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Le Rosin HashWith its 24-26% CBD, is one of the most concentrated resins on the market. Produced within the European Union, it combines power, quality and fruity aromas, all without the use of solvents. Notice to cannabidiol lovers: Rosin Hash could quickly become your favorite product!

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Description & Additional Information


Hash Rosin CBD: a legal CBD resin, enriched with botanical terpenes

Rosin Hash is a 24-26% CBD resin created in the laboratory in Austria, complying with GMP standards (Good Laboratory Practices) and according to a manufacturing process free of organic solvents. At the base of this legal hashish, we find the Fedora 17, a variety of monoecious hemp originating from France, widely used in the European Union due to its high content of CBD. It is obviously listed in the official catalog as an authorized Cannabis Sativa L. variety.

Rosin Hash CBD is then enriched with botanical terpenes of natural origin, from hemp varieties with this terpene profile, in this case, the Pineapple Express. Known for its pleasant balance of caryophyllene, limonene and pinene, it gives Rosin Hash its smell, taste and effect, all in one 100% legal resin.

Aromas of Rosin Hash CBD

Thanks to the botanical terpene enrichment of Fedora 17 resin, the Rosin Hash and its 24-26% CBD clearly leans on the side of energy. The aromas are particularly invigorating and above all evoke citrus fruits and exotic fruits. So it's a good dose of lemony scents awaits you, with a marked evocation of theananas and more subtle notes of pine.

How to use Rosin Hash?

CBD resin, even legal, is not meant to be smoked. Healthier means of consumption exist to simply and effectively use Rosin Hash:

  • And infusion: 8 to 10 minutes in hot water with a fatty substance (oil or milk) or directly in whole milk.
  • In vaporization: in your favorite vaporizer.
  • In the kitchen.

What effects to expect from Rosin Hash CBD?

The Rosin Hash clearly leans towards the Sativa side and is therefore above all a energetic CBD resin. Thanks to that high CBD content (24-26%), it allows you to benefit from its calming and relaxing effects. It can also be used for relieve pain,, better support a stressful time ou relieve anxiety episodes.

Product Info: Rosin CBD Hash 24-26%

  • Total CBD rate: 24,5%
  • THC level: 0,14% (legal according to European legislation)
  • Family: Sativa
  • Variety: Fedora17
  • Origin: Austria, to GMP standards (Good Laboratory Practices)
  • conservation: CBD resins should be stored away from moisture
  • Use :
    • In infusion with a fatty substance (oil or milk)
    • Spraying over 170 degrees
    • In the kitchen in the dishes of your choice
  • Enriched with naturally occurring botanical terpenes, directly from hemp varieties with this terpene profile (Pineapple Express).
  • Manufacturing process free of organic solvents.
  • Laboratory analyzes: Click here to access the document cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its products.

Hash Rosin is by its nature a “sticky” resin, with a partly liquid core. Placed on a surface, the Hash Rosin will tend to “flatten” under the effect of gravity. This property is natural, and in no way deteriorates the quality of the product.

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Based on 4 opinions

  • cyril b.
    Published on July 18, 2023 at 15:47 (Order date: July 9, 2023 at 07:54)

    surprising taste and texture, definitely one of my favorites

  • Matthew C.
    Published on June 21, 2023 at 10:25 (Order date: June 12, 2023 at 08:07 p.m.)

    Very good product

  • David C.
    Published on June 16, 2023 at 09:37 (Order date: June 7, 2023 at 09:15 p.m.)

    I like the taste of the rest I roll it from the pan so that it doesn't stick too much

  • Stephane M.
    Published on March 3, 2022 at 09:55 (Order date: February 22, 2022 at 11:50 p.m.)

    Powerful taste and effects, but too sativa for me, preference for indica.


CBD in greenhouse culture is a cannabidiol extracted from hemp plants that have grown in a greenhouse. The greenhouse is generally a glazed construction which protect plants external attacks (rain, hail, pollution, pests) while concentrating the sunshine.

The temperature is therefore milder than outside and it is also easier to control the parameters essential to the good plant development such as the quality of the substrate in which the roots grow, the aeration or the water supply.

These parameters directly influence the CBD greenhouse flower quality, as well as crop stability (taste, quantity, CBD level).

Just like the outdoor CBD (outdoor cultivation), the CBD greenhouse takes advantage of thebeneficial contribution of the sun. Thanks to him, terpenes and flavonoids, in particular responsible for taste and smell, are concentrated.

Unlike the outdoors, however, the cultivation of CBD flowers in greenhouses makes it possible to bring a better protection to plants. Not only are the vagaries of the weather and pests unable to damage crops, but the enclosed environment also ensures have no pesticide deposit from surrounding fields.

The quality of the CBD greenhouse is therefore optimal by limiting the risks of the outdoors.

Just like the Indoor CBD, CBD greenhouse flowers benefit from a closed environment that limits external attacks and allows a fine control of culture parameters. Nevertheless, the culture under greenhouse remains more natural by preserving in particular theSun exposure.

The control is less absolute, but the concentration of terpenes and flavonoids potentially more pronounced, which is a advantage for the taste but also the effects through the entourage effect.

Greenhouse cultivation therefore incorporates the main advantages of outdoor (mainly sun) and indoor (closed and controlled environment), while limiting their excesses.

CBD greenhouse flowers are used in the same way as other types of flowers. At least three options are available to you, depending on your desires, your needs and your consumption habits:

  • And infusion: just roughly crumble the desired quantity, then infuse it like a tea (8 to 10 minutes in a hot liquid). Remember to add a fatty substance (whole milk for example) to be able to assimilate the CBD.
  • In the kitchen: in the recipe of your choice, for example by making cannabutter to CBD cookies.
  • In vaporization: in the herbal material vaporizer of your choice (only if you already vape/smoke).

Above all, CBD greenhouse flowers have the effects of CBD, which will be more or less marked in equal quantities depending on the concentration announced on the product sheet.

In particular, you can use them for fall asleep more easily et improve your quality of sleep, reduce daily stress or for relieve some pain, in particular chronic and/or linked to inflammation.

Cannabidiol is a natural relaxant and anti-inflammatory that has many benefits. However, it is not considered a medicine. It is otherwise nor psychoactive (it does not hover) neither addictive.

Each variety of CBD flowers offered on, whether greenhouse or from another mode of cultivation, is strictly selected for its intrinsic qualities. So you can always count on its marked effects, Its pronounced flavors and perfect legality.

Our various products are also regularly tested by third-party organizations to guarantee their full compliance with European legislation.

To discover our best varieties of CBD in greenhouses, you can, for example, turn to flowers Orange bud ou Therapy CBD greenhouse or test the mix crumbs, a ready-to-use mixture Low price.