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A dry herb spray can take advantage of the raw material

How to properly use (and clean!) Your CBD vaporizer?

Aesthetic, practical, less harmful to health, the vaporizer is now in almost every pocket! However, whether you have never vaporized cannabidiol (CBD), new to the product, or come from combustion, chances are that you are unfamiliar with how this little device works. The team of Weedy responds to Frequently asked questions users and explains how to properly use a vaporizer.

Dry herb vaporizer or CBD e-liquid: what are the differences?

A dry herb spray can take advantage of the raw material
A dry herb spray can take advantage of the raw material

From the point of view of the device and its operation, the difference is not obvious. Indeed, vaporizer as electronic cigarette allowinhale the active ingredients released by heating the product rather than smoking them. The difference is made at the level of the product consumed. The e-liquid for electronic cigarettes, although sometimes having the characteristics of cult cannabis varieties (Lemon Kush, Super Skunk, Amnesia), are processed products.

On the contrary, the vaporizer allows take advantage of the raw material, from which cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids have not been extracted. It is therefore a pure product, in its natural state (dried or not).

Why use a vaporizer?

The vaporizer allowsexploit the aromas and effects of different plants without causing combustion. Indeed, thanks to a lower temperature, the plants do not burn. Many harmful active ingredients, which emerge for example from the smoke of a classic cigarette, are thus absent from the vape, making it gentler on the lungs and, consequently, less bad for health.

Steam from a vaporizer is much smoother than smoke
Steam from a vaporizer is much smoother than smoke

How to vaporize CBD?

Vaporizing CBD is simple and involves crumble its grass then pack it into the vaporizer tank. Then all you have to do is turn on the device, choose the desired temperature and enjoy the aromas and effects of the selected plant. For a conduction vaporizer (we come back to this), choose a finely ground grass and one well filled tank. You can tamp down lightly, being careful to avoid getting too compact a block. On the contrary, prefer to crumble your grass less for a convection vaporizer, in which air needs to circulate more freely.

What is the ideal temperature for vaping CBD?

It depends on the derivative product you choose! The CBD flowers are those who require the least heat to diffuse their effects (160°C and XNUMX°C). The resins require a few degrees more, and plant concentrates even more, depending on their nature. This is why most vaporizers allow you to regulate the temperature on the value of your choice or on pre-programmed temperatures.

It is also important to note that the terpenes and flavonoids, responsible for the aromas, are very volatile and activate at low temperatures. You can enjoy it from 120/140 ° C, depending on the molecules. Beyond that, they start to degrade. Above 180/200 ° C, the terpenes disappear completely, no longer allowing you to enjoy the natural aromas of the plant.

My vaporizer is not producing vapor, is this normal?

Steam production depends directly on the heating temperature, but also plant inside the tank. For the lowest temperatures, which are also those for which you will benefit the most from the aromas of the chosen plant, it is quite possible that the minimum amount of steamor even non-existent. The same goes for some plants. That is complitly normal and does not mean that your vaporizer is not working!

What are the different types of vaporizers?

There are salon vaporizers (powerful but bulky), lighter vaporizers, (without battery but requiring an external heat source) and finally portable vaporizers, preferred by consumers because of their practicality and affordable prices.

They are themselves classified according to their type of heating:

  • Convection: the heat source is under the plants. The flavors stay longer since the plant material is less attacked, and not in direct contact with heat between the slats. It is then the hot air which vaporizes the plants.
  • Conduction: the walls of the chamber directly heat the material. It is then not necessary to inhale so hard and for a long time to enjoy the flavors of the herb, which on the other hand undergoes continuous heating.
  • Hybrid: mixture of the two, sometimes with a preference for one or the other type of heating.

What is the best vaporizer?

It depends on your desires and needs, knowing that convection vaporizers are preferred for taste, but cost more. In Weedy, our choice is notably on the vaporizer Pax 2 or most recent Pax 3. This range presents vaporizers among the smallest and most stylish on the market. Favoring conduction, they nevertheless benefit from a technology allowing a vape of quality, mixed with a enhanced autonomy. Where the average vaporizer on the market needs to be recharged after 45 minutes to an hour, the Pax lasts until 1:30. Ideal for a discreet vape where you want, when you want.

How to maintain your CBD vaporizer?

Without regular maintenance, the vaporizer becomes clogged to the point of clogging
Without regular maintenance, the vaporizer becomes clogged to the point of clogging

Maintaining your vaporizer consists of clean regularly. Thanks to regular maintenance, you will be able to obtain better performance, and keep your device over time. Remove the mouthpiece to reach the vaporization chamber. Then you just need to clean the different elements (chamber, duct, nozzle) usingIsopropylic alcohol, easily found in supermarket. To fully enjoy your vaporization sessions, do not forget to accompany the maintenance of your vaporizer with a good conservation of your CBD.

To conclude: how to use your vaporizer easily?

  1. Prepare the plant material
  2. Fill the vaporizer chamber
  3. Switch on the device
  4. Set the heating temperature (starting with a low temperature)
  5. Inhale slowly (conduction) or more intensely (convection)
  6. Turn off the vaporizer
  7. Inhale one last time (cools the bowl and avoids odors in your pocket / bag)
  8. Empty the material used
  9. Clean the vaporizer
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