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The European Union could develop the Cannabis sector

In the European Parliament, MEPs expressed their wish to define a new legal framework for the Cannabis sector in order to finance the research and development of this booming industry.

European Union Cannabis

Certain member countries of the European Union, such as Germany, Luxembourg or other countries to come, have not even waited for a decision of the European parliament to legalize the therapeutic use of Cannabis in their country. However, only a few member countries currently allow production for medical use. Countries that do not authorize production are therefore forced to source, notably from Canada or the Netherlands.

Cyprus has just (Friday February 15, 2019) legalized cannabis for medical use and authorizes the importation of cannabis seeds and plants intended for cultivation for therapeutic purposes. Three companies have received a production permit for a period of 15 years. Thereafter, the use of Cannabis for therapeutic purposes will be granted to patients suffering from chronic pain due to cancer, AIDS, rheumatism or glaucoma. In November, Greece issued its first permits to grow cannabis for medical use.

In addition, WHO has officially recommended that the Cannabidiol molecule (CBD) present in Cannabis, is not classified as a controlled substance but for the moment, there is no harmonization of rules at European level concerning the use and production of Cannabis for medical or research purposes.

On February 13, the European Parliament adopted A resolution on the use of medical cannabis. MPs :

  • are asking for a legal definition of medical cannabis that would make a clear distinction between medical and other uses.
  • state that research and innovation should be stimulated and properly funded.
  • want effective cannabis-based drugs to be covered by health insurance plans.
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