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As a CBD lover, if you had to choose only one accessory, it would undoubtedly be the grinder, also called weed grinder, grinder or crumbler. Practical, durable and aesthetic, the grinder Weedy allows you to safely crumble your CBD flowers, for as fine a grind as you want.

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Description & Additional Information


Grinder Weedy : crumble in style

The grinder Weedy is a custom grinder in black walnut and anodized aluminum alloy. Everything has been thought out to offer you the possibility ofcrumble easily and efficiently your CBD flowers, while enjoying a beautiful object. This way you can get the most out of your buds, both in terms of taste and effect.

On the design side, there is a real wood box, with our logo laser engraved on the lid. The central part, occupied by the mechanism, is adorned with a beautiful golden hue, permitted by theanodized aluminum. This choice is both aesthetic and protective since it allows the grinder to better resist corrosion and heat. Below and in the same material, a pollen filter allows you to recover the finest particles and thus, over time, create your own CBD pollen from your favorite flowers.

How to use the grinder Weedy ?

The grinder Weedy is to be used for the creation of potpourri or infusions based on CBD flowers. Depending on your usage, you can crumble the flowers more or less finely with ease and safety. Thanks to the internal mechanism, dry vegetable matter can be minced very finely without effort, with a homogeneous consistency.

  1. Remove the grinder cover.
  2. Place a CBD flower or flower piece in the chamber, avoiding the center. As the chopping is done by rotation, anything in the center will not be crumbled properly.
  3. Close the lid.
  4. Turn the lid always in the same direction, until the desired grind is obtained (10 to 15 revolutions are generally sufficient).
  5. Slowly unscrew the lid of the grinder so as not to drop the CBD crumbs.
  6. Adjust as needed for finer crumbs.
  7. Take advantage of the properties of crumbled CBD flowers for the use of your choice.

The grinder's pollen filter Weedy also allows you to collect the pollen naturally present on your CBD flowers. This is the great advantage of four-part, three-chamber grinders!

Product information: CBD flower grinder Weedy

  • Contents : box made of real wood, internal grinder with diamond-shaped teeth for a very fine grind, pollen filter.
  • Materials : black walnut on the outside, anodized aluminum alloy grinding wheel on the inside.
  • Size :
    • Diameter: 60mm
    • Height: 40mm
  • Use :
    • Creation of potpourri
    • Preparation of infusions based on CBD flowers

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  1. AleXxTexXMeXx (Customer confirmed) -

    Very nice Grinder, rather large, grinds very well and possibility of changing the sieve for a finer sieve, I find that this makes it a very good grinder for the price, I'm just disappointed to have received the damaged box because it is a beautiful box, and I received it with small “pokes” on the metal part, a kind of mini hole and it's really a shame for such a piece.

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