How to choose the right CBD vape? [GUIDE]

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Vape Kit CBD: 5 Flavors to choose from

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Aesthetic, practical, less harmful to health, the CBD vaporizer is now in almost every pocket! Still, whether you've never vaped CBD cannabis, are new to the product, or want to quit smoking regular cigarettes, chances are you'll be unfamiliar with how this little device works.

Through this comprehensive guide, the team of explains how to choose your CBD vape. In a few minutes, no more selection criteria will have secrets for you. As a bonus, we give you some advice to enjoy your vape for a long time, in particular by choosing the right ones. CBD e-liquids and maintaining your equipment properly.

Criteria for choosing the right CBD vape

CBD vape

Not all vapes are suitable for CBD

Buying your first CBD vape can be confusing. Fortunately, there are ultimately few criteria to consider to make a good choice:

  • vape power (in Watts)
  • Resistance (in Ohms)
  • Tank size (in mL)
  • Options (vape modes, tank capacity, possibility to adjust the vaper via smartphone)

As an option, you can also decide to opt for a model that accepts several types of derivatives. There are indeed kits in which a second chamber is provided. In addition to e-liquids, these vaporizers can also receive dry plant matter and therefore CBD flowers. In this case, it is also necessary to consider the type of heating (conduction, convection or hybrid).

Power of vape and resistance: make the right choice

If you had to remember only one criterion to choose your CBD vape well, it would undoubtedly be that of the power of the vape, which is directly linked to that of the resistance.

The good news is that le CBD does not need high temperatures. On the contrary, it is better to go slowly to make the most of its soothing properties. So there's no need to opt for a top-of-the-range vape and ruin yourself!

Generally speaking, a low wattage CBD vape (less than 20 Watts) and with good resistance is ideal. If you like tight vapes, producing little smoke (actually vapor), choose a fairly high resistance (> 1 Ohm).

It is also possible to opt for a low resistance (around 0,6 Ohm) to make big clouds of vapour, but you won't enjoy the effects of your CBD e-liquid as much. If you hesitate, it's even simpler: choose a variable wattage CBD vape which will give you more flexibility.

how to properly vape CBD?

Models of vapers to avoid when vaping CBD

Overheating cannabidiol is the best way toalter its properties. In general, it is therefore not recommended for a first purchase to opt for a electronic cigarette called expert which generally offers too much vape power and too low a resistance. In the low-cost models, it is rather the direct inhaling vapes which should make you wonder.

Again, their vape power is often too high, in addition to sometimes being accompanied by e-liquid leaks.

Whatever your choice of CBD vape, make sure you can low power vaping. It is also recommended toavoid large tanks (>2mL), always with the aim of avoiding altering the properties of CBD. In fact, it always keeps better in its original bottle.

What is the ideal temperature for vaping CBD?

La ideal temperature for CBD would turn around 170 degrees Celsius. However, in practice it depends on the derivative product you choose! The CBD flowers are those who require the least heat to diffuse their effects (160°C).

Park guide walks resins require a few degrees more, and plant concentrates even more, depending on their nature. CBD e-liquids are ideal for vaping around 170/180°C. This is why most vapers allow you to regulate the temperature on the value of your choice or on pre-programmed temperatures.

It is also important to note that the terpenes and flavonoids, responsible for the aromas, are very volatile and activate at low temperatures. You can enjoy it from 120/140 ° C, depending on the molecules. Beyond that, they start to degrade. Above 180/200 ° C, the terpenes begin to disappear. Ideally, limit yourself to 220°C, at the risk of no longer being able to enjoy the aromas and natural effects of the plant.

Heating by conduction, convection or hybrid: choosing the right CBD vaporizer

the type of CBD vaper influences the vaping experience and quality

The type of vaporizer influences the experience and the quality of the vape

Unlike the CBD vaporizer, the vaporizer allows the use of dry plant matter and therefore CBD flowers. To choose the right portable CBD vaporizer, you must first know the differences between the types of heaters.

Conduction heating vaporizer

Le conduction heating is undoubtedly the simplest system since the vegetable matter is placed at the direct contact with the heat source. It's, in a very trivial way, a bit like skilleting your weed.

For this type of vaporizer, it is therefore better finely grind your weedthen completely fill the room. You will thus have more material in contact with the walls, vaporizer heat source.

Convection heated vaporizer

Unlike conduction, convection heat your CBD flowers using a hot air stream. In this case, the heat source first heats the air, which in turn will pass through the chamber and thus heat the grass.

Kind of like an oven. In this case, you don't have to grind your raw material so finely. It is even not recommended, in order to avoid inhaling the finest (and therefore volatile) elements, but also to clog your vaporizer. You can also use less material, and so promote the movement of air inside the device.

Hybrid vaporizer

Unsurprisingly, the Hybrid Heating Vaporizer utilizes both conduction heating and convection heating features. Halfway through, it usually allows enjoy better balanced aromas than in a conduction vaporizer which does not heat as evenly, while being easier to use and less battery-intensive than most convection models.

Vaping CBD: danger or opportunity?

vaporize produces min vapor

A vaporizer produces vapor, much less aggressive than smoke

A CBD vape does not burn the material, but heats it. It therefore does not produce smoke, but a flavored vapor loaded with active compounds (cannabinoids in particular). It is this vapor, much softer than smoke, which is inhaled by the vaper.

Vaping therefore produces much less toxins and eliminates or significantly reduces most cigarette and joint risks. Forget the 150 detectable toxins in the smoke, the vapor contains infinitely less (no more than three according to some studies).

Its effects are also more marked since the CBD vaporizer allows you to inhale a greater quantity of cannabinoids, for an equivalent quantity of product. It is thus estimated that a CBD vaporizer makes it possible to take advantage of 95% of the quantity available in the plant, against only 25% for the same variety smoked as a joint.

The dangers of the CBD vaper are therefore less… but not non-existent. In short, if you don't smoke, don't vape ! If you smoke tobacco or cannabis, the CBD vape can nevertheless be an effective alternative to reduce or stop your consumption.

Vaping Vs. Smoking: the balance sheet




Maximum temperature

Up to 900 ° C

On average from 160 to 220 ° C

Temperature management



Inhaled cannabinoids



Amount needed (with similar effects)

3 to 4 times greater

3 to 4 times less

Number of non-cannabinoid compounds (toxins)

About 150


Assimilation speed





Better preserved



Equal quantity, more marked





Intense and persistent

Soft and does not soak clothes

Tips for enjoying your CBD vape for a long time

CBD vape maintenance

Without maintenance, a CBD vape clogs up and risks breakdown.

How to choose your CBD e-liquid?

If you have opted for a vaporizer, all you have to do is test different varieties of CBD flowers to discover your favourites. With an electronic cigarette, on the contrary, you have to choose your CBD e-liquid. Certain criteria allow you to easily and quickly determine if a CBD e-liquid is worth paying a few tens of euros to try it.

  1. spectrum width: unlike a CBD isolate, an e-liquid with full spectrum or wide allows you to take advantage of other cannabinoids (CBN et CBG example), natural aromas of cannabis and offers more marked effects.
  2. clean extraction: a CO extraction2is to be preferred.
  3. Limited ingredient list: e-liquids generally contain vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). These two ingredients along with CBD and other cannabinoids are more than enough! Vegetable glycerin vaporizes at a lower temperature so prefer ratios leaning in its favor (70/30 ou 80/20).
  4. traceability: a serious CBD seller is able to trace their products. You must therefore be able to identify the origin of your e-liquids, the place of cultivation of the CBD and to consult the analysis results proving the composition of the product. This is an important guarantee of quality and legality.
  5. Concentration : last element, but oh so important! For regular or long vapes, prefer a low dosage (<10 mg/mL). If you are looking for more marked effects, and once you know the product and its effects, you may prefer a medium dosage (10 to 30 mg/mL). Finally, for very marked effects and for short vaping sessions, there are CBD e-liquids with a high dosage (>30 mg/mL).

How to vape a CBD e-liquid?

Before your first vape, be sure to read the user manual of your CBD vape. Although its operation is relatively simple, it is always good to know the specifics of your device (different modes and temperatures available in particular). Once you have chosen your CBD vape, it is recommended to fully charge before first use.

The procedure is then generally the same:

  1. Insert an e-liquid cartridge in the atomizer (pre-filled cartridge) or fill the tank (refillable cartridge).
  2. Light up E-cigarette.
  3. Choose mode and temperature desired then let it heat up.
  4. Inhaler. Unlike a traditional cigarette, using a vaporizer involves slowly inhaling long puffs. Take a break every 4/5 puffs to rest your throat.
  5. Hold the steam in your mouth for 3-5 seconds. This allows the mucous membranes of the mouth to start absorbing the CBD even before the vapor reaches the respiratory system.
  6. Inhale the steam, then exhale it slowly through the nose or through the mouth.
  7. Once the vaping session is over, turn off the electronic cigarette.

electronic cigarette and cbd

How to clean your CBD vape?

Maintaining your CBD vape is simple. Always follow the recommendations indicated on the instructions for use of your electronic cigarette or your dry matter vaporizer. If nothing is indicated, clean at least regularly the mouthpiece (The drip tip). It is generally possible to unclip it and it can completely clean with dish soap. Just dry it before putting it back on and you're done!

From time to time (once a month at least), clean the rest of the vape. If it comes apart, it's easy! You just have to clean the elements separately. With a one-piece CBD vape, do not immerse it in water, the resistance has a good chance of burning out. In this case, wipe it properly with a dry cloth and carry it in a case rather than in your pocket or the bottom of a bag.

To take full advantage of your vaping sessions, don't forget to accompany the maintenance of your vaporizer with a good conservation of your CBD. To avoid damaging the cannabinoids and enjoy their effects for a long time, it is better to keep them away from direct light and excessive heat. A cool (not cold) and dark place is therefore ideal.