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The CBD Green Gelato flowers are certainly among the most popular dessert cannabis strains on the market. It must be said that their exceptional geneticsTheir gourmet cookie flavor and their soothing effects are cut to please the greatest number. They are also particularly fragrant and aesthetic, what more could you ask for?

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Description & Additional Information


Green Gelato flavors

Green Gelato CBD, pure sweet pleasure

Green Gelato: just its name is quite a program and manages to make our mouths water. In French, these CBD flowers could be called green ice cream, but that would not pay homage to it so much the gourmet pleasure that it provides is amazing. Although reminiscent of a dessert, Green Gelato is not a smooth and easy to access variety. She will therefore undoubtedly amaze enlightened amateurs by its complexity!

On the genetic side, Green Gelato borrows from two of the most popular varieties: one Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. The first is above all known for its sweet cookie scents, inherited from the phenotype of the legendary GSC, for Girl Scout Cookies. Outraged its aromas of peppermint, hop and citrus, it is used in particular in the USA for treat certain pain, insomnia or nausea. Sunset Sherbet is also partially made from GSC and smells of citrus fruits, forest fruits and… sherbet. This probably explains in part the name of our exceptional Green Gelato CBD.

Their crossing, to say the least surprising, gives a perfectly balanced hybrid variety with, if you had to choose, perhaps a very slight advantage on the cannabis indica side, mainly thanks to its relaxing and slightly analgesic side. To close the whole thing, delicate but assertive scents at the same time greedy, sweet and full-bodied emerge from the CBD Green Gelato flowers, made essential by the heady presence of citrus fruits inherited from Sunset Sherbet.

Quality legal CBD flowers

The flowers of CBD Green Gelato are recognizable by their purple hue, enhanced with orange hairs that give it a very special aesthetic and pleasing to the eye and to the nose. To get such beautiful and perfectly manicured flowers, you have to invest in a legal and strictly controlled cultivation method. This is precisely the bias of, which only offers its customers the best quality cannabis-derived products.

By purchasing Green Gelato CBD flowers, you ensure that you are acquiring a legal product (<0,3% THC) and regularly subjected to laboratory tests. This is to ensure that cannabinoid levels remain under control season after season, harvest after harvest. The same goes for fertilizers and pesticides, absent from this product.

How to use Green Gelato 8 to 10% CBD flowers?

Even though Green Gelato is a legal CBD cannabis strain, smoking is still prohibited. So forget the joints, pure as cut with other plants. Fortunately, other modes of consumption present alternative choices since they are healthier, allow a better development of aromas and are perfectly legal ! The effects of cannabinoids remain very present, that goes without saying.

La vaporization is thus the preferred alternative of many cannabis users since it allows to partially recover the high caused by the smoke, replaced here by vapor. Unlike smoke, using a vaporizer allows you to less heat cannabinoids (around 170 ° C only) present in Green Gelato and therefore not to deteriorate them, allowing more interesting effects.

It is also possible touse Green Gelato flowers as an infusion. Chop the desired amount finely, then use the resulting crumbs as a tea or classic herbal tea. To get the best out of the gourmet aromas of Green Gelato, do not exceed 10 minutes and associate it with a fatty substance (whole milk for example): the effects will be more marked.

So what is your Green Gelato CBD review ? Do not hesitate to rate it and give us your feedback in the reviews section, for CBD products always of better quality!

Product information: Green Gelato CBD

  • Total CBD rate: 8-10%
  • THC level: <0,3% (legal according to European legislation)
  • Type of culture: Indoor (indoor culture)
  • Variety: Hybrid
  • Flavors: Cookie, hops, citrus
  • Origin: Italy
  • conservation: CBD flowers should be stored away from moisture
  • Use :
    • In infusion with a fatty substance (oil or milk)
    • Spraying over 170 degrees
    • In the kitchen in the dishes of your choice
  • Flower from natural agriculture: without chemical treatment, without additives, without added terpenes or other enhancers.
  • Laboratory analyzes: Click here to access the document cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its products.

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64 reviews for Green Gelato CBD Indoor

  1. Jonathan F (Customer confirmed) -

    One of my best seller 👍
    Recommended by customer service, really not disappointed, at the top

  2. Fabrice (Customer confirmed) -

    Flower that poses nicely and gives the smile. I like the fruity taste.

  3. Ra (Customer confirmed) -

    Very pleasant faithful to the description I recommend

  4. Jonathan (Customer confirmed) -

    Excellent 👍

  5. Marion (Customer confirmed) -

    I find it really great and its taste is very pleasant

  6. Buckskin (Customer confirmed) -

    Very well thank you

  7. Lechevallier (Customer confirmed) -

    Well pronounced taste and book with compact head lace thank you

  8. gaetan (Customer confirmed) -

    Great with beautiful heads

  9. Gauthier (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  10. Marion (Customer confirmed) -

    Personally I like it a lot. The indicated effects are indeed present. The taste is pleasant

  11. Sonia (Customer confirmed) -

    perfect not disappointed with my purchases

  12. Luca (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste

  13. Frederic (Customer confirmed) -

    Green Gelato has a great flavor

  14. Javier (Customer confirmed) -

    Great !!

  15. LESLIE (Customer confirmed) -

    Good little taste,

  16. Guillaume (Customer confirmed) -

    My bestseller!

  17. sonia (Customer confirmed) -

    Surprising but pleasant to the tastes, too bad the price is high, I was able to test the green gelato thanks to a promo code Thank you

  18. Emilien (Customer confirmed) -

    good product but does not look like the photo on the site like each order

  19. Thomas (Customer confirmed) -

    A little peculiar flavor. Not my favorite

  20. Fanny (Customer confirmed) -

    I would like more gifts!

  21. CHRISTINE (Customer confirmed) -

    Quite sweet taste, very nice.

  22. Celine (Customer confirmed) -

    Not yet useful but the gift is appreciated

  23. Julien (Customer confirmed) -

    Good value for money

  24. Rudy (Customer confirmed) -


  25. Thomas (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product For me the best value for money.

  26. Raphael (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good quality

  27. Gautier (Customer confirmed) -


  28. Roch (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product

  29. Guillaume (Customer confirmed) -


  30. Florentin (Customer confirmed) -

    A pure wonder

  31. Patricia (Customer confirmed) -

    All right

  32. Philippe (Customer confirmed) -


  33. David (Customer confirmed) -


  34. Lorenzo (Customer confirmed) -

    It went

  35. Fabrice (Customer confirmed) -

    The product has not yet been used ...

  36. Christophe (Customer confirmed) -

    The product has a very good smell, a very good taste and a good appearance.

  37. Laurent (Customer confirmed) -

    Better than the buble gum

  38. Theo (Customer confirmed) -

    I don't know since I couldn't taste it

  39. Silvan (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product

  40. David (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product

  41. Julien (Customer confirmed) -

    Great taste

  42. ghislaine (Customer confirmed) -

    personally I like it, everyone has an idea

  43. Frederic (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product, well received and packaged

  44. Virginia (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product, but I admit I tried better on this site

  45. Patrice (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste

  46. Johan (Customer confirmed) -

    Too wet, which removes a lot of smell and taste, once dry enough it is ok.

  47. Lydie (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste, good texture, good quality.

  48. Guillaume (Customer confirmed) -

    Good smell great

  49. Estelle (Customer confirmed) -

    Very fruity in smell, not even hemp but strawberry, downright very fruity in taste which is pleasant, good relaxation, in short what I expect from all products!

  50. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -

    Disappointed with the feedback I got

  51. Severine (Customer confirmed) -

    Perfect no complaints

  52. Tanguy (Customer confirmed) -

    nice !!

  53. Matthew (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  54. Michele (Customer confirmed) -

    It's been 2 times that I order good taste

  55. Sandra (Customer confirmed) -

    Great taste

  56. Laurent (Customer confirmed) -


  57. gilles (Customer confirmed) -

    Great taste very good product

  58. DAVID (Customer confirmed) -

    Interesting very light flavor

  59. Lionel (Customer confirmed) -

    Stunning buds, perfectly manicured and sticky and hard as rocks! Relaxing effect but not as much as the Strawberry Haze Indoor. Very mild, slightly sweet taste

  60. Jérôme (Customer confirmed) -

    Too dry

  61. RACHID (Customer confirmed) -

    Great smell, great sweet taste. My top 3! Slight but present effect.

  62. Cyril (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good value for money for an indoor, pleasant smell and taste

  63. Arnaud (Customer confirmed) -

    The top of the top (for me)

  64. benjamin (Customer confirmed) -


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