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15% is the average cannabidiol dosage of this range ofCBD oils at night. No need to multiply the drops, this product is accompanied by marked and lasting effects, specially designed to give you a good night's sleep. The herbaceous notes diffused by terpenes and component quality of this CBD oil at night at 15% will convince you.

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Description & Additional Information


CBD oil at night 15%: versatile dosage and marked effects

The advantage of 15% CBD oil is that its versatile dosage allows it both occasional and regular use. In all cases, the care taken in the selection of its components ensures you marked and lasting effects. No fear, however, about its strength: CBD is not a direct sedative, it will accompany your relaxation without knocking you out.

As for the ingredients, we find:

  • Ofnatural hemp extract : rich in cannabinoids and belonging to a variety authorized for cultivation and marketing by European laws.
  • Some terpenes: contributing to the soothing effects of the product and bringing its herbaceous taste.
  • OfMCT oil: the ideal vegetable oil base to take advantage of its "good fat" (medium chain triglycerides) which promotes the assimilation of CBD by the body.

All together they create a CBD oil at night at 15% perfectly balanced and particularly effective.

Derived from legal cannabis, made in the EU

The team of Weedy.fr ensures a continuous watch of the modern cannabis market in order to ensure to offer its customers innovative products, at the best price and among the best on the market. This obviously involves frequent quality checks and tests on the cannabinoid levels of the plants used for the extractions. We are thus able to guarantee you thepurchase of completely legal cannabis products, respecting all the regulations in force within the European Union (EU). This obviously applies to this 15% overnight CBD oil, made in the Czech Republic.

Keeping your CBD oil overnight 15%

CBD oil, much like essential oils, is photosensitive. It just means that she is light sensitive. If prolonged exposure is not dangerous for the consumer, it is nevertheless accompanied by a deterioration of the properties of cannabinoids. It may be that your CBD oil night at 15% is no longer as effective as the first day.

To avoid this, nothing could be easier: close your bottle tightly after use and place it, for example, in a dark and cool cupboard, out of the reach of children. If you want to travel with your oils, no problem, the cardboard box delivered by Weedy.fr with your bottle is more than enough to avoid direct exposure to light!

Product information: CBD oil at night 15%

  • Total CBD rate: 15%
  • THC level: 0%
  • Capacity: 10 ml
  • Number of drops per bottle: 200
  • CBD content of a drop: 7,5mg
  • Type: Full spectrum
  • Origin: Czech Republic (Prague)
  • How to use it:
    • Sublingual route: 2 drops, 3 times a day under the tongue, on a sugar or in yogurt
    • In the kitchen : place a few drops in the dish of your choice, a salad for example
    • On the skin : apply to the painful area or massage
  • Precautions for use: our products are not recommended for pregnant women and children
  • Storage: it is recommended to keep it in a cool, dry place and protected from light.
  • Laboratory analyzes: Click here to access the document

Weedy.fr cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its products.

8 reviews for CBD Oil 15% Night - Herbal Taste

  1. GILBERT (Customer confirmed) -

    CBD Oil 15% Night One drop is enough for me to get a good night's sleep, really effective I do not regret my purchase in addition to super fast delivery.

  2. vermandere (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  3. Françoise (Customer confirmed) -

    Perfect for a good night's sleep

  4. Celine (Customer confirmed) -

    Top efficiency

  5. Pierre (Customer confirmed) -

    effective product to facilitate falling asleep.

  6. Françoise (Customer confirmed) -

    I use it in case of anxiety and in the evening to have a restful sleep

  7. Camille (Customer confirmed) -

    I am conquered

  8. Josette (Customer confirmed) -


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