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The CBD flowers Orange Bud owe their success as much to pure genetics as to their fruity taste full of exotic flavors. Leaning on the side of sativa, this variety of industrial hemp naturally rich in cannabidiol please above all byEnergy that it provides. A fine example of quiet strength!

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flavors Orange Bud CBD

Orange Bud CBD greenhouse, fruity pleasure

As its name does not indicate, the Orange Bud is a 100% Skunk variety, since it was born from the pure union of two of its representatives in the 1980s. modern cannabis market,Orange Bud is therefore one of the varieties old school. She imposes herself on it like a sativa dominant hybrid emphasizing the energy it provides.

If its name does not show anything of its genetics, it nevertheless perfectly illustrates its physical aspect. So the flowers ofOrange Bud CBD are characterized by relatively clear buds, largely decorated with orange pistils. This is very literally what the term English means orange bud : an orange bud, in our case loaded with cannabidiol.

Aesthetics is certainly an important aspect, provided that aromas issued are at least as interesting. For CBD flowers Orange Bud, we thus find marked scents of tropical fruits, for an exotic fruity experience.

Orange Bud CBD: a flower for all needs

From an external point of view, a rate of 8 to 10% of CBD in flowers Orange Bud may seem relatively small. In fact, most species of wild cannabis have cannabidiol levels below a tiny percent. What to ensure the reality of the effects ofOrange Bud. It must be added that the flowers ofOrange Bud are a unprocessed product : when placing an order, you receive whole flowers, obviously containing CBD, but also all the other cannabinoids (CBG in particular) and terpenes, naturally present in the variety.

Together, cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids contribute to the entourage effect, whereby the association of molecules makes it possible to benefit from more complete effects and potentially more marked than with a CBD isolate.

Another advantage of flowers Orange Bud : this average rate allows a regular use, to enjoy the calming CBD and fruity aromas of the strain at all times. It is therefore a versatile flower, who ideal for those new to CBD as well as to enlightened amateurs who want a quality product for regular use.

Naturally rich in CBD, low in THC

CBD flowers Orange Bud are harvested from legal industrial hemp plants et regularly checked grown under a greenhouse. This obviously responsible mode of farming has many advantages for both the retailer and the end customer. First of all, the greenhouse allows you to take advantage of the natural cycle of the external environment, while optimizing it: heat from the sun, different light intensity day and night or according to the seasons, etc.

On the contrary, it also allows protect flowersOrange Bud from all unwanted external aggressions. Frost and excessive heat are thus avoided, as is the wild pollination CBD flowers. Indispensable in nature, pollination would risk, in the case of the very supervised cultivation of cannabis, to hybridize the plants with other varieties that are less or not at all controlled.

The risk is therefore twofold. On the one hand, the quality of the final product can be unstable, both in terms of taste and appearance, and vary from one harvest to another. On the other hand, the cannabinoid level control would become much more difficult to manage. wishes to deliver to its customers in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and elsewhere exceptional products, stable quality and the THC level strictly less than 0,2%, in the purest respect for European law. This is certainly the case with these CBD flowers Orange Bud.

Orange Bud VS. One Bud: do not confuse

In the world of cannabis, CBD or not, it is common to hear about one bud. If the name sounds close, do not confuse one bud with cannabis Orange Bud CBD. Indeed, theOrange Bud is a very special variety, worthy of the best Skunk and known for its flowers with an orange hue, clashing in the middle of the traditional green of most CBD flowers.

On the contrary, the one bud is a cultivation technique, which can be used for any variety, thus including theOrange Bud. More precisely, the technique consists of prune the plant in a way so that you get flowers on one and the same stem rather than small flowers scattered all over the plant on smaller stems. The interest? A space saving obvious, a accelerated cultivation cycle and a most interesting harvest. Added to this is a certain aesthetic interest, with a very large and compact head, which can easily reach twenty grams, or even exceed 30 grams depending on the variety.

It is therefore possible to cultivateOrange Bud CBD in one bud (this is not the case with our flowers), but the two terms remain quite different.

But what exactly is weed cannabis?

Literally, bud is the English word to qualify a bud or a pimple, understand the part of a plant that will give birth to a leaf or a flower. In everyday language, buddy is also widely used to talk about a friend (a "buddy" of sorts). By extension, bud is very widely used in English slang to talk about, you guessed it, cannabis. In the end, English bud is French speaking weed, no more, no less!

Product Info: Orange Bud CBD greenhouse

  • Total CBD rate: 8-10%
  • THC level: <0,3% (legal according to European legislation)
  • Type of culture: Greenhouse (greenhouse)
  • Dominant: Sativa
  • Flavors: Citrus, tropical, exotic
  • Origin: Italy
  • conservation: CBD flowers should be stored away from moisture
  • Use :
    • In infusion with a fatty substance (oil or milk)
    • Spraying over 170 degrees
    • In the kitchen in the dishes of your choice
  • Flower from natural agriculture: without chemical treatment, without additives, without added terpenes or other enhancers.
  • Laboratory analyzes: Click here to access the document cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its products.

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163 reviews for Orange Bud CBD Greenhouse

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    my all day 🙂

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    Top quality

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    Surprised by this good citrus taste and this relaxing effect. I advise

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    Taste and smell at the appointment

  12. Roman (Customer confirmed) -

    Very satisfied, probably my favorite so far!

  13. Even (Customer confirmed) -

    An excellent vintage. The smell is most pleasant. The taste is sweet and fruity, a treat!

  14. Bastien (Customer confirmed) -

    A very good taste, at a more than fair price! I recommend!

  15. Kevin (Customer confirmed) -

    My favorite !

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    Lack of flavor for my taste

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    All right

  24. Karine (Customer confirmed) -

    Good quality, fatty limit .. smell at the top! I have not tested in infusion.

  25. Julien (Customer confirmed) -

    I found the flavors of the original delight !!

  26. VIRGINIA (Customer confirmed) -


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  28. Pierre (Customer confirmed) -


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    Good product quality price

  30. demailly (Customer confirmed) -


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    Very very good quality !!

  33. Jerome (Customer confirmed) -


  34. Cédric (Customer confirmed) -


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    A classic that tastes the way we like them.

  50. Cedric (Customer confirmed) -

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    Very disappointed package opened before delivery and delivery delayed by 3 days

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    Très bien

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    The leaves are hard

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    Very good, very good But what about production methods (organic or not, pesticides or not…)

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    Good product but not only heads a lot of crumbs

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    One of my favorite

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    PERFECT thank you Weedy

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    Wonderful! The pods are very beautiful and smell good, the taste is pleasant and fragrant, I recommend

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    Price a bit high but affordable Good quality

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    I really like. Tasty and well “skunked” as it should be. A real pleasure to vape.

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    Very good quality, very tasty

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    pure bomb

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    The best for me … taste effect everything is there thank you weedy Small miss with my last order but commercial gesture and everything Peace

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  102. Antoine (Customer confirmed) -

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    It is my favorite! I love its taste and its motivating effect to work.

  110. Stephane (Customer confirmed) -


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    Excellent as the real a magnificent taste

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    congratulations very good taste

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    Very tasty and fruity

  124. Jean-Philippe (Customer confirmed) -

    Soothing, with a powerful smell and taste, I recommend!

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    Very good.. Taste and smell, nothing to complain about

  127. Mounir (Customer confirmed) -

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  128. Thomas (Customer confirmed) -


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    At the top really quality taste and smell at the rendezvous

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  131. Aurélie (Customer confirmed) -


  132. Alice (Customer confirmed) -

    Awaiting delivery

  133. Sébastien (Customer confirmed) -

    Smell and taste faithful to the original. Small heads, but normal forOrange Bud. Drying and curing: slightly damp, no superfluous leaves, a few seeds. Light effect but very present.

  134. Brahim (Customer confirmed) -

    Average to very average

  135. ALEXANDRE (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good taste, but some seeds

  136. Guillaume (Customer confirmed) -

    Delicious and effective, I recommend.

  137. jimmy (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad

  138. Amandine (Customer confirmed) -

    Very well too

  139. Alejandro (Customer confirmed) -

    Calite but a bit expensive

  140. Brandon (Customer confirmed) -

    Very strong taste I strongly recommend

  141. Alain (Customer confirmed) -

    Excellent product good taste

  142. MARION (Customer confirmed) -

    Very satisfactory very good product

  143. Alice (Customer confirmed) -

    Unable to give an opinion on the above my package was empty

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    Good taste good smell good effect

  145. JULIEN (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good, quality at the rendezvous, taste and effect very pleasant. I recommend

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    Very good

  147. Baptiste (Customer confirmed) -

    Very tasty, immediate relaxing effect, well cured and manicured, I recommend.

  148. leo (Customer confirmed) -


  149. Loïc (Customer confirmed) -


  150. LAWS (Customer confirmed) -

    Very faithful to the original! Otherwise the quality is really good

  151. Thomas (Customer confirmed) -

    very good product with exceptional taste. but the delivery service leaves something to be desired

  152. Mehdi (Customer confirmed) -

    Super quality

  153. Johan (Customer confirmed) -

    Fruity taste, very good quality

  154. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -

    PERFECT !!!!

  155. bertrand (Customer confirmed) -


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    Good product, Satisfied

  162. Emmanuel (Customer confirmed) -

    Flower too wet and very little smell

  163. José Carlos (Customer confirmed) -

    his pass

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