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Do you want to drink your favorite infusions in style, without the risk of getting burned, wherever you are? The borosilicate glass tea flask Weedy. Fr is as beautiful as it is practical! Enjoy his sleek design and its functional diffuser to prepare and drink your hemp infusion (or other) at any time of the day.

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A bottle gourd hot and cold drinks

Are you tired of cups that are too small, inconvenient to transport and which let the heat of your herbal tea escape all the time? The borosilicate glass tea bottle Weedy.fr is made for you! With her great capacity (420 milliliters against 200 to 250 mL for a classic mug), it satisfies the thirstiest among us. Her insulating double wall in borosilicate glass allows it to be particularly thermal shock resistant and move around with very hot liquids, without the risk of burning yourself. Finally, its bamboo and stainless steel stopper incorporates a diffuser in which to place your mixture directly for infusion.

What to use the double wall bottle for Weedy.Fr ?

For the Earl Gray of breakfast, the invigorating matcha tea that repels the blow of fatigue after lunch and, of course, to be able to enjoy the relaxing effects of a good hemp infusion where you want it, when you want it.

Aesthetic at the office, comforting on the bedside table, practical when traveling: the double-walled water bottle Weedy.fr has it all! Beautiful, functional and extremely easy to use as a cleaner : what more ?

And if you prefer an all stainless steel gourd dressed in bamboo, try the insulated bottle Weedy. Fr !

Discretion guaranteed!

How to use your borosilicate glass tea bottle?

The glass tea infuser Weedy.fr can not be any more easy to use.

  1. Unscrew the cap bamboo.
  2. Fill the tea infuser the plant material of your choice (hemp, CBD flower, mix for infusion, tea, etc.).
  3. Fill the borosilicate gourd simmering water.
  4. Let steep for a few minutes (8 to 10 minutes for a mixture for hemp infusion, to be adjusted according to the products and your personal tastes)
  5. Simply remove or empty the infuser.
  6. Enjoy your favorite drink anywhere, anytime, without temperature loss.

The amazing features of a borosilicate glass gourd

Nothing in this borosilicate glass gourd was not left to chance. The material itself, first of all, has been carefully selected for its unique characteristics. Thus, borosilicate glass is designed using a working temperature that is halfway between that of traditional glass and that of crystal. This gives it a excellent thermal shock resistance and very good hardness. It can therefore accommodate frozen or hot drinks in complete safety, with a excellent impact resistance which allows you to take your borosilicate bottle with you everywhere.

In addition, the double wall provides isolation natural which guarantees your tea stay warm for long hours : ideal for your commutes, traveling or in the office. Finally, the stainless steel tea infuser allows you to let your drink infuse only the time necessary, for a optimal diffusion of aromas (and effects of CBD if your drink contains it).

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  1. Fafa (Customer confirmed) -

    Very pretty and great quality!

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