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The CBD flowers Amnesia Haze are harvested from plants selected for their natural richness in CBD. Perfectly legal, they are inspired by traditional cannabis strains while maintaining a lowest THC level. The result is a variety of character, worthy representative of the best Sativas.

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CBD flowers Amnesia Haze : herbaceous energy

THEAmnesia Haze of weed CBD is one of the mythical varieties of legal marijuana (Sativa). Naturally rich in CBD, it is however also a plant touted for its aesthetic virtues. It thus produces very beautiful flowers with trichomes so crystalline that they can sometimes almost look hairy. Trichomes are nothing but small vesicles naturally present on cannabis flowers. They are particularly important since they are the ones who contain terpenes as well as a large part of the cannabinoids.

Terpenes are Natural aromas, bringing all their subtlety to the different varieties of cannabis. In the case of CBD flowers Amnesia Haze, we find above all vegetable scents very marked. Of pepper and lemon notes complete the delicate balance by clearly strengthening the character of the strain.

It must be said that this crossing clearly displays in its characteristics its belonging to the Sativas. More energizing than soothing, CBD flowers Amnesia Haze thus spread the good mood around them (like all Haze). Their objective : bring energy, while ensuring the calm necessary for the proper use of this dose of creativity newly acquired.

The effects ofAmnesia Haze CBD: the perfect balance

Do not go four ways, theAmnesia Haze CBD is one of the most well-known and recognized cannabis strains around the world. What made its success, however, is also what pushes its detractors to be wary of it. Indeed, in its natural state, its flowers are so loaded with cannabinoids that the effects ofAmnesia Haze CBD are for many consumers simply too strong. This is the problem solved with this version CBD which is inspired by the taste and smell qualities of its big sister in an all that there is more legal and light version.

With 14-16% CBD and a strictly controlled THC level to stay below the standards set by the European Union, theAmnesia Haze CBD results in perfectly controlled soothing and relaxing effects. Thanks to this legal version rich in cannabidiol, it becomes accessible to everyone. It imposes itself by the quiet force it releases, and obviously theabsence of high and addictive effects.

No stress to have, the flowers ofAmnesia Haze CBD, on the contrary, are happy to eliminate it. They therefore emerge as the perfect balance to take advantage of soothing effects of CBD while maintaining a nice energy level and continuing with daily activities.

Legal cannabis cultivated with precision

The CBD weed variety Amnesia Haze owes its creation to the crossing of South Asian and Jamaican strains. Very quickly appreciated by marijuana lovers, it has won many international awards, before being popularized in Europe thanks to the famous coffee shops Dutch. In the rest of the European Union, however, most countries prohibit the creative use of cannabis.

In France, Belgium and Luxembourg, where Weedy. Fr sells and delivers cannabis products, the legislation is therefore strict. As in the rest of the EU, the rate THC must not exceed 0,3%, under penalty of seeing the product considered to be amazing. Our CBD flowers Amnesia Haze are strictly selected to respect this rate. On the contrary, the natural content cannabidiol (CBD) is encouraged. This molecule is indeed legal and renowned for its positive effects on the immune and psychic system.

Thanks to a indoor culture (indoor) strict, the sativa plants from which our CBD flowers are taken Amnesia Haze are protected from any wild hybridization. This allows us to sell products to the stable quality, whatever the production season. Likewise, the levels of the various cannabinoids are controlled. We also provide on request all of the test results operated on our products.

How to use the flowers Amnesia Haze CBD?

Perfectly legal thanks to the great care spent in the selection of the variety and its cultivation, the flowers ofAmnesia Haze however, are still banned from consumption. So no question of smoking them. Indeed, the direct consequence of combustion is the production of smoke, which has harmful effects on the smoker's lungs as well as on his direct environment. Of healthier options present themselves to you and especially theinfusion and vaporization. The more adventurous can also try their hand at CBD cooking for enjoy the effects ofAmnesia Haze long-term.

Amnesia Haze CBD vaporization

The method of consumption closest to combustion while remaining legal and healthier is by vaporization. Nothing could be simpler: finely chop yourAmnesia Haze, place the desired amount in the tank of your favorite vaporizer and enjoyrapid and marked effects, all making the most of the aromas of the variety.

Amnesia Haze CBD infusion

The infusion allows enjoy the feeling of relaxation caused byAmnesia Haze through more diffuse effects, but also a little longer to appear. You just need to use your crumbs fromAmnesia Haze in the same way as a classic herbal tea, ideally by marrying it with other plants. We have concocted some quick and tasty recipes to inspire you.

Cook theAmnesia Haze

In the kitchen, the effects ofAmnesia Haze are similar to those obtained with an infusion: more diffuse and appearing once the product is digested. You can test our recipes for cannabutter or cookies.

Product information: CBD flowers Amnesia Haze Sativa

  • Total CBD rate: 14-16%
  • THC level: <0,3% (legal according to European legislation)
  • Type of culture: Indoor (indoor culture)
  • Variety: Sativa
  • Flavors: Peppery, lemon, floral
  • Origin: Italy
  • conservation: CBD flowers should be stored away from moisture
  • Use :
    • In infusion with a fatty substance (oil or milk)
    • Spraying over 170 degrees
    • In the kitchen in the dishes of your choice
  • Flower from natural agriculture: without chemical treatment, without additives, without added terpenes or other enhancers.
  • Laboratory analyzes: Click here to access the document cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its products.

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202 reviews for Amnesia Haze CBD indoor

  1. Jonathan (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good quality 👍

  2. Davy A. (Customer confirmed) -

    Excellent! Very strong smell, excellent taste, crumbles perfectly, I recommend for such a low price 😍

  3. Fabrice (Customer confirmed) -

    Ideal for staying active during the day. Pleasant smell when you open the pouch but less present when you spray it.

  4. Ra (Customer confirmed) -

    Nickel perfect

  5. Ra (Customer confirmed) -

    A taste very close to the real one I recommend

  6. Jonathan (Customer confirmed) -

    A little strong but very good

  7. stephane (Customer confirmed) -

    Amnesia Haze Indoor

  8. tiomax666 (Customer confirmed) -

    Smoker for 23 years, I am no longer looking for the high but the taste.
    Namely, for a real weed smoker, CBD has no high or relaxing effect.
    That's why my notes are only about taste.
    For this one I give 4 stars.
    Taste quite good and quite close to real amnesia haze.
    This one I recommend.

  9. BAPTIST (Customer confirmed) -


  10. Louise (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good quality

  11. Raphael (Customer confirmed) -

    good quality

  12. Cedric (Customer confirmed) -

    the class

  13. Quentin (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste, really nice appeasement

  14. Thierry (Customer confirmed) -

    Thank you

  15. CHRISTOPHE (Customer confirmed) -


  16. Franck (Customer confirmed) -

    Quite disappointed with this variety, the relaxing effects are not up to par.

  17. Javier (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product

  18. Yoan (Customer confirmed) -

    Very pronounced taste. Very good quality

  19. Aurélie (Customer confirmed) -

  20. Frederic (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product fast and discreet delivery

  21. Frederic (Customer confirmed) -

    Excellent flower, responds well to expectations.

  22. Anne Laure (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good fruity smell, slightly peppery taste

  23. Beatriz (Customer confirmed) -


  24. Jean Christophe (Customer confirmed) -

    Earlier not bad

  25. Julian (Customer confirmed) -


  26. Xavier (Customer confirmed) -

    Quality product, taste and smell at the rendezvous. Very satisfied ! X.

  27. SAMI (Customer confirmed) -

    Perfect, it's one of the best products I've tested

  28. Legrand (Customer confirmed) -

    very good product +++

  29. Stephane (Customer confirmed) -

    Nothing to say

  30. mathias (Customer confirmed) -


  31. Eric (Customer confirmed) -

    Magnificent smell, and a Super pleasant taste…. really….that’s it…. i have a good balance on price and quality….thanks for your technicians…

  32. Sébastien (Customer confirmed) -

  33. Pascal (Customer confirmed) -


  34. Marie Ange (Customer confirmed) -


  35. ALBIN (Customer confirmed) -

    Still as good. Keep this quality!

  36. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -

    The taste is there.

  37. Loïc (Customer confirmed) -

    very good product

  38. Nancy (Customer confirmed) -

    Good quality

  39. François (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  40. Edmond (Customer confirmed) -

    Good but a little too wet for my taste

  41. Christelle (Customer confirmed) -

    A must

  42. Sonia (Customer confirmed) -

    good taste and good smell

  43. Astrid (Customer confirmed) -

    Great product. The taste is great without the effect of THC. Only downside, the smell is strong even when the bag is closed and when you smoke

  44. Ellen (Customer confirmed) -

    Also great

  45. Luca (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste Good smell

  46. Frederic (Customer confirmed) -

    Amnesia has a very strong taste

  47. Florent (Customer confirmed) -

    very good

  48. Wilfried (Customer confirmed) -

    a delight

  49. Valerie (Customer confirmed) -

    my favorite

  50. Kévin (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product. Advantage price quality

  51. TT (Customer confirmed) -


  52. banand (Customer confirmed) -

    Quite strong in taste and very pleasant!

  53. Stéphane (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste and little relaxation

  54. Brice (Customer confirmed) -

    Good. The best of my order.

  55. Stef (Customer confirmed) -

    Top location

  56. Berengere (Customer confirmed) -

    Exceptional the best I have tasted

  57. Roman (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  58. Noémie (Customer confirmed) -

    Top quality

  59. Loic (Customer confirmed) -

    Strong in taste and smell I also recommend.

  60. Vanthana (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product

  61. Karine (Customer confirmed) -

    Good quality, fatty limit .. smell at the top! I have not tested in infusion.

  62. Roman (Customer confirmed) -


  63. Benoit (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste of lemon

  64. MAXIM (Customer confirmed) -

    No effect . A real placebo. Toss directly in the trash

  65. Anthony (Customer confirmed) -

    In the top !!

  66. CHRISTINE (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good taste.

  67. Loïc (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad at all… Pleasantly surprised I would say because a lot of strength in the flavor.

  68. gautier (Customer confirmed) -

    Complies with expected

  69. Didier (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product, top shipping and packaging

  70. Jérôme (Customer confirmed) -


  71. Camille (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  72. Sébastien (Customer confirmed) -

    Bad taste

  73. jonathan (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product in vaping, even if the Diesel remains my top 1 personally.

  74. Matthew (Customer confirmed) -

    Product corresponding to the description and of quality. I recommend

  75. Luca (Customer confirmed) -

    Super satisfied

  76. Clémence (Customer confirmed) -


  77. Stephane (Customer confirmed) -

    Perfect for the day top quality

  78. Arrigoni (Customer confirmed) -

    Price / quality ratio nothing to complain about

  79. Ludwig (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good quality

  80. Besnier (Customer confirmed) -

    Perfect I will recommend some

  81. Nathaniel Victoria (Customer confirmed) -

    excellent my favorite so far

  82. Lea (Customer confirmed) -


  83. Mélissa (Customer confirmed) -

    Very happy with this variety I recommend it

  84. Florentin (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste, a little too subtle for me but that's personal, others will like it a lot

  85. Cédric (Customer confirmed) -


  86. Corey (Customer confirmed) -

    Yummy yumm

  87. Jerome (Customer confirmed) -


  88. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -

    Very pleasant smell and taste, flowers of good quality.

  89. Farid (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product

  90. Gregory (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product

  91. Nadine (Customer confirmed) -


  92. Anna-Maria (Customer confirmed) -

    Great products

  93. PATRICE (Customer confirmed) -

    Meets expectations

  94. Gregory (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good qualities

  95. Gauthier (Customer confirmed) -

    grass not know

  96. Loic (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste

  97. Cedric (Customer confirmed) -

    Hmmmm too good

  98. VINCENT (Customer confirmed) -

    very good quality product

  99. Suraya (Customer confirmed) -

    Super relaxing!

  100. Virginia (Customer confirmed) -

    For me the best

  101. Helen (Customer confirmed) -

    Correct product

  102. Jeremy (Customer confirmed) -

    Fair quality

  103. jeremy (Customer confirmed) -

    not bad.

  104. Christelle (Customer confirmed) -

    Meets my expectations

  105. Edwige (Customer confirmed) -

    The taste is the beautiful head

  106. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -

    Meets my expectations

  107. Sébastien (Customer confirmed) -


  108. Anthony (Customer confirmed) -


  109. Julie (Customer confirmed) -

    Nothing to say

  110. Stéphane (Customer confirmed) -


  111. Benoît (Customer confirmed) -


  112. Rodolphe (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good, I recommend.

  113. Nathaniel Victoria (Customer confirmed) -

    Nothing to complain about very good

  114. Vanessa (Customer confirmed) -

    Frankly disappointed she is really not great at all I absolutely do not recommend her yuck

  115. Thomas (Customer confirmed) -

    Very satisfied, I recommend

  116. Thomas (Customer confirmed) -


  117. Thomas (Customer confirmed) -


  118. Sarah (Customer confirmed) -

    Better in store

  119. Rémi (Customer confirmed) -

    Awesome! a little seed on some flowers but nothing to be alarmed about

  120. christophe (Customer confirmed) -

    the best

  121. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -


  122. Gregory (Customer confirmed) -

    magic perfume

  123. Chloë (Customer confirmed) -

    Soft, delicate, I like it a lot

  124. Thomas (Customer confirmed) -

  125. Maxim (Customer confirmed) -

    It's not the best but still very good

  126. Bruno (Customer confirmed) -

    Good but missing a little something

  127. Jouanneau (Customer confirmed) -

    Value on

  128. Roman (Customer confirmed) -

    Nice smell but lacks taste. Very slight relaxation

  129. Coraline (Customer confirmed) -


  130. Medhi (Customer confirmed) -

    All right

  131. Vincent (Customer confirmed) -

    very good, good soothing taste, I validate and recommend

  132. serge (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  133. Jeremy (Customer confirmed) -

    I liked it and thought it was good quality! So either I came across a good day or I disagree with some negative reviews. In addition, I received it in 2 or 3 days, I don't remember exactly but it was fast and well packaged. As who would say: “I'll be back!”

  134. Stéphane (Customer confirmed) -

    Good, but I'm not a 100% fan

  135. gwendoline (Customer confirmed) -

    taste smell ok

  136. patrice (Customer confirmed) -

    Average in flavor

  137. gael (Customer confirmed) -

    Excellent product, good flavor.

  138. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -


  139. Rebecca (Customer confirmed) -


  140. Valerie (Customer confirmed) -

    2nd order. Top product.

  141. Clara (Customer confirmed) -


  142. Yann (Customer confirmed) -

    Perfect !

  143. Angel (Customer confirmed) -

    No worse than more expensive CBD flower, nice buds, no branches, no seeds. I really like this CBD flower.

  144. Laetitia (Customer confirmed) -

    All right

  145. Pauline (Customer confirmed) -

    The best, great smell

  146. Matthew (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  147. Esteban (Customer confirmed) -

    Compact and dry, very good taste, beautiful buds

  148. Jamel (Customer confirmed) -

    In the top!

  149. Illies (Customer confirmed) -

    It's a shame that the taste varies so much from order to order, very disappointed

  150. Marc (Customer confirmed) -

    Very tasty CBD, good consistency. I recommend

  151. Raphael (Customer confirmed) -

    Good quality

  152. Sandra (Customer confirmed) -

    I recommended! top

  153. Margot (Customer confirmed) -

    Very appreciable with taste!

  154. Virginia (Customer confirmed) -

    It remains my favorite! I love it

  155. Christelle (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste and brings everything we are looking for

  156. Raphael (Customer confirmed) -

    Not disappointed with the quality

  157. dany (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  158. Flora (Customer confirmed) -

    Compliant product

  159. Michael (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good

  160. Ishmael (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  161. Jérôme (Customer confirmed) -

    Not a bad soft product

  162. Anthony (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad

  163. Thierry (Customer confirmed) -

    Pleasantly surprised…

  164. Maxim (Customer confirmed) -


  165. Stéphane (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good taste and soothing

  166. Matthew (Customer confirmed) -

    Excellent product

  167. Xavier (Customer confirmed) -

    Very well

  168. Thomas (Customer confirmed) -

    Not quite dry on receipt. After a few days of fresh air + jar combo, great variety but not my favorite. Sharp and powerful taste

  169. Esther (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product

  170. Bahia (Customer confirmed) -

    Great I recommend.

  171. Kevin (Customer confirmed) -

    High quality as described on site. In general, the haze strains are top notch.

  172. MOREL (Customer confirmed) -


  173. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -


  174. Nicole (Customer confirmed) -

    24 hour order/delivery speed

  175. Mathieu (Customer confirmed) -


  176. Etienne (Customer confirmed) -


  177. Rudy (Customer confirmed) -

    The freshness, the taste everything is present thank you weedy

  178. Clement (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good products

  179. Wissame (Customer confirmed) -

    I received almost only branches and leaves but smells very good

  180. ALEXANDRE (Customer confirmed) -


  181. Michael (Customer confirmed) -

    Compliant satisfied

  182. Julie (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product

  183. Gaëtan (Customer confirmed) -


  184. Florent (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product, I recommend without hesitation.

  185. Rebecca (Customer confirmed) -

    Nothing to say

  186. Stephanie (Customer confirmed) -

    Good quality and pleasant to taste

  187. Andrew (Customer confirmed) -


  188. EMMANUELLE (Customer confirmed) -

    very good product

  189. Yoann (Customer confirmed) -


  190. LAWS (Customer confirmed) -

    Good smell but not my favorite Otherwise the quality is really excellent

  191. Thomas (Customer confirmed) -

    good quality.average delivery service

  192. Kévin (Customer confirmed) -

    I did not receive anything

  193. Mehdi (Customer confirmed) -

    Very nice effect

  194. Benjamin (Customer confirmed) -

    Good but not my favorite taste

  195. Rémi (Customer confirmed) -

    Super top good taste and good relaxation

  196. Salim (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good flavor

  197. Frederic (Customer confirmed) -

    Some heavy branch

  198. Roman (Customer confirmed) -

    Super Quality not disappointed

  199. yann (Customer confirmed) -


  200. valerie (Customer confirmed) -


  201. Kevin Suzanna (Customer confirmed) -


  202. Joris (Customer confirmed) -

    All right

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