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Morocco is known for the quality of its hashish production. The country is most certainly the world's leading producer. With European pollen (CBD EU), offers you a pollen rich in cannabidiol (CBD) and devoid of THC, for a product perfectly legal in France as in the rest of the European Union.

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EU CBD 12% pollen

CBD EU (European pollen)

Contrary to charas Coming straight from India, European CBD pollen is never black or very dark brown, but is instead adorned with lighter colors, displaying inside beautiful shades of yellow, green or light brown. The exterior of the product may take on a darker appearance, on a very thin layer. This is due to a completely normal and natural oxidation of its components. Pollen is indeed of a drier consistency and, in addition to crumble more easily, it does not stick as much as cannabis resin.

What distinguishes pollen (or skuff) is its sieving, finer than that of the resin. By eliminating as much as possible the presence of trichomes and other plant waste, this 12% EU CBD pollen stands out as a very good quality cannabis derivative et keeping the qualities of the plant as much as possible, and in particular its cannabinoid content.

Extract of hemp plants strictly selected for their rate of CBD and their olfactory qualities, CBD EU pollen bears a striking resemblance to the original Moroccan hash. Smell, texture, appearance, it's all there. Legality on top of that.

A legal Moroccan hash

In France, cannabis products are subject to the act of the European Parliament. This implies in particular a ban on any marketing of extracts from hemp plants with a THC level exceeding 0,3%. It is therefore on this strict legal basis that selects the crops intended for the production of its CBD EU 12%. It is therefore a legal product, not involving no psychotropic effects.

On the contrary, cannabidiol level is widely encouraged. Legal and renowned for its calming and soothing effects, this active substance is naturally present in the hemp plant, and especially on its buds from which the pollen is extracted.

Although perfectly legal, this product is not intended for all audiences, nor for all uses. It is therefore not suitable for minors and is not sold to be swallowed or to be smoked. On the contrary, it constitutes a original decorative object, ideally suited to the establishment of a ambiance perfume who will transport his entourage to the highest of the Moroccan mountains.

For ideal storage that will make your European Pollen (EU) CBD last over time, keep it away from heat, humidity and direct sunlight when you are not using it.

Use EU 12% CBD pollen legally

With 12% of CBD, EU pollen is extracted from legal cannabis plants, which are strictly and regularly checked to meet the legal requirements of the European Union (EU). It therefore contains an authorized THC level (less than 0,3%) which nevertheless does not grant it the right to be smoked. Apart from its use as a room fragrance or decoration, it can also be consumed, either in the form ofinfusion, either vaporization, depending on the desired effects.

The infusion is thus smoother and involvesassimilate the 12% of CBD from the EU through digestion, understand through the stomach. The effects are thus longer to appear, but also more diffuse and will last a long time. It is simply necessary to associate a fat in your infusion in order to promote assimilation.

The vaporization is carried out by using in the usual way a vaporizer of dry and concentrated materials. By inhaling steam, you avoid the risks associated with smoke while retaining the advantages of its rapid and marked effects. However, they will dissipate more easily. It is up to you to adapt your method of taking according to what you are looking for.

Product information: European pollen CBD (EU)

  • Total CBD rate: 12%
  • THC level: <0,3% (legal according to European legislation)
  • Flavors: Pine, peppery, woody
  • conservation: Store away from moisture and heat in its airtight packaging.
  • Use :
    • In infusion with a fatty substance (oil or milk)
    • Spraying over 170 degrees
    • In the kitchen in the dishes of your choice
  • CBD resins from natural agriculture: No chemical treatment, no additives, no added terpenes or other enhancers. cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its products.

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47 reviews for EU Pollen

  1. Dylan (Customer confirmed) -


  2. Severine (Customer confirmed) -


  3. jean-marc (Customer confirmed) -

    ZERO absolutely no taste or effect, for me

  4. Kevin (Customer confirmed) -

    Product fitting quality price.

  5. Vincent (Customer confirmed) -

    Conform to the description

  6. Evann (Customer confirmed) -

    Non-consumable product

  7. Jerome (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product fast delivery

  8. fathilah (Customer confirmed) -

    above EU Pollen I do not recommend this variety

  9. Dylan (Customer confirmed) -

    Horrible insmokable to vomit do not order anything from this site

  10. Frederic (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good value for money

  11. Jerome (Customer confirmed) -


  12. Cécile (Customer confirmed) -


  13. Pascal (Customer confirmed) -

    Personally, I have a little trouble getting used to CBD! but I do not question your products.

  14. Christophe (Customer confirmed) -

    Light but good taste.

  15. Jürgen (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good

  16. Delphine (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product

  17. Arthur (Customer confirmed) -

    awful taste

  18. Kai (Customer confirmed) -


  19. Carole (Customer confirmed) -


  20. Leny (Customer confirmed) -

    good product, very soft wood side

  21. David (Customer confirmed) -

    very well

  22. Severine (Customer confirmed) -


  23. Anthony (Customer confirmed) -

    Lightly pepper

  24. Benjamin (Customer confirmed) -

    Not enough taste

  25. delphine (Customer confirmed) -


  26. Christophe (Customer confirmed) -

    Quick delivery

  27. Navy (Customer confirmed) -

    It tastes and smells better than those I have tested before, but at times (often) it tastes and smells like seeds, which is unpleasant.

  28. Stephanie (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good products

  29. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -

    It's okay

  30. fabrice (Customer confirmed) -

    very airy slightly peppery taste I like it a lot with the promo

  31. Franck (Customer confirmed) -


  32. Steven (Customer confirmed) -


  33. David (Customer confirmed) -

    Not very satisfied too crumbly. I will continue with the flowers I think

  34. Helen (Customer confirmed) -

    suits me very well

  35. Rudy (Customer confirmed) -

    Low taste

  36. thierry (Customer confirmed) -

    same as for the other 2, I did not receive it

  37. Sébastien (Customer confirmed) -

    Not terrible taste I tested once but not twice

  38. Florence (Customer confirmed) -

    Super product – fast delivery… on the other hand, it would be nice to make better promotions to loyal and regular customers… hear you well!!!

  39. Alistair (Customer confirmed) -

    Very nice

  40. Joel (Customer confirmed) -

    Not great

  41. Laurent (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good marrocco as I like in cbd.. after my coffee for the day the top.. Very pleasant.. quality product.. Not disappointed

  42. Guylaine (Customer confirmed) -

    Not tasty but good smoke.

  43. Sébastien (Customer confirmed) -

    Purchase fast delivery and good product thank you very much

  44. Jerome (Customer confirmed) -

    First try for this pollen, which is very crumbly (check the bottom of the bag carefully, mine contained a lot of powdered product). Good taste and soothing effect, I will surely take it again.

  45. Wissame (Customer confirmed) -

    Terrible taste and smell

  46. HENRY-CLAUDE (Customer confirmed) -

    Good quality products

  47. Roman (Customer confirmed) -

    One of the products to avoid. I wouldn't order again.

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