You want to buy CBD cannabis resin online and at the best prices ? We have selected for you the best varieties : OG Kush, Lemon Haze, Amnesia Haze, Charas...

With a concentration level of 0,3% THC, our CBD cannabis resin is 100% legal in Europe. Recovered from the hemp flower, the resin, or CBD pollen, is best known for its relaxing properties. Use it in your infusions, your salads, your bath or to perfume your interior.

So enjoy natural effects of CBD cannabis resins, from natural agriculture that respects the environment. 

Mango Pollen 12%

Light, sweet, bursting with mango aromas and extracted from certified industrial hemp plants, Mango pollen 12% CBD does not lack character!


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  • ↓30%
    lemon pollen

    lemon pollen

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  • -30%

    Mango Pollen

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  • -30%
    EU Pollen CBD 12%

    EU Pollen

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  • -30%
    Caramel Candy CBD Pollen

    Caramel Candy Pollen

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  • hash rosin1 white

    Hash Rosin

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  • moroccokush min

    Marocco Kush

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  • afghan resin

    Afghan Black

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  • Amnesia Cbd pollen

    Amnesia Pollen

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  • Nepal Cream

    Nepal Cream Resin

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  • whatsapp image 2021 12 17 at 21.16.30

    Black Mamba Resin

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  • Lebanese Red

    Red Lebanese Pollen

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  • Ketama Gold Hash

    Ketama Gold Pollen

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  • Blue Moon Rock 80%

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  • Mango Kush CBD resin

    Mango Kush Resin

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  • Strawberry resin

    Strawberry Resin

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  • Strawberry Pollen

    Strawberry Pollen

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  • Moon rock Ice

    Moonrock Ice 34-36%

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  • Blueberry Resin

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The CBD cannabis pollens and resins are the legal form of what is colloquially called the hashish. It is simply a trichome extraction, small sticky balls located on the surface of cannabis flowers and containing in particular cannabinoids, including CBD. This sticky material is then pressed. When the concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids is particularly high, the pellet thus formed is very sticky : We are talking about CBD resin. When the concentration is a little lower, the dumpling is drier and more crumbly : we are talking about CBD pollen.

Just like CBD flowers, CBD resin and pollen are perfectly legal, but nonetheless prohibited for consumption by combustion: it is therefore not not possible to smoke them. On the other hand, both lend themselves perfectly to the vaporization which will allow you, in addition to avoiding the harmful aspects of smoke, take full advantage of the aromas offered by the variety from which it was extracted your pollen or your CBD cannabis resin. You can also choose to consume them in infusion, by placing a small amount in simmering water, accompanied by a fatty substance.

Cannabis CBD pollens and resins contain a particularly high cannabidiol content and therefore benefit from its effects (relaxation, muscle relaxation, skin soothing, relief of certain pains, reduction of anxiety, better quality of sleep notably). Directly extracted from light cannabis plants, they also contain other cannabinoids with beneficial effects naturally present in the plant (in particular CBG) as well as terpenes et flavonoids, reinforcing the effects at the same time as they confer all the interest of the aromatic bouquet of a variety.

Legal CBD cannabis pollen or resin is a product that has been extracted from a plant of hemp certified by the European Union and therefore containing a low level of THC (0,3%). This is the case for all the products present on the shop Weedy.Fr. In order to ensure the exact composition of the products purchased on our store, you can also freely download analysis results, regularly delivered by third-party laboratories. For optimal use, be sure to space your takes. To maintain the taste and effects for a long time, it is finally important to close the package well after use and keep it in a cool, dark place.

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