CBD & Sleep: Which CBD oil for better sleep?

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Widely recognized for its relaxing properties, the cannabidiol (CBD) acts not only on the quality of sleep, but also on causes of insomnia (stress, anxiety, pain, etc.).

It's no surprise to anyone, we live in a world where stress, the omnipresence of screens and a certain form of social pressure are omnipresent.

As a direct consequence, a large part of the French population suffers from sleeping troubles. In fact, 15 to 20% of the population suffer from insomnia with, as a result, a degraded quality of life, an increased risk of accident and the aggravation of certain associated diseases such as hypertension and depression.

Ce complete guide to CBD for better sleep explains in detail how CBD works on sleep, which derivatives to choose to fight against insomnia et how to use cbd oil to both fall asleep faster and promote deep sleep.

1. Which CBD to choose for sleeping?

cbd for sleep

CBD hemp oil helps prevent insomnia and stabilize sleep phases

To sleep better thanks to CBD, you will have understood it, it is advisable to favor a healthy product and to consume it according to a healthy mode of consumption. Smoking cannabidiol should therefore be banned and vaping, although legal, should be avoided in order to avoid any health risk. Several options are available to you:

Among all these products, one in particular stands out for its ease of use and the excellent results it offers: CBD hemp oil.

CBD oil for sleep: the solution to fight insomnia?

Cannabidiol oil has a few specificities that make it a product of choice when it comes to better sleep:

  • Its way of taking is healthy (no combustion or vaporization).
  • CBD oil act fast (on average 20 minutes after taking) and therefore allows rapid falling asleep, especially by sublingual route (drops under the tongue).
  • She's easy to dose and use since it exists in capsules and in a dosing bottle (dropper directly in the cap).
  • It exists in various concentrations, to meet all needs (from 5 to 30%, or even more).
  • There are CBD oils specifically designed for use at night (e.g. our 5%, 10% and 30% herbaceous tasting night oils).
  • It makes it easy to combine CBD and melatoninor other components beneficial to good sleeping comfort.

All these reasons make CBD oil an excellent derivative for better sleep especially, and this is undoubtedly one of its main qualities, as its effects on insomnia leave little doubt.

Effects of CBD oil against insomnia

The results of available scientific studies do not currently establish a direct link between the CBD and its action against insomnia. What is being talked about however is that, thanks to its many virtuous effects, cannabidiol has the power toact indirectly on the quality of our rest.

Another important aspect of effects of CBD oil against insomnia must also be highlighted: the (very) numerous testimonials from users. The conclusion is clear: consuming cannabidiol, and especially CBD oil, before bedtime helps them benefit from a better quality of sleep.

Our product pages all have an area dedicated to customer reviews, at the bottom of the page. Do not hesitate to consult them to form your own opinion.

which cbd oil for sleep

Not all oils are equally effective against insomnia

More precisely, various advantages stand out:

  • Feeling of relaxation and relaxation before falling asleep,
  • Easier and faster to fall asleep,
  • Deeper sleep than without taking CBD,
  • Feeling of fatigue less present during the waking phases,
  • Easy falling back to sleep during the night.

Among the skeptics, some evoke a potential placebo effect of cannabidiol, this therapeutic process making it possible to obtain beneficial results, even without direct action of a product on the organism.

It seems, in the case of CBD, that its effects against insomnia go far beyond the placebo. However, this parameter should not be neglected since, according to individuals and studies, its effectiveness can manifest itself in more than 50% of cases. The conclusion remains the same: CBD oil helps you sleep better!

Which CBD oil for sleeping?

The modern cannabis market is full of different products. It is also full of dealers whose product quality is not optimal, sometimes out of sheer desire to take advantage of their share of the pie in a booming market, but sometimes also out of simple ignorance of cannabis and its derivatives.

As a consumer, it is therefore important to know choose the right product. Buying a quality CBD oil is the best guarantee of getting the desired results without wasting your money. A few simple tips will allow you to achieve this without difficulty:

  • Choose seller of serious cannabis products (our shop offers quality CBD oils, selected by a team of enthusiasts, experts in legal cannabis for many years).
  • Read it ingredient list: additives, preservatives and other flavor enhancers are not welcome.
  • Favor them broad spectrum oils (broad-spectrum), rich in cannabidiol but also in natural terpenes and other legal cannabinoids, such as CBG.
  • Prefer CBD extracted from hemp from a environmentally friendly agriculture, this will prevent you from consuming traces of pesticides, fertilizers or heavy metals.
  • Take an interest in extraction mode cannabidiol: CO2 supercritical is the cleanest. On the contrary, avoid oil extractions (heat can deteriorate the quality of cannabinoids) and solvent-based ones (traces of chemicals can remain in the finished product).

2. How to use CBD oil for sleep?

How to use CBD oil for sleep?

CBD and insomnia: what dosage to use?

The best dosage is always the one recommended by the retailer. As far as possible, therefore, refer to the instructions for use present in the packaging. In the absence of specific instructions, here is a standard dosage, which works in most cases:

  1. Follow the advice in this guide to choose a quality CBD product.
  2. Decide on the right concentration (starting with a low cannabidiol oil).
  3. Choose a dosage adapted to your needs and your morphology (our dedicated guide helps you to determine the ideal dosage of CBD).
  4. Take your oil drops 15 to 30 minutes before bedtime, in a calm environment conducive to relaxation. For maximum and rapid effects, leave them for at least 30 seconds under your tongue before swallowing them.
  5. Enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation and, above all, have a good, long night of uninterrupted sleep!

How many drops of CBD for sleep?

You will understand, the decision is made case by case. The number of cannabidiol drops for sleep will mainly depend on your weight, the CBD dosage of your oil and your needs.

Relieving mild stress is not the same as relieving sleep-depriving pain. In most of the cases, you can consume between 12 and 16 drops of cannabidiol per day with a 5% CBD oil. Reduce the number of drops by half for one 10% oil and proportionally with 15, 20 or 30% oils.

We advise against going beyond 18 drops of CBD per day for an oil dosed at 5%.

3. Does CBD help sleep? Understand everything

Does CBD Help Sleep?

15 to 20% of French people are insomniacs – CBD can help them

We often mention the opportunities offered by the CBD to fight against this or that disorder. Very often, its effects have indeed been observed on some of its consumers, but its exact action remains at the stage of hypothesis. This is not the case when looking at cannabidiol for better sleep.

In this specific case, we have a good understanding of why CBD helps you sleep better. To understand this, it is important to first know why we sometimes sleep poorly.

Why do we sleep badly?

There are two main reasons for poor sleep. The first is to have trouble falling asleep (insomnia), and therefore potentially not getting enough sleep. The second recurring problem is usually related to a poor quality sleep or frequent waking phases.

In most cases, a disruption of the circadian cycle, the natural sleep cycle, is involved. Many factors can impact our biological clock and prevent us from a saving rest.

Among them, we find unsurprisingly theanxiety, jet lag or just a poor lifestyle. The blue light projected by our screens also tends to make our brain believe that it is still daylight and therefore it is not yet time to sleep.

Consulting your cell phone in bed can thus contribute to sleep problems.

Because of these different parameters, and sometimes their combination, a large part of the population suffers from sleep disorders. According to the National Institute for Prevention and Education for Health (INPES), almost a third of 25-45 year olds do not get enough sleep. In addition, 12% would be insomniacs, that is to say suffering from lack of sleep.

Le cannabis light rich seems to be able to bring a comfort solution to those people who have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Reducing insomnia with CBD therefore seems possible.

How does CBD affect sleep?

cannabidiol for sleep

CBD helps regulate the circadian cycle, the natural sleep cycle

The human body naturally has a endocannabinoid system (DRY). This scientific term simply means that our body is able to naturally secrete molecules very similar to those present in hemp plants, from which CBD is extracted.

Within our organization, the SEC is responsible for maintenance of homeostasis in the body, that is to say, internal rebalancing. Its principle is simple: sensors take different measurements in the body and react to the environment to adapt their behavior.

We have two types of sensors. CB1s are linked to the the nervous system, while the CB2s manage the immune system. CBD interacts more with CB2 receptors, unlike THC, the cannabinoid mainly known for its psychotropic effects.

By acting on the ECS, CBD notably plays a role in our body's awareness of day and night. In doing so, he promotes drowsiness, all without euphoric, psychotropic or even sedative effects. It also helps with relaxation and muscle relaxation, other factors that can fight insomnia.

Fall asleep faster and stay asleep

The number one reason people with sleep disorders take cannabidiol is simply to reduce insomnia and therefore to fall asleep more quickly. It is in fact mainly put forward for its soothing properties.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties, logically causing a reduction of physical stress. A less stressed body is more relaxed and more likely to fall asleep quickly. Disturbances of drowsiness are reduced.

cbd and sleep

CBD may well, in addition to promoting sleep, also help to stay asleep. The two combined effects then make it possible to sleep better and longer. Early studies tend to show that CBD can help you stay asleep.

According to the results obtained during a 2012 scientific study (conducted on rats), it seems that taking cannabidiol before bedtime regulates REM sleep phases.

These phases, called REM (Rapid Eye Movement) in English, are conducive to dreams and play an essential role in the feeling of restorative sleep. It could also help reduce sleep apnea and nocturnal awakenings.

The last major advantage of legal cannabis, it does no identified side effects, no physical addiction. Its effects could therefore approach the benefits attributed to modern medicines, while avoiding their side effects.

Some sleeping pills cause uncontrolled phases of drowsiness, sleep that is not always restorative and a strong habituation to the product. This is not the case with CBD-rich hemp.

In our CBD shop, we offer a selection of quality traceable products. Our experts work with renowned suppliers and provide you with analyzes allowing you to be sure of the cannabinoid content of the products sold. We hope that you can then avoid insomnia and sleep well thanks to CBD!