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Futura 75 Greenhouse

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The high quality of variety of CBD flowers Futura 75 greenhouse makes it a successful product. It is also one of the most planted varieties in Europe, especially recommended for the creation of oil and the use of its fibers. With a very fresh aroma of lemon and citrus, the Futura 75 will appeal to the greatest number.

The greenhouse culture also guarantees a highly qualitative product which will give you complete satisfaction.

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Futura 75 Greenhouse CBD flower: a highly qualitative product

The CBD flower variety Futura 75 greenhouse is one of the most qualitative sold on the market. Its particularity is that it is a strain of hemp known as monoecious, which has both male and female flowers. Its multiplication is therefore facilitated, hence the fact that the Futura 75 variety is one of the preferred varieties for the production of hemp fibers and stems. It is also one of the first varieties to have been stamped "certified hemp".

The other quality of the Futura 75 variety is its good natural content in cannabidiol, or CBD. Obviously, the products marketed by Weedy comply European legislation on this subject. Also, rest assured that each product has been checked before being marketed.

A greenhouse variety: quality flowers

CBD greenhouse flower varieties are generally grown in greenhouse. The flowers are smaller than indoor or outdoor varieties but their quality is optimal. Greenhouse cultivation protects the plants from external aggressions (like parasites, bad weather, wild pollination etc). Greenhouse culture allows the plant to develop its aromas through the creation of a beneficial micro-climate for its growth and the development of its qualities. Greenhouse cultivation also makes it possible to control the sunshine rates of the plants, artificially creating phases of light. It is also a cultivation method more respectful of the environment, which does not spoil anything.

In short, the Futura 75 greenhouse cultivated CBD flower variety offers you a product that will meet your needs, with exceptional properties. It is also a product guaranteed in accordance with European legislation.

Product information: Futura 75 CBD flowers: the fresh scent of lemon and citrus

You like the fresh scent of the variety Lemon Haze, marketed on our shop ? You will also appreciate the scent of the Futura 75. This fresh scent of lemon and citrus is very pleasant and gives an immediate relaxing effect.

  • CBD: 6%
  • THC: <0,2% (legal according to European legislation)
  • Weight: 5G (6 € / G), 10G (5.25 € / G), 20G (4.50 € / G), 50G (3.75 € / G), 100G (3 € / G)
  • Type: Greenhouse (greenhouse)
  • Use : hemp extracts for the fragrant interior decoration.

Weedy cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its products.


Our CBD flowers are marketed with the certification of laboratory analyzes (THC <0,2%) in accordance with European legislation.

All products marketed by comply with European hemp cultivation laws:

  • European decree n ° 639-2014;
  • European regulation n ° 1307/2013.
  • The Italian decree: Legge sulla Canapa del 2 dicembre 2016, n. 242, pubblicata sulla GU Italiano n.304 del 30-12-2016;
  • Authorization on narcotic drugs: DPR Italiano del 9 Ottobre 1990, n. 309 YOU stupefacenti;
  • The circular: MIPAAF 22 maggio 2018, “Circolare sulle modalità di coltivazione e regole del florovivaismo”;

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5G (6 € / G), 10G (5.25 € / G), 20G (4.50 € / G), 50G (3.75 € / G), 100G (3 € / G)

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