CBD is everywhere: top 6 of the biggest marketing hits

CBD is now a booming market worldwide. CBD is everywhere. This is explained by a proliferation of all kinds of CBD products. We know some of them: crystals, e-liquids, flowers, oils and many more are also available in our shop. For others, it is much more surprising. here is our top 6 biggest CBD marketing hits.

CBD is everywhere: a growing market

The CBD market it's a very lucrative business. In 2018, it weighed $ 600 million in the United States, one of the first countries to popularize the use of CBD. And that figure may well explode in the years to come. The world market for CBD is currently worth 134 billion euros. CBD is everywhere. Electronic cigarettes, crystals, flowers, many CBD products are already available. Their success gives desire and ideas to several companies on a global scale. One thing is certain, manufacturers are not out of ideas when it comes to taking shares in a profitable market. And believe us, the ideas are sometimes… absurd.

So today we stand with you the top 6 of the biggest industrial marketing blows in the CBD market.

CBD is everywhere: cosmetics

CBD in cosmetics

You would think that the CBD cosmetic is recent. It is not so. The famous brand The Body Shop already launched in 1992 its first range of cosmetics for dry hemp-based skin. The hand cream in this range is now one of the best sellers in the business, thanks in particular to its proven effectiveness. Indeed hemp oil is obtained from cold pressed hemp seeds. Rich in omega 3 and 6, the moisturizing properties of hemp oil are amazing.

 If The Body Shop was innovative at the time by using hemp in its products and by displaying a cannabis leaf on the product packaging, it is nowadays more and more common. The cosmetic industry has caught the trend and CBD is everywhere : oil, body cream but also toothpaste and even mascara. The image of the cannabis leaf is used around and around, presumably to show the “borderline” tendency of these products. However, as a reminder, since CBD has no recreational use, there is no risk of ending up "stoned" by applying your CBD-based mascara. However the sulfurous image of the hemp leaf is not there by chance and that seems to boost sales.

The brand that has pushed the ambiguity of the cannabis leaf to the limit is undoubtedly Horace, a brand of cosmetics for men. On April 20, World Cannabis Awareness Day, their range of cannabis-based shower gel, although guaranteed to be THC-free, has been marketed with a package of unbleached organic hemp rolling papers which is in fact… a matting paper for the skin. Because as the Horace brand specifies: “ of course, he does not smoke. It's a shower gel ". A very good marketing coup that made people talk about this very young brand and which made a big splash on the canvas.

CBD is everywhere: veterinary products

The beneficial effects of CBD on human beings are no longer to be proven and researchers discover new fields of application very regularly. What is less known, however, is that CBD is also very effective on our pets.

Indeed, cats and dogs would be very sensitive to the molecule of CBD, acting on the endocannabinoid system, distributed in the nervous system. Several American studies have demonstrated the positive effects of CBD about infections, stress, indigestion, skin problems and pain in our four-legged friends. Taking CBD in pets can help them get back to sleep, give them more energy, more appetite or even avoid gastrointestinal problems very common in dogs for example. Obviously, taking CBD cannot be compared to taking medication. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian. CBD can however be a good complement to drug treatments.

CBD is everywhere: a CBD burger

At present, many industrialists in the food industry have felt that CBD is a good vein. Since then, many CBD food products are emerging. CBD is everywhere and even in your burgers!

On April 20, 2019, the American restaurant chain Carl's Jr offers a hamburger served with a sauce "infused" with CBD, a secret recipe. This exceptional burger called "Rocky Mountain High" will only be served in a single store of the fast food chain in Denver, Colorado, and only to adults over 21 years of age. Note that the use of recreational cannabis is legal in this central state of the United States. He is also the first to legalize it in 2014.

Released on World Cannabis Awareness Day (April 20), it will cost you $ 4 and 20 cents to taste the CBD burger. This award is a nod to the years of the American counterculture, when high school students in California met at 4:20 in the afternoon to smoke together. It was this anecdote that gave the expression " code 420 With reference to the consumption of cannabis.

CBD is everywhere: ice cream

Famous American ice cream company Ben & Jerry's is no slouch when it comes to riding the trend. It was one of the first to market a vegan ice cream, realizing that the vegan market was booming. After this success, the goal was clear: always offer more trendy and innovative ice creams.

CBD ben & jerry's

Recognized for its gourmet fragrances such as the famous Cookie Dought, one of the group's best sellers, Ben & Jerry's has always taken very clear positions on the political level. Showing support for the “Occupy Wall Street” movement and activist for gay marriage, it's today a position in favor of CBD that the multinational displays. It is the first company to create a cannabidiol ice cream, campaigning for the food authorization of this substance derived from cannabis. This fragrance will be released in the United States after approval by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). Perhaps the occasion for you to be able to order this summer at your ice cream parlor a chocolate cone, CBD?

CBD is everywhere: the cookies for your children's snack

In the food industry, Mondelēz is a giant. Owner of the Oreo, Cadbury, Côte d'or and Milka brands, Mondelēz is particularly influential in the field of cookies and sweets. The group's turnover is substantial but the many controversies surrounding this industry have also weakened sales. The giant has therefore decided to strike hard and go where we do not expect it: in the CBD sector. So in 2019, Mondelēz mentions its intention to launch a range of anti-stress cookies, infused with CBD, in addition to its Oreo range. This announcement was not without provoking great reactions, especially from shocked parents that a company which essentially produces a range for children is launching a range of space cake more than questionable, out of greed.

CBD is everywhere and even in your roast chicken

This is our number 1 in this top 6 on the biggest CBD marketing stunts and it's still for food use: chicken!

CBD is everywhere

Betty Fraser and Denise DeCarlo, owners of Grub restaurants in California launched in 2018 a "Fried Chiken Party", including a party based on fried chicken. The little peculiarity of this chicken? It is infused with CBD. This idea comes from Chef Betty Fraser, a great defender of cannabis as she says herself. The goal of this evening? Enjoy a delicious chicken and educate customers about the benefits of cannabis. In our opinion, it was also a very profitable evening, attracting the curious and the initiated.

What about you, if you could add CBD to an everyday product, what would it be?