Can CBD be used to calm a hyperactive dog?

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We all know them, these crazy dogs who jump everywhere at the slightest opportunity. For some, it's just a temporary state of excitement that's only natural to express. For others, the agitation, on the contrary, hides a very real behavioral problem.

Yes, dogs, just like humans, can be hyperactive. Natural and proven calming, cannabidiol (CBD) calm a hyperactive dog ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using it, what precautions to take and how to use cbd on a hyperactive dog ? That's what explains to you right away.

What treatment for a hyperactive dog?

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Untreated, dog hyperactivity can turn into a real behavioral disorder

A hyperactive dog is not just a pooch who wants to play all the time. In addition to not holding up, it may also have a destructive behavior when he is bored, towards himself or towards those around him, for example by biting his master or destroying objects around him. A hyperactive dog is also impulsive and therefore does not always listen to his master. He sleeps little and tends to devour his meal in seconds.

This kind of behavior disorders rather tends to develop in dogs that have been weaned too early, but also in those that have not been properly educated or who develop stress and/or anxiety, for example following a shock.

Faced with such a situation, it is important to consult a veterinarian, which will determine the nature of the dog's hyperactivity, but also the most effective way to remedy it. The beginning of the solution often lies in thedog's environment rather than in treatment per se. A stable frame is quiet is to be preferred, as is exercise and, in general, the quality of the time spent with the animal (games, socialization during walks outside, for example).

Natural tranquilizer for hyperactive dogs

When this is not enough to calm the dog's hyperactivity, a behavioral therapy and / or the taking a treatment may be needed. The natural products are then often preferred because they cause fewer side effects that could deteriorate the dog's health. There are food supplements for dogs based on St. John's wort, valerian, hops or passionflower.

Increasingly, however, CBD is taking center stage. It must be said that he is a natural calming both useful against stress, anxiety, pain as well asaggression in dogs. This makes it a perfect candidate for reduction of hyperactivity.

CBD as a natural tranquilizer for a hyperactive dog

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CBD can calm a hyperactive dog, but it does not replace the time spent with him

Just like humans, all dogs have a endocannabinoid system : a set of receptors disseminated in the body and interacting in particular with the nervous system. By binding to these receptors, CBD is able to trigger different mechanisms (including the production of serotonin, known as the "happiness hormone") and thus regulate energy as well as stress levels dogs and other animals.

This ability has many advantages when it comes to calming hyperactivity naturally.

Benefits of CBD for Calming a Hyperactive Dog

  • Natural product
  • Global action on mood regulation, anxiety, quality of sleep, pain
  • Good tolerance of dogs to CBD (doses between 0,5 and 2,5 mg/kg depending on 2021 study)
  • Noside effect major in a reasonable dose
  • No risk of addiction

Disadvantages of CBD to Calm a Hyperactive Dog

CBD itself does not present no major drawback to calm a hyperactive dog. However, two important elements must be systematically taken into consideration before giving CBD to an animal.

  • Drugs interactions : CBD poses a risk ofdrug interaction, especially with certain antidepressants, but not only. Consumed too close to taking medication, it is possible that CBD annihilates or on the contrary encourages certain effects of the treatment. The drugs will then have too much effect or, on the contrary, not enough. Either way, it can affect the overall health of the dog. It is therefore essential to discuss whether or not your dog should take CBD with their veterinarian. He will be able to advise you in full knowledge of his state of health and help you find the right dosage.
  • Understand the origin of hyperactivity : we mentioned it, a dog is rarely hyperactive without reason. This doesn't mean that CBD shouldn't be considered to calm a dog's hyperactivity, just that it's usually only part of the solution. In any case, provide a living environment adapted to the needs of your dog and spend time with him.

How to use CBD to calm your dog's hyperactivity?

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CBD oil is a natural way to calm an overactive dog

Using CBD on a dog is ultimately as easy as it is on us. It all comes down to buying a quality CBD derivative (there are dozens of different products), to choose one starting dosage adapted to the weight of the animal, then to administer it to him. Our complete guide to CBD for animals helps you to go through each step simply and quickly and thus relieve both your dog and yourself. Living with a hyperactive dog can quickly become exhausting, for him and for his family!

Of all the products available, theCBD oil is certainly the most convenient to use and dose : just count the drops, directly dispensed by the dosing pipette located in the bottle. For fast results and marked effects, offers you a range of CBD oils specially designed for dogs. It consists of a CBD oil for dogs at 3% and another, a little stronger, 5%. Both are of the most high quality et beef flavored. Simply place 2-3 drops in your dog's food and voila!