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The CBD Remedy flowers come from Indica plants, selected for their relaxing effects and their natural richness in terpenes. This gives them pronounced but nonetheless balanced aromas of plants and pineWith peppery notes delicate. The high cannabidiol content comes at the expense of THC, therefore making the fully legal product.

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Description & Additional Information


Flavors Remedy CBD

CBD Remedy flowers: soothing by plants

The variety of industrial hemp named Remedy is above all a Indica dominant hybrid. CBD Remedy flowers are therefore ideal for vacuuming after an intense day, or simply relax quietly at home. This beneficial balance is obtained by hybridizing three varieties well known to enlightened cannabis enthusiasts: the Cannatonic,Afghan skunk and High-CBD.

High-CBD, as its name suggests, allows obtaining flowers very rich in cannabidiol. It is thus possible to enjoy its benefits without suffering from psychoactive effects of THC, almost absent in this case. This is what gives its name to Remedy (for remedy), a variety developed with the aim of participating in the adventure of medical cannabis. In France, the project is also under study, even if cannabis and its derivatives cannot at present in no case be considered drugs. The Belgium and Luxembourg yet already allow cannabis for medical use, although in a extremely strict framework.

CBD Remedy flowers please with dominant plant aromas, supplemented by marked notes of pine and peppery finish. These characteristics are due to terpenes of the plant. Indeed, these natural hydrocarbons present in the trichomes (like cannabinoids), apply to cannabis flowers, but also to many other plants, their Natural aromas. In the case of CBD Remedy flowers, there is a combination of three main terpenes: myrcene (grassy scent), pinene (pine) and caryophyllene (pepper).

An interior culture for a perfect control of the composition

Our CBD Remedy flowers are harvested at maturity and then dried before being packaged to join our online store specializing in CBD. They are then ordered and shipped across Europe, France, Belgium or Luxembourg.

The whole cultivation process takes place indoor, that is to say indoors. All the parameters (temperature, brightness, humidity) are thus precisely controlled. First, indoor growing has the advantage of allowing perfect looking CBD Remedy flower crop. It also and above all allows keep strict control over the composition of the plants. We are thus able to know the exact hybridization of our varieties, but also their cannabinoid content, in the purer respect for European law.

Product information: CBD Remedy Flowers

  • Total CBD rate: 10-12%
  • THC level: <0,3% (legal according to European legislation)
  • Type of culture: Indoor (indoor culture)
  • Variety:
  • Flavors: Pine, fresh, peppery
  • conservation: CBD flowers should be stored away from moisture
  • Use :
    • In infusion with a fatty substance (oil or milk)
    • Spraying over 170 degrees
    • In the kitchen in the dishes of your choice
  • Flower from natural agriculture: without chemical treatment, without additives, without added terpenes or other enhancers.
  • Laboratory analyzes: Click here to access the document cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its products.

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173 reviews for Indoor Remedy

  1. YASSEIN (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good weed

  2. Amandine (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product and beautiful flowers.

  3. Xavier (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good quality. Always fresh and well scented. My favorite especially that mtn it becomes accessible question price. Continue on this path, with this quality/price ratio you will keep your customers.

  4. Laurent (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product

  5. Julien (Customer confirmed) -


  6. LESLIE (Customer confirmed) -

    Good little taste

  7. Frederic (Customer confirmed) -

    Focus +++

  8. YASSEIN (Customer confirmed) -

    A product with an excellent value for money.

  9. Ervin (Customer confirmed) -

    Not much to say, a powerful taste in the mouth with an anti-anxiety effect.

  10. David (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product.less taste than others

  11. romuald (Customer confirmed) -

    I tasted cbd flowers of different kinds at weedy and they are comparable

  12. Fafa (Customer confirmed) -


  13. Azwaw (Customer confirmed) -

    Happy May very dry

  14. Allan (Customer confirmed) -


  15. Kevin (Customer confirmed) -

    Delivery on time product does not look like the photo and lacks quality of taste

  16. Benjamin (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product I recommend

  17. Anthony (Customer confirmed) -


  18. Didier (Customer confirmed) -


  19. Yoann (Customer confirmed) -

    Meets my expectations

  20. Frederic (Customer confirmed) -

    Flowery taste and allows you to focus as well as possible on an achievement or creation.

  21. Thibault (Customer confirmed) -

    very pleasant

  22. Franck (Customer confirmed) -

    Not good taste, smells like perfume or fertilizer, I'm not sure.

  23. Yohan (Customer confirmed) -

    Best flower among those tested!

  24. Aurelie (Customer confirmed) -

    At the top you are weedy

  25. Carole (Customer confirmed) -

    My cute little sin

  26. LESLIE (Customer confirmed) -


  27. Groslier (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad, but not my favorite on the site.

  28. jeremiah (Customer confirmed) -


  29. David (Customer confirmed) -

    I replaced my consumption with this product. very effective for a first try. good taste. good smell

  30. Emilia (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  31. maxim (Customer confirmed) -

    good quality. Very satisfied . thank you 😉

  32. patrice (Customer confirmed) -

    Excellent smell and flavor

  33. jimmy (Customer confirmed) -


  34. Xavier (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good quality, a discount for regular customers would be welcome

  35. Eric (Customer confirmed) -

    One of my favorites

  36. Florent (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product good taste

  37. John Victor (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  38. gilles (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product

  39. Caroline (Customer confirmed) -

    My partner's favourite. Fruity and woody at the same time

  40. SEBASTIEN (Customer confirmed) -

    One of the best on the site! very fruity

  41. Arnaud (Customer confirmed) -

    Very light, in taste and relaxation

  42. BRUNO (Customer confirmed) -

    Too many small branches if not nickel.

  43. Adrien (Customer confirmed) -

    Good buds, a strong taste. Very happy with my order.

  44. Caroline (Customer confirmed) -

    Good quality and not too many branches.

  45. Olivier (Customer confirmed) -

    Really cool !

  46. George (Customer confirmed) -

    The CBD percentage is acceptable.

  47. John (Customer confirmed) -

    Well served and very good quality

  48. Pascale (Customer confirmed) -

    Very relaxing

  49. Iris (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good weed.

  50. Thomas (Customer confirmed) -

    My favorite .. an incredible taste, I will buy more for sure

  51. Pierre (Customer confirmed) -

    In the top!

  52. Julien (Customer confirmed) -


  53. perrine (Customer confirmed) -

    Of an exemplary regularity in all

  54. Laurine (Customer confirmed) -

    I don't know I haven't received my package so I can't tell you about this product

  55. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -

    I have not received the product ordered due to a shortage of stock. Nevertheless I received a superior quality product with all their apologies. So I will say that Weedy has good customer service.

  56. MICHAEL (Customer confirmed) -


  57. Corinne (Customer confirmed) -

    Difficult to formulate an opinion. I haven't tasted it in the morning yet. But I'm not a fan of its lemony taste.

  58. Coline (Customer confirmed) -

    Taste and tranquility.

  59. Caroline (Customer confirmed) -

    Good relaxing effect, a little over the flavors, but the zen effect is there

  60. Maiwenn (Customer confirmed) -

    Satisfied with the betv quality of the effect

  61. Jacques (Customer confirmed) -


  62. gilles (Customer confirmed) -


  63. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -

    Pleasant, relaxed as it should be.

  64. Corentin (Customer confirmed) -


  65. Olivier (Customer confirmed) -

    Top of the top, good smell, good taste, relaxation effect

  66. Manon (Customer confirmed) -

    Not very dry but very good

  67. Guillaume (Customer confirmed) -

    Taste, quality, smell at the top

  68. Christophe (Customer confirmed) -

    Impeccable a good remedy

  69. LAURENT (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product

  70. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -


  71. Mauritius (Customer confirmed) -


  72. Flavy (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good relaxing taste

  73. Stephane (Customer confirmed) -


  74. Paloma (Customer confirmed) -

    very good quality

  75. Ludovic (Customer confirmed) -

    Fresh products

  76. Ludovic (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad at all

  77. Xavier (Customer confirmed) -

    Compliant product

  78. Ludwig (Customer confirmed) -

    Relaxing perfect to decompress at the end of the day

  79. christophe (Customer confirmed) -

    I didn't really like

  80. Baptiste (Customer confirmed) -

    Very little plant taste that can be found in others, very fluid oil (not a good sign) marks, mixed effect, make up your mind. But as for the flowers weedy is top, for the oil, the 10% in any case look elsewhere.

  81. Loïc (Customer confirmed) -

    Incredible, I got chills

  82. john (Customer confirmed) -

    Good products, fast delivery (7 days) despite the current situation, thanks to the team.

  83. Charline (Customer confirmed) -

    Good smell and good taste. Well served. A sweet relaxation.

  84. Mehdi (Customer confirmed) -

    super smooth

  85. Damien (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product

  86. Pierre (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  87. Maxim (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good taste

  88. Sabrina (Customer confirmed) -

    Impeccable for the evening especially, I took a slap lol

  89. Luis (Customer confirmed) -


  90. GUILLAUME (Customer confirmed) -

    good product, average

  91. Antoine (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product, rather soft and pleasant

  92. Antoine (Customer confirmed) -


  93. Tristan (Customer confirmed) -


  94. Marie (Customer confirmed) -

    Very well

  95. Stephanie (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good taste, good head well served

  96. Paul (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product. The taste is marked by beautiful spicy aromas and remains slightly in the mouth. For cannabis users this product would be perfect if you are looking for a neural effect. The effect does not knock out but provides a feeling of lightness and allows you to stay active.

  97. SAID (Customer confirmed) -

    Pleasant odor

  98. Maxim (Customer confirmed) -

    Relaxing. Strong in taste

  99. Mickaël (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product

  100. antony (Customer confirmed) -

    Nothing to say I am very satisfied

  101. Floriane (Customer confirmed) -

    awesome !

  102. Salim (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product nickel flavors and aromatics

  103. Florian (Customer confirmed) -

    As on the disappearance

  104. Damien (Customer confirmed) -


  105. Alexandra (Customer confirmed) -

    very correct lack of speed of shipment of the package

  106. Lydie (Customer confirmed) -

    RAS. service ok

  107. Aymeric (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste

  108. Benoît (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste, good scent

  109. Damien (Customer confirmed) -


  110. Bruno (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  111. Samy (Customer confirmed) -


  112. Alexandre (Customer confirmed) -

    The remedy was great!

  113. Mathias (Customer confirmed) -

    Remedy v2 is a variety that is close to my heart! Flavor and smell really present There we find a cbd which even in the mouth will leave you quivering with pleasure

  114. christopher (Customer confirmed) -


  115. Pierre (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste

  116. spoon (Customer confirmed) -


  117. Frederic (Customer confirmed) -


  118. Cédric (Customer confirmed) -


  119. valentin (Customer confirmed) -

    Bigger dodo than v1 ^^

  120. Guillaume (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste

  121. Céline (Customer confirmed) -

    All right

  122. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -


  123. Jean Paul (Customer confirmed) -


  124. Luc (Customer confirmed) -

    Very pleasantly surprised, quite marked taste and smell, the effect is there. Fairly compact buds.

  125. Michael (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product

  126. gilles (Customer confirmed) -

    I haven't tested it yet

  127. Jack (Customer confirmed) -

    good effect

  128. Julie (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad !

  129. MARION (Customer confirmed) -

    All right

  130. Davy (Customer confirmed) -

    It smells very good, very fragrant when you open the package, you can smell the quality. I will order another type to compare, but there already I think it is one of the best.

  131. Morgan (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good professional quality sends very fast

  132. Damien (Customer confirmed) -

    First experience for me, quite satisfied with the quality of the product, relaxation effect present, pleasant smell.

  133. Thomas (Customer confirmed) -

    Not yet tested I put 3 stars stars because I had to put some but I don't know yet

  134. Caroline (Customer confirmed) -

    Quality product is close to natural. During delivery product error received (lemon instead) missing remedy received within two days (top-notch after-sales service)

  135. Sabrina (Customer confirmed) -


  136. Florent (Customer confirmed) -

    I love the taste

  137. Mustapha (Customer confirmed) -


  138. Guillaume (Customer confirmed) -

    My favorite with banana krush

  139. Eliot (Customer confirmed) -

    My favorite =)

  140. Nolewenn (Customer confirmed) -

    I haven't had the opportunity to test it over several days yet. The soothing effect is there on returning from work, it does its job. Relaxation guaranteed without being knocked out. The taste is not too strong great product like everything I have tested on this site

  141. Jean Luc (Customer confirmed) -


  142. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -

    Not the one I prefer but good quality head

  143. Flora (Customer confirmed) -

    Rather satisfied

  144. Patricia (Customer confirmed) -

    Meets expectations

  145. Florian (Customer confirmed) -

    This one and perfect I love the taste and great

  146. Danielle (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good little citrus note a good taste in mouths simply delicious

  147. Livia (Customer confirmed) -

    Effective for sleeping?

  148. Kevin (Customer confirmed) -

    I can't find her phew that one

  149. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -

    Great product, very nice, good flavor

  150. valentin (Customer confirmed) -

    Very soft to go to sleep well relaxed!

  151. Enzo (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good taste

  152. Maxim (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  153. Benoît (Customer confirmed) -

    Pleasant in the mouth

  154. PAUL (Customer confirmed) -

    Super quality

  155. Maxim (Customer confirmed) -

    RAS, compliant product, good surprise

  156. Eric (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste and calming

  157. Willy (Customer confirmed) -


  158. Frederic (Customer confirmed) -


  159. Gaylord (Customer confirmed) -

    Great product and fast delivery

  160. franck (Customer confirmed) -

    It tastes good

  161. Julie (Customer confirmed) -

    Very soothing

  162. Benjamin (Customer confirmed) -


  163. Guillaume (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good taste !

  164. Buckskin (Customer confirmed) -

    Good value for money

  165. Rémi (Customer confirmed) -

    Top good taste and good relaxation

  166. Ludovic (Customer confirmed) -

    Excellent taste

  167. Veronique (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product

  168. Bintu (Customer confirmed) -


  169. Alexandre (Customer confirmed) -

    I also recommend, I love it 😉

  170. sylvain (Customer confirmed) -

    The best on the site, taste, smell, smoke, everything is on top, she is Extra

  171. Frederic (Customer confirmed) -

    Good value for money

  172. Lucas (Customer confirmed) -

    In the top

  173. Julien (Customer confirmed) -

    very beautiful and rather pleasant in the mouth

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