipments and deliveries, everywhere in Europe
  • A secure payment system
  • After-sales service at your service
  • Promotions and regular destocking offers
  • A loyalty program that allows you to save money as you place your orders

All our CBD resins are delivered by Colissimo in 15 European countries including France. You can freely choose between delivery to the address of your choice (home for example) or to a Relay Point. In addition, from 40€ of purchase, delivery is free!

Once your order has been validated and paid for using our secure payment module, it goes into preparation. As long as it is not prepared, you can still modify it freely. She is then packaged within 24 hours (open days). This includes packaging in an airtight box and/or sealed vacuum envelope. Thus, your derivatives are perfectly preserved and no smell escapes from the package. The latter is also discreet and includes neutral labeling for absolute discretion (no logo or indication of the contents on the packaging).

On average, our customers receive their order within 48 to 72 hours (open days). They can also follow the delivery at any time thanks to a tracking number received by e-mail at the time of departure of the package. Thanks to this tracking number, it is also possible to see a misplaced package. In this case or in case of damage during delivery, we will resend for free the products concerned. Finally, you have the right to change your mind within 14 days from receipt and thus to return the products concerned to us, provided that they are unopened and still in their original packaging.

Some quality criteria are objective, others subjective. We will therefore stick to objective criteria, which have a direct influence on health and / or theUser experience (intensity of aromas, practicality in particular). For the rest, have fun! We are all different, with unique needs and reactions to cannabinoids that depend in particular on our genetic heritage, our morphology and our consumption habits.

In general, here are the points to consider before buying cannabis pollen or resin:

  • Hemp: a quality resin can only be produced from quality hemp. Prefer crops that respect the environment (organic farming in particular) which avoid traces of pesticides and other heavy metals in the finished product.
  • Extraction: solvents should be avoided since they often remain detectable in the resin. Cold extractions, on the other hand, preserve more of the properties of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids (effects, smell and taste) than hot extractions.
  • Composition: A quality CBD resin should not contain preservatives, artificial flavors or, more generally, other ingredients not coming from hemp. Certain super-products such as Moonrock can on the other hand justify the use of vegetable oil (hemp or other), kief or even terpenes for a more powerful and aromatic product.

The date indicated on your packet of resin or pollen is generally a DLUO, for deadline for optimal use. Good news then, you risk nothing by using it after the date. However, proper custody of your derivatives ensures that you enjoy their effects and aromas for longer.

Four things in particular can affect your products:

  • Air: the air dries the resin and modifies its texture until it is less pleasant to use.
  • Humidity: Unlike air, humidity does not dry resin or pollen. On the other hand, it will also modify its texture and encourage the development of bacteria and mold.
  • Light: cannabinoids are photosensitive, so they gradually lose their properties and aromas when exposed to direct light (like essential oils, for example).
  • Heat: like light, heat alters the properties and therefore the effects of CBD.

Once opened, ideally place your resins and pollens in a hermetic and anti-UV glass container (a brown or green glass works just fine) not much larger than your leftover resin. After use, store it in a dry and cool place, away from direct light and out of reach of children.