What future for CBD?

The CBD market is booming today in the world and the economic benefits for the countries concerned are enormous. So, just a fad or a real craze? What is the future of CBD in Europe and the world?

The boom in the CBD market: what is CBD?

CBD is a molecule naturally found in hemp

CBD is a molecule naturally found in hemp

When we search the Internet for what CBD is, we are faced with 2 other terms: "Cannabis" and "THC". "Cannabis" because CBD is a molecule naturally present in hemp, also called cannabis. “THC” because the CBD molecule goes hand in hand with the other cannabinoid found in hemp: THC, or 9-tetrahydrocannabinol. In cannabis for so-called “recreational” use, THC is present in much greater quantities than CBD, which has no psychoactive effect. These two molecules are naturally present in hemp, all varieties combined.

THC and CBD therefore go hand in hand and are part of the cannabinoid family. However they have little to do with each other. THC acts on the brain. It is this molecule which is responsible the negative effects of cannabis : euphoria or on the contrary uncontrollable anxiety states, lethargy, vomiting and many others. Conversely, CBD blocks the effects of THC. It does not have a negative effect on the brain and does not cause addiction. It even allows you to be more calm and peaceful.

Alors how does CBD act on our body? Our nervous system benefits from cannabinoid receptors which allow control of pain, anxiety or stress. CBD allows the activation and natural improvement of this system. Thanks to its action, the nervous system ignores pain and anxiety states.

The benefits of CBD are therefore numerous : reduction of inflammation, better sleep, improvement of stress states and many others. It therefore seems logical that today the demand for CBD is growing while a few years ago, it was THC that reigned supreme in the hemp market.

Is CBD legal?

The CBD market boom remains very recent. The new CBD products have emerged in recent years. Today you can get yourself in an online coffee shop CBD e-liquids, CBD oils, CBD flowers but also cosmetics. Questions about the use and marketing of this substance are legitimate, especially since the risk of confusion with the other psychoactive molecule of hemp, THC, remains a problem for the authorities. As a reminder, THC is a substance on the list of narcotic drugs and therefore strictly prohibited in most European countries. No production, detention or use is tolerated.

However, several varieties of hemp are governed by a derogation which allows the use of the raw material in various industries. These must in no case have amazing properties. Fact Various European countries have implemented their own legislation regarding the use of the CBD molecule. In Switzerland, one of the first countries to legislate on the CBD trade, products must not contain more than 1% THC. Denmark, Estonia, Germany and many others quickly followed suit in Switzerland.

In France, CBD debates. There are still gray areas around the CBD trade, although this is legal if the raw material used for CBD products does not exceed 0,2% THC concentration. To clarify the regulations around hemp products, an interdepartmental working group called MILDECA (Interdepartmental mission to combat drugs and addictive behavior) was responsible for studies on CBD in order to give a clear legal line to all the authorities concerned. In June 2018, it published a report which made it possible to report on the rules around the manufacture, marketing and consumption of products containing CBD.

How is the CBD market doing?

Since 2018, there are countless store openings offering CBD. CBD e-commerce follows the same logic. This high-potential market has grown exponentially in Europe in a very short time.

The CBD industry is a very lucrative industry that seems to have a bright future ahead of it

The CBD industry is a very lucrative industry that seems to have a bright future ahead of it.

So you can buy your CBD products in shops or go through online sales sitesas an Weedy. The advantages of buying online are numerous and you are sure to buy quality products, in full accordance with the law.

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What future for CBD?

More than a fad, the CBD market has won the loyalty of consumers assured of its effectiveness. More and more countries in the world have perceived the potential of this market and the possible economic benefits. Internationally, the CBD market could reach $ 66 billion by the end of 2025 (source: Grand View Research). The economic benefits of the CBD industry are not negligible. The magazine “Les echos” even speaks of a “new El Dorado” for manufacturers.

In France, the new regulations introduced after the MILDECA study made it possible to establish a clearer legal framework. Urban artist recent debates around the legalization of cannabis for therapeutic purposes could have a positive effect on the trade of CBD.

Are you moving towards the legalization of medical cannabis?

Are you moving towards the legalization of medical cannabis?

A supervised legalization is in experimentation in France since July 11, 2019 with patients judged in “ therapeutic impasse ". These patients are affected by severe illnesses: epilepsy resistant to treatment, neuropathic pain, severe side effects from treatment and chemotherapy, cases of advanced-stage multiple sclerosis, people at the end of life, etc. The drug agency (ANSM) is responsible for this study and will have to define when cannabis can be prescribed, by whom, to whom and in what form. If these tests prove convincing, Thousands of patients could be affected by the administration of medical cannabis.

This legislation would remove the turmoil over CBD and hemp products. They still sometimes have a bad press in many countries, often because of the ignorance of this substance which could however bring many benefits to several patients. The debate is therefore far from over around the CBD market.